The Top Wanted Characters In Super Smash Bros. As Stated By Fans

Super Smash Bros. has a way of resonating with fans. Mainly because it is a game for fans. From playing as their favorite characters, battling in their favorite locations, and using items in ways they weren’t exactly intended for, it just works. What Smash Bros also does is build an incredible amount of hype for itself, especially when it comes to the fighting roster. The slow trickle of reveals allows us fans to speculate and dream on which characters we would like to see in the game.

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Errefus1704d ago

Travis Touchdown should be on the list...

TuxedoMoon1704d ago

No Simon Belmont from Castlevania?

herbs1703d ago

Simon Belmont, Ryu Hyabusa, Samurai Goro

kratoz12091704d ago

i just want someone from Golden Sun :D

Dehnus1704d ago

After Sonic? Alex Kidd :). Big ears, fist to break rocks with and Janken yourself to victory!

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The story is too old to be commented.