New “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” Trailer Focuses On Nonstop Combat

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that focuses on combat within the game.

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moegooner881698d ago

Can't wait, hope to plat the game before FFX HD hits the stores.

WildArmed1698d ago

I plan on picking both of them up in March. Man it's going to be a hard deciding how to split my time.

cleft51698d ago

Same here, looking forward to completing the story.

LightofDarkness1698d ago

Combat in the demo was fun, although it's a shame that the story is 99% guaranteed to be impenetrably trite and pointless, given the titular protagonist. I'll buy it when it hits the bargain bin, maybe.

WildArmed1698d ago

I'm not going to lie, I'm digging the equipment actually changes character texture. I completely forgot about this from old games, when you'd equip armor X, it'd actually show up on your character!

The combat was pretty fun too, thou a bit overwhelming when I decided to skip the tutorials.

I love how they decided to make class based ATB gauges.

Kurisu1698d ago

I'm gonna rent it. I bought both XIII and XIII-2 but I'm not overly impressed with the Lightning Returns demo. The combat looks fun in trailers but actually playing it...I was expecting a bit more to be honest. But this is only a demo, maybe I'll change my mind playing the full game where there's more customisation available.

Gasian1698d ago

Renting is a great idea. Play everything you want at a faction of the price you would pay :)

princejb1341698d ago

I feel like the combat system is the beta version of final fantasy 15
Since there both real time

Kurisu1698d ago

Lightning Returns isn't fully real time. I mean there's still ATB and you don't have FULL field movement, whereas in FFXV you can move freely and don't enter a seperate battle screen.

Capt-FuzzyPants1698d ago

The combat system for 15 is supposed to be very similar to the combat in the Kingdom Hearts games. Especially Dream Drop Distance with the fluidity of it. But there are supposed to be other elements mixed in like some First Person Shooting.

Ezz20131698d ago

do i need to play the other FFXIII games before this ?

KonsoruMasuta1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Eh, you don't need to. It's not like you're going to completely lost without playing the first two. Playing the first two would help you have a better understanding of the characters and some of the things they are talking about though.

Kurisu1698d ago

I'd say playing FFXIII-2 is pretty essential, not so much XIII. XIII-2 also has an overview of all the chapters from XIII (not video, audio / text).

WildArmed1698d ago

I'm sure they'll have a recap at the beginning of the game. They had one for FF13 in FF13-2. They are pretty good w/ that, you'll be caught up w/ it's (not so great) story in no time!

SirBradders1698d ago

Save yourself 50-60 quid and find a better RPG 13 IMO isn't worth the time.

-Foxtrot1698d ago

You'd be better off buying Lost Odyssey mate...that's the true FF13 game this gen

KonsoruMasuta1698d ago

Too bad that's not what he asked for. Your comment is off topic.

-Foxtrot1698d ago

No it's not, he's talking about whether he needs to play the first game, I'm saying you'd be better getting a one game with no sequels

It's a recommendation, don't say it's off topic because your ticked off people don't like FF13

KonsoruMasuta1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

He is asking about whether or not he should play the 13 games before LR, not whether or not he should play Lost Odyssey. You mentioned a game that has nothing to do with what he asked about.Your comment is off topic and borderline trolling.

I don't care if you don't like the 13 games. Personally I thought the first one was massively boring and couldn't finish it. That doesn't change the fact you were off topic.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1698d ago

The demo is rlly fun a bit short but, I was just going back and forth thru hallways killing monsters till it ended.

WildArmed1698d ago

lol, I was taking my time exploring and as soon as I beat the boss.. I got a notificaiton "Demo will end at 6am". What's the time I think, "5:59am".

UGHHHH, I figured I'd give the demo a speed run next time and have some spare time to play w/ that boss more.

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