PSA: Get An Xbox One Controller + Plug & Play Charger For $59.99

iGR: "One of the big criticisms of Microsoft‘s design choices with the Xbox One was the decision to power their controller with AA batteries. That meant we’d be paying an additional $24.99 for a plug & play charge kit if we wanted to save the Earth, two batteries at a time. The two components are offered as a bundle, regularly priced at $74.99, but a popular retailer has one fantastic deal going on right now."

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corvusmd1517d ago

Sweet, I'll take another

Nicxel1517d ago

too bad I don't have an X1 yet... :( hopefully I'll be able to find a great deal like this later this year!

NeoTribe1517d ago

Better deal would be to buy a playstation 4 and forget about ancient dated batterys.

arinaborina1517d ago

don't even talk about the ps4 controller, it has one of the worst battery lifes

Kingoftherodeo1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

nice deal now xbox needs to get a battery charge indicator. but other than that the charge on my current plug and play is still over a full day when fully charge. also you guys can do pick up if you have a store near you

TheSaint1517d ago

And the Xbox nickel and diming continues.

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