Max Level: Timed Missions.....Suck

Julian here at Max Level has a small issue with time limits in gaming.

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FRAKISTAN1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

These time limits took the joy away from dead rising FOR ME, from the start, i hated these time limits in dead rising.

don't know if dead rising 3 still has them???

KingJulian1666d ago

There is some sort of time limit. It's kind of confusing how it works

Anon19741666d ago

I couldn't agree more. I remember how excited I was to get my pre-ordered copy of Dead Rising. It seemed right up my alley. Then I started to play. Timed mission, then another..then another and I just couldn't believe the entire game was just timed missions. What was worse is there wasn't ever time to do them all. They probably thought this added re-playability but to me, finishing one mission only to fail two others just made it feel like I'd accomplished nothing.

Add to that the ridiculous choice to have the player slog through 15 minutes of zombies just to reach a save point. When I need to save and quit, I need to save my game now..not 15-20 minutes from now.

I put Dead Rising on the shelf because I felt maybe I just wasn't in the mood. I really should have loved it, I kept telling myself. Every few months I'd take it down and try to get into it again and I just never could. I just couldn't do it. The odd timed mission is an annoyance. A complete game based on timed missions? Not for me.

FragMnTagM1666d ago

I absolutely hated the time limits on the first two Dead Risings, but DR3 isn't bad at all.

In the first two, you had to do everything in one run if you wanted to experience everything.

In DR3, you don't have to do everything your first playthrough even though it is a lot easier to do everything in your first run (sans collectibles) than the first two were.

The reason you don't have to do everything on the first playthrough is that your progress is stored from your previous playthrough. So if you had half the blueprints and only did a few side missions your first time, the second time you play you could do other side missions and get the remaining blueprints you missed.

It has a lot more leniency for causing random mayhem.


Hicken1667d ago

Not always. Sometimes, they instill a sense of urgency, which can make for a nice change of pace.

KingJulian1666d ago

I totally understand where you are coming from

Rhezin1667d ago

agreed, FRAKISTAN. It would have been perfect if we could take our time killing zombies and saving ALL those meathead people from dying. Yeah I wonder if Dead Rising 3 did away with all that timed crapola.