Nope, Thief Still Not Confirmed to Run at 1080p on Xbox One

Hardcore Gamer: Earlier this afternoon, a QA Mastering Tech at Eidos seemed to confirm that Thief would indeed run at 1080p on Xbox One. It turns out, however, that it was mistakenly tweeted as Cadieux thought the conversation was about Tomb Raider -- a mistake that he has since publicly explained.

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NatureOfLogic1699d ago

Lmao, Xbox One is struggling to get 1080p games running. I guess Cboat was right after all.

shoddy1699d ago

II'll bet a $100 that it'll run 1080p on ps4

Ezz20131699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Eidos: "yes, it run at 1080p. but no it's not running at 1080p on xbox. yes i can confirm it's running at 1080p on xbox. lol,what? i was talking about Tomb raider not Thief."


FlameHawk1699d ago

I'm sure it will run 1080 too, but not native 1080.

erathaol1699d ago

Looking like enough 1080p 3rd party games being made now that Microsoft can't easily go in and tell them to make them equal on both consoles.

Really why should the PS4 be nerfed for another consoles short comings?


GTgamer1699d ago

Looks let's be real Thief doesn't look amazing graphically so for it not to hit 1080p on the Xone would be bad then again COD didn't hit 1080p on the Xone either and that game is not graphically amazing either so I wouldn't be surprised :/.

Sarcasm1699d ago

I raise you to $500 that it will be 1080p on PS4

NeloAnjelo1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

That $100 is reserved for Kinect :)

Ultra1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

MISTERX, MISTERC, and any other misterblabla are getting insecured about the resolution gate of xbone turns out to be true.

They are keep on thinking if there's a Mono Driver then it should be a "Stereo Driver" some day, who knows. LOLLL

ProjectVulcan1698d ago

Which bit of Xbox One is not as powerful as PS4 is anyone not yet understanding at this point?

The sooner everyone accepts this the sooner you can forget about it and get back to the game content. Mainly because who really wants these articles still in like 2 years time saying the same thing?

Cos that's what will happen

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jimbobwahey1699d ago

Well Xbox One only has 32MB eSRAM, and that's just not enough to comfortably handle 1080p. Combine that with a GPU that's drastically weaker than the PS4's and that's why you have so many multiplatform games looking and running much better on PS4.

Bigpappy1699d ago

You have no idea how eSRAM is used, so it is best you stop try to use it to try and make your point. eSRAM is actually used as a register between the total RAM and the GPU, so that the GPU can access the RAM with a wider bandwidth. I hope that was helpful to those of you who even know what I am talking about. Not everyone took digital design classes or read up on basic computer design. You are more likely to understand flops and bandwidth, and not have a clue about what is needed in chip design to get there.

Guwapo771698d ago


It has zero to do with the eSRAM the way you are explaining it. It has everything to do with the ROPs. ONE has 16 and PS4 has 32. Read the link I've included that will explain it clearly.

"The ROPs (render outputs/raster operations pipes) are responsible for final pixel output, and at the resolutions these consoles are targeting having 16 ROPs definitely puts the Xbox One as the odd man out in comparison to PC GPUs. Typically AMD’s GPU targeting 1080p come with 32 ROPs, which is where the PS4 is, but the Xbox One ships with half that."

BLADE20341698d ago Show
adorie1698d ago

"Management has said it before and I will back it up, this is not a sprint -- it's a marathon. By E3 the true power of the Xbox One will be realized, make my words."

Ah! I think someone from Sony said this. Really?

morganfell1698d ago

ESRAM will never solve the problem. Not now. Not ever.

adorie1698d ago

Morgan, that is probably the simplest way to explain both the X1 and PS4's approach to ram solution!

morganfell1697d ago

@adorie, that was posted on Gaf and it just shows it so simply.

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pyramidshead1699d ago

I kinda like these sorts of drama issues because it squeezes out information that I don't think should be necessarily NDA'd of sorts. Why can't they just confirm the res and the frames rates here and now and aim for them instead of people finding out days before. Feel bad for people who pre-order stuff knowing that the edition they get is sub-par to the edition on the competing console.

Gonna be a very long year for XB1 gamers.

