Six Games Publishers Can’t Stop Re-Releasing

Re-releases are common in the world of video games, but there are a few publishers who seem to lean on the same games a little harder than others. Here are some games that feel like they get a new re-release every twenty minutes.

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ElementX1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I'll add to that Tetris, Dragon's Lair, Mortal Kombat, and all those Namco arcade games

GamingGod3581698d ago

PLEASE ... Tetris holds the Guinness record for being available on 65 different platforms (back in 2011)... PLUS they will go next gen this year ... looool ... Tetris Next Gen :D :D :D

ElementX1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I remember playing Tetris on my TI graphing calculator back in the 90s.

ABizzel11697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Ocarina of Time. Great game, but it's been around the block a few times :D

2x GameCube
Wii Virtual Console

ZombieKiller1697d ago

I HOPE MORTAL KOMBAT! Being a fan of that game series since MK1 as a kid in the arcades, that "re-boot" was a gift from the kombat gods. By far the best MK game yet. I loved it.

I'm glad to see RE on this list too. I REALLY hope that it returns to it's scary ass roots. I almost want to see fixed camera angles too. I know, that's a sceptical one, but I only say it ONLY because they manipulated them so well in the older games. They manipulated my fear with the camera work in the first few games and I would love to feel that fear return.
Let's just say those dogs came crashing through the window of that hallway, and I screamed like a lil' girl and ran out of my room.

I was young. Lol

deecee331697d ago

In 15 years Call of Duty will be on this list- they'll be bringing CoD4 back as a download-only classic on the PS6 and XBox Three.

ZombieKiller1697d ago

You know they won't wait that long. I bet an "HD remake" will hit this gen of plaforms...

Knowing Activision.

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SpiralTear1698d ago

Street Fighter II gets released a LOT.

ElementX1698d ago

I forgot about that one :)

admiralvic1698d ago

Street Fighter isn't really fair. Most of the updates were revisions, which weren't possible in the past, so their only option was to either rerelease (though several revisions added a lot) or make 1 version and tell people to deal with it. Likewise, you could list Guilty Gear and Blazblue if you wanted to call out fighting games.

Oddly enough, I'm surprise nothing Nintendo related got mentioned. Super Mario Bros. 3 and the like have been ported more times than Street Fighter II has been.

LightofDarkness1697d ago

Doom was the original "Can it play Crysis?" type of yardstick, so plenty of console makers wanted it on their platform in some shape or form in order to prove the might of their hardware. Oddly enough, I don't think any console got an unmolested version of Doom or Doom 2, at least until the versions bundled with Doom 3 on PS3 and 360 came out.

Hellsvacancy1697d ago

The original Doom games came out on the Doom 3 BFG Edition, but it was missing Final Doom, couple of months later the Classic Complete Edition was released on the PSN

MasterCornholio1697d ago

I wonder what the next Resident Evil will be like.


Irishguy951697d ago

It'll be a movie game like Uncharted

sashimi1697d ago

Its gonna be a fitness game to get you in shape for the apocalypse.

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