Battlefield 4: Loadout Presets Could Come To Battlelog, Says Developer

MP1st - "Ever wanted to use a custom loadout on the field of battle, but too tired of always switching everything? Well it looks like that could become a reality."

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nitrogav1698d ago

About time too , we had them two years ago on BF3 . BF4 some progression eh !! ? .

Crazyglues1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

So wait the feature that was already in the game before they broke it are coming back... LMAO

I can't even put into words what I would like to say to EA/DICE
-(Let's just say none of it's PG-13)

I don't understand how software developers who are suppose to be so smart can do things that are so Stupid...

Remove the party system (joining squad before the game start), why would the players need that? I mean people love playing with their friends so I'm sure that won't be important. Oh yeah what else works perfectly fine that we can remove and call that an improvement when we bring it back- oh yeah, present loadout> genius right?

Oh what else can we break, I know - Remember how driving and flying in BF3 worked perfectly fine, let's completely change that in BF4 and make no easy way to just go back to exactly how it was in BF3 so all those people who have been playing the game for years and worked so hard to get good at it, will be completely lost... and let's call that improvements..

I guess we should just be happy were getting the old game that was working perfectly fine, oh what's that you say, it still won't be working fine.. Great! can't wait..

||.........___||............ ||

JeromeNtheHouse1696d ago


Hahahaha nice!

Yea, Ea is notorious for removing features that were great in previous games, and then later re-release it as something new. I can't even COUNT how many times they've done that with all their sports games. I mean, EA is just a joke of a company.

Shadonic1698d ago

I'm still mad at how there's no party system in the game.

paranoid19711698d ago

I'd rather they fixed the problems they already have before they create more potential problems

youhoser861698d ago

if they fixed the 0 health giltch and nerf all secondary hand guns that would be great i cant count the amount of times i've had 100 health points and been killed by a single shot from a handgun

swishersweets200311697d ago

it's not the handguns its the damn games issues

Omegasyde1697d ago

If the handgun is a 45 calibur or more, than I think within 10~ (probally less) than a shot to the head is TKO.

DMR's need the headshot multiplyer badly. SKS/MK11 had it in

OmegaShen1698d ago

Fix the game first before you make it more broken.

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