Strider - Six Minutes Of Gameplay Footage [Offscreen]

Strider will be hitting digital stores next month and below you can find six minutes of gameplay offscreen footage.

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LightofDarkness1486d ago

Looks great, absolutely my kind of game. Day 1 for me! Loved Strider 2 on the PSOne too.

FamilyGuy1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

I absolutely LOVE side scrollers but this games looks really boring to me. Maybe its this levels fault with the blowing wind or snow but it just doesn't look entertaining/enjoyable/fun in this video.

DevilishSix1486d ago

Some of the graphics like the white streaks that fly across screen, I guess representing cold wind, just look annoying and out of place. Still interested in the game though.

fossilfern1486d ago

Looks realy good. Was playing some strider on the Mega Drive a couple of days ago.

SniperControl1486d ago

Love the Strider games from my Amiga days, have been looking forward to this for a while now.

theXtReMe11485d ago

Yep. Glad to see some fellow Amiga fans on the boards. Man, sometimes I really miss those days.

SniperControl1485d ago

I know it's not the same, but I have an Amiga emulator on my PC with a ton of games. I also recently fished out an old Quickshot joystick for which I bought a USB converter for, glad to say the Quickshot is still a joy to play games with.

I also hope Sony do a awesome job with Shadow of the Beast, that was another of my favorite Amiga games.

jacksjus1486d ago

This came a long way from the NES. This one is going to be a hit.

frostypants1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Strider on the NES was kind of an afterthought port. The main platform was the Genesis/Mega Drive. It was the biggest cartridge game ever at the time (8MB I think).

jacksjus1486d ago

You're right I forgot all about the Sega Genesis. That was the one version I was referring too when I made the comment. Not the Nintendo version which was totally different if I can recall.

likeaboss3021486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

The NES version was still good for it's time though.

maniacmayhem1486d ago

I loved the Strider for the NEW. I remember getting it and popping it in my NES and being super disappointed because it didn't look like the arcade version. At the time I didn't understand hardware or bits or anything.

But while playing it, the game turned out be even better. The quests, the different power ups, wall jumps and that old school Capcom feel that made the NES great.

It would have been cool for Capcom to do a HD remake of that game.

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