Rumor: Xbox One Sharpening Filter on Track to be Fixed Before Titanfall’s Release

Karam Elahi writes: "Not a stranger to insider news, famousmortimer recently stated that Microsoft would be fixing up the much talked about sharpening filter before Titanfall is released. The sharpening filter is the Xbox One’s solution to games on the system that run at sub-1080p resolutions. The scaler on the Xbox One graphically resolves any such games and appears to apply the sharpening filter (that sometimes over-sharpens) to games that are not natively 1080p."

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staticdash221704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Ok, chill with the insider news man. As much as I like mort and thuway, we don't need reporting on news that's pretty much obvious.

I'm not knocking anyone, I'm just saying. It's been so much, and no need to knock a dead horse.

karamsoul1704d ago

Today does seem like an insider news kinda day :)
They've been pretty talkative today.

Kayant1704d ago

Seeing as he now unbanned on gaf and If he doesn't post anything on there then you should know anything he says on twitter should be taken with extra doses of salt because it's less reliable.

Hopefully it's true it will be a great thing for XB1 owners.

karamsoul1704d ago

I'll keep that in mind, Kayant, thanks. Usually it's easier spouting comments on Twitter without being checked much, but if you're posting at NeoGAF, be ready to have your comment picked apart and scrutinized, ad infinitum.

Volkama1703d ago

The 360 did a great job of up scaling games to 1080p. I had no artifacts introduced by playing a 720ish game on a 1080 screen.

The One over-sharpens and the AA seems less effective. BF4 looks better if I set the xbox to output 720p and let my TV scale it.

It was a strange area to go backwards in, and it really is good news that it'll be fixed.

Bdub20001703d ago

I agree with you static, and if you read the article, nowhere does it say there is a rumor this will be fixed, it is just someone complaining about the filter and saying "I'm sure Microsoft will have this fixed"... Before the big titles are released. I didn't see any mention of titanfall, or any indication of someone saying this will happen, it was just complaining about the filter and a prediction.

ic3fir31704d ago

obvious the atFamousmortimer its a xbox hater =D

DigitalRaptor1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Why can't you guys do research and apply logic to your claims?

He owns an Xbone. Read his tweets where he praises the Xbone games.

He just has industry sources and has common sense enough to criticise something where it needs criticising.

MorePowerOfGreen1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Sounds like a full blown attack on XB1 that started after XB1 beat PS4 in the last NPD and is getting worse by the day(or closer to Titanfal now that look at the story pic after I wrote this comment).

Over sharpening games sounds like a moronic forced topic. I like my games fuzzy with vaseline filtering.

karamsoul1704d ago

Actually, it's a confirmation by famousmortimer about a fix incoming for the scaler, in time before Titanfall releases. That's a GOOD thing. :)

kneon1704d ago

If they are improving the scaler for Titanfall then that would be confirmation that it's not native 1080.

ethomaz1704d ago

@kneon the alpha was 720p... I don't think the final resolution will change.

nategrigs1704d ago

Right. Does this mean that they are fixing the shapener in general (for all games), or just for Titanfall?

GTgamer1704d ago

Ok look Titanfall graphics are vary similar to CODGhost because its running on the Same Source Engine So if Titanfall isn't 1080p on the Xone don't be so surprised since Cod Couldn't hit 1080p either on the Xone.

MysticStrummer1704d ago

"That's a GOOD thing."

Before a person can admit that fixing something is a good thing, they have to admit something needs fixing, and Green will never do that.

ambientFLIER1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

GTgamer -

Um...COD isn't running on the source engine...

Btw, Titanfall has crazy draw distances, a lot more people, and far more action and effects going on at the same time than COD.

pyramidshead1703d ago


I think everyone knows by now it's not going to be 1080p native lol.

H0RSE1703d ago


"GTgamer -

Um...COD isn't running on the source engine..."

I was just going to point that out - COD has been using modified id tech engines for years. Funny thing is, he has 11 agrees and 0 disagrees for posting misinformation, yet you are batting 1 and 6...

USA0071703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

@H0RSE CoD is running on a heavily modified version of the source engine, IW dubbed it the IW engine, but it still all started with the source engine . Atleast I know it was up until MW3

H0RSE1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )


"The engine has arguably been distinct from the id Tech 3 engine on which it is based since Call of Duty 2 in 2005."

- Like I said, COD has been using modified idtech engines. Not only is COD not using Source now, it never has...

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GTgamer1704d ago

Yes because Xone winning One month in one Country really got us allllllll tight Especially when the PS4 was sold out in that month clap it up bro you totally got it all figured out-_-.

scott1821704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Plus it only outsold the ps4 by like 1,000 units in the US during the week. That's a ton of money wasted on advertising it seems like.

ziggurcat1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

"Sounds like a full blown attack on XB1 that started after XB1 beat PS4 in the last NPD ..."

it's not hard to figure out why that happened.

hint: it' because the PS4 was sold out everywhere, and people had to settle on the xbone.

and the fact remains - PS4 has still sold more than xbone in the US.

also, over sharpening creates artefacts around the pixels, and makes the game look worse than if they just left the game run unfiltered.

BX811704d ago

@pog seriously bro. What you just said is part of the problem on this site. It's not about ms fans vs. Sony fans. It's about MS vs. Sony. Stop with all that NPD # drama. Just support gaming as a whole.

DoesUs1703d ago

You like your games Fuzzy? Perfect then that you chose the XB1! Terrific you chose that!

H0RSE1702d ago

Funny you say that, because in the BF4 comparison vid, despite PS4 running at a higher resolution, it is the one that seems fuzzier/blurrier.

Throughout virtually the entire vid, the PS4 version looks washed out, while the X1 version appears to be crisper yet overall darker, despite PS4 having the higher resolution.

pyramidshead1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Grab you tinfoil hats boys, MorePowerOfGreen is making a statement :P.

Also I'm not surprised you bought into the magical sharpener crap. Anything to push the narrative that some how the XB1 version had better textures than the PC AND PS4 version aye?? :P(Which of course was technically impossible hahaha)

GarrusVakarian1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

"Over sharpening games sounds like a moronic forced topic. I like my games fuzzy with vaseline filtering."

I like my games crisp and sharp but natural looking. Not over sharpened so the jaggies stand out even more. Lol, i love how the X1 is perfect to you....there is NOTHING negative about the X1 in your eyes. Even when you have good news about something being fixed, you STILL try and twist it into an attack on X1. Sad. With the upscaler/filer fixed, the games wont have a harsh, serrated look to won't look like it has a "Vaseline filter", will look how it was intended to look.

"after XB1 beat PS4 in the last NPD and is getting worse by the day"

And we all know WHY it beat the PS4 that week. And the gap is actually getting bigger, not smaller, lol. And don't forget the PS4 is still in the lead not only in the US, but worldwide, by a huge margin. Deal with it.

NeloAnjelo1703d ago

NPD doesn't equal the world troll

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XiSasukeUchiha1704d ago

Damn i feel sorry for console wars to still continue and always will and these types of article don't help!

ethomaz1704d ago

Good. The blacks are terrible when upscaled... Ryse was the only game to use an upscaler created by Crytek instead the MS one... way better look.

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