Nvidia marketing manager killed by train while helping man off tracks

Philip Scholz was helping a man to safety as the train hit them both.

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_QQ_1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Brave man R.I.P

ambientFLIER1399d ago

being greedy and being caring don't have to be mutually exclusive, just so you know...

Tsar4ever011399d ago

Mannnnn, That freaking sucks. Much Condolences to Family and to all others he most mattered to.

Hydrolex1398d ago

nkeitall does have a point

Greedy people who want more and more money in life don't risk their lives for anything but money

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XiSasukeUchiha1399d ago

At least he did noble thing before he died R.I.P

Bigpappy1399d ago

Wow. Good intentions but you should always jump in knowing you have a chance of making it out and hopefully with the person you are trying to help. He might have very well done that and it just did not work out. I am sorry that this good man is no longer where with us. Not for Nvidia, but his family and the world in general.

sealava1399d ago

the ultimate sacrifice and heroism is saving another life knowing your life will be the price ... not stopping and thinking should I save him , will I get out of there a live also hmmm ... give me a calculator to see my chances of surviving .

Bigpappy1399d ago

That is not heroism if you know neither of you will make it. That is suicide. If you see a guy jump in front of a train and you know there is no way for you to do anything to save him, why exactly are you giving you life too.

Septic1399d ago


How do you know he knew that neither of them would make it??

So you actually think he thought.."oh damn...this guy is going to die. Let me jump in with him"?

johndoe112111399d ago


I don't think anyone will risk their life to save someone they knew could not be saved. Especially if you have a family to take care of. He probably thought they would both make it.

This story is beyond sad and at the same time it makes you glad to know that no matter how terrible this world gets, there will always be people to give you hope in mankind.

yezz1399d ago

Bigpappy, the other guy is still alive.. There was a chance so you have to give this man respect. I must admit that I would probably have very hard time risking my own life for completely stranger in normal life situation :(

Bigpappy1399d ago

@Septic, @johndoe11211 , @yezz : You should look at my first statement. The second is a response to sealava about sacrifice.

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Sayai jin1399d ago

@Johndoe, I guess you have never been around emergency personnel, military etc. I witnessed people risking their lives for people they thought they were going to die. Ask the Chaplain I and two others administered/ combat life saving skills that same question.

KillrateOmega1399d ago

I understand the point that you are trying to make, but the problem is that it's not really applicable here. It's not exactly relevant.

In a situation in which the life in peril cannot be saved, then, yes, there is no real reason to throw away your own life. However, this is a situation in which the life in peril was successfully save, albeit at a great cost.

Axonometri1399d ago

I hope he watches over us all for eternity. This man will go to heaven.

Prime1571399d ago

Regardless, R.I.P. sad news.

Axonometri1399d ago

... and this is what you think about as a man dies in an act of pure courage?

Have a nice life.

KillrateOmega1399d ago


Well...yeah. It's hard not ponder such matters when death raises its head and takes our fellow man from us.

TheDevKit1398d ago

I'm going to sum on the next few comments to save you guys some time.

Individual 1: I believe one thing.

Individual 2: I don't believe your claim.

And so forth; and so on. Let's stop this train wreck before it even begins.

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HighResHero1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

You don't have to listen to bigoted statements Axon. Your good wishes are appropriate as far I'm concerned. Hopefully he is somewhere nice. Maybe we will find out some day.

ELpork1399d ago

RIP. Thoughts go out his friends and family, as well as the friends of and family of the other person.

sourav931399d ago

Actually, according to the article, the man he was trying to save survived and is in critical condition in the hospital.


ELpork1398d ago

...all the more reason to wish him well?