14 New Mario Theme Tracks Since 2006, Which Ones Are Best?

There was a time when each level in a Mario game would have its own recognizable, hummable tune. These days, however, Mario games will very often have one main new theme which weaves its way throughout the entire game in various forms. Classic tunes often pop up again, fully remixed, and sound effects are always energetic and full of personality. But more or less there’s usually one extremely memorable new main theme for each new game. These are the ones that you’ll remember in five years from now.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

One of my top favs is the Gusty Garden theme from Mario Galaxy.
I think it's pretty much THE best Mario theme so far.[ESPECIALLY the remix that was done for SM3D World during the "shooter" levels. That was awesome...]
Well, aside from the classic repetitive hyperness of the Wing Cap and Star Man themes...XD

Blacklash931698d ago

The Galaxy games had incredible OSTs. The best of any Mario game, in my opinion.

ShaunCameron1698d ago

The one when I get the big Power Star. How's that for victory music? I always get teary-eyed hearing it. And the very first stage of SMG2.