Remembering Justin 'JewWario' Carmical

Justin Carmical, also known as JewWario, made his name with his series “You Can Play This,” where he reviewed Japanese import games on various systems since 2009, and even provided easy to understand guides to get around daunting stuff like menus; showing, even with the language barrier, anyone can enjoy them with little knowledge of the Japanese language. Unfortunately, he took his life at the age of 42 on Thursday, January 23.

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FriedGoat1634d ago

Although i'm in the same boat, not sure if it's really worth the effort to post. Kind of seems a bit rude.

Crazay1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I'm with both of you.....I have no idea why I'm supposed to care who this is, there may be better ways of asking... And my comment is certainly not one of those

SilentNegotiator1634d ago

Some web series and work with TheGuyWithTheGlasses.

Never heard of him either, until Doug Walker posted something about it.

Pozzle1631d ago

You might have seen him in some of Doug's anniversary videos. If I recall correctly, JewWario dressed up as Jareth the Goblin King (from The Labyrinth) in Suburban Knights.

Pozzle1634d ago

Wow. That's so sad. I remember submitting some of his videos on N4G when he still made them.


kx111634d ago

why did he shoot himself ?

admiralvic1634d ago

I don't think the reason is currently known or has been released.

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