New WORLD record - Nintendo Cartridge sold for over $99,000

Being one of only 116 copies in existence, the 1990 Nintendo World Championship cartridge placed for bidding last week was sold for a whooping $99,902, despite its condition.

This marks a new world record for the World's Most Expensive Video Game.

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GamingGod3581662d ago

The crazy part is that it had over 300 bids, most of which above $50K ... O.O .. dafaq ..

NegativeCreep4271662d ago

I thought it was a copy of Cheetah Men is so crappy, yet so collectible.

xActionBasturdx1662d ago

I wish i still had my nes games...i had just about all of em...i coulda been rollin in dough right now lol

Pozzle1661d ago

I recently discovered that some N64 games are worth hundreds (in some case, thousands) if they are in mint condition.

I wish I had known that back then. I could have bought a heap of copies and sold them years later.

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Spenok1662d ago


I mean, I know it's one of only 116 copies, but SERIOUSLY!?

Guess some people just really have nothing better to spend their money on lol.

Oh well. Good for him/her. A very rare game to have indeed.

InTheZoneAC1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

damn, could've bought a new Viper with that much...or an older Gen 2 Viper, Gen 1 NSX..and still have about 20k left...

Has it been confirmed that the winner actually paid for this yet? Official or not, I would never pay that much for a collector's item where the label is completely gone.

punisher991662d ago

Probably some rich millionaire celebrity, in which that 99k is change to.

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The story is too old to be commented.