BX811699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

I agree it's good to know up front what the game is about and some tech aspects. As for some games being sub par, idk man. I play games not specs. Last gen I never looked at the back of a game box to see what the fps was or if it was running at 720p or 1080p. All of a sudden on this web site a game is less fun or not a good version because it's not 60fps and 1080p. It's sad that a uncharted 4 article just got posted and there is more pro Sony comments from people crap talking on Xbox one in theif articles than there are pro Sony people talking about uncharted 4. Ok I got away from my main point there, lol.
Edit: I also wanted to add, props to Sony for making a console easy to dev for.

1699d ago
Flames761699d ago

About like sony trying to make profit off the playstation brand since 2006.Lost over 5 billion on the PS3 and over 2 billion lost on the PSvita which is dead.Now losing $60 on every PS4 sold.Back to the graphics though.Ryse is the best looking game out on any platform no game on the PS4 can touch it and thats a fact.BF4 looks better on the X1 this was even confirmed by EA.Thief will be 1080p on the X1 no doubt

liquidhalos1698d ago

Lol, Holy hell, troll bait much?

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1698d ago

Ahhhhh man. The game is going to be so much more fun now on the PS4 because of this. So much more fun.

Twignberries1698d ago

No, I really don't care for this game much anyway. It's still going to look and run better though.

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-Foxtrot1699d ago

Hmmmmmm I'd always like to see a gaming journalist battle or a games one in the international news fight in Anchorman 2

Computer and Video Games
Game Informer

...If only <sigh>

MightyNoX1699d ago

Who would be the Police and break up the fight in that analogy?


imt5581699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No!

But, here is the link :

corvusmd1699d ago

Nope....still doesn't matter. There isn't a single game on XB1 that looks or runs bad and there's more to games than just paper numbers that don't actually show up on screen. If no one told you which was which and they were running side by side...just like all other couldn't tell.

jimbobwahey1699d ago

Hahaha, you're not fooling anyone. The difference between 1080p/720p and 60fps/30fps is night and day, don't be a chump.

sashimi1699d ago

plus that xbox upscaler, crushing blacks and what not lol.

rarity1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

"There isn't a single game on XB1 that looks or runs bad" ok now i know that was a joke

whoyouwit041699d ago

Then name a game that looks bad, better yet name a game on PS4 that's worth picking up right now. my bad you can't, you people can threw numbers all you want, but if those numbers are the number of games worth playing then they are useless. check this out my PC does 240 hertz at a unstinting 3840 x 2160. Those are nunmbers worth throwing out there and by your own logig every game on PS4 look like horse shit.

GTgamer1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Lmao why you mad tho awwwwww that one bubble suits you well oh and its logic :).

LeCreuset1699d ago


Killzone, Knack, Resogun, Contrast, Don't Starve, DCUO, Trine 2, Injustice, and just about every multiplat, because if the XB1 version is worth picking up, the PS4 version darn sure is. Now you could try to crap on that list all day long, and I could similarly go in on XB1 titles that you want us to assume are worth picking up on just your say so.

As for your PC, if it were a console doing that then of course that would be a big factor when comparing consoles. That's just "Duh!". But you're not talking about a console. You're talking about your PC, which I guess you do suddenly care about the numbers for in that case. It is acknowledged that superior performance can be achieved on PC's, because they are open hardware. That's not questioned. People go for consoles because they provide some things that PC's don't. I just saw an article about a petition to bring Virtua Fighter 5 to PC. I mean, come on. The point is, the graphical capabilities of the PC are not in dispute, nor are they downplayed. If you like XB1, fine, but stop trying to dispute or downplay real differences in the capabilities.

rarity1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

@whoyouwit04 my stomach can't take it please stop with the jokes the only next gen xbox one game is ryse and it runs 900p 20fps dead rising 3 runs 720p 15-25fps and has last Gen graphics forza looks okay but doesn't scream next gen should I stop or talk about the other last Gen looking/performing xbone games?lol and why should I care if you own a gaming PC I own a pc but we're not talking about PC's we're talking about consoles and why do you sound upset? Did I say something? U mad bro?( oh and by the way about those ps4 games check The list and pick out what you think is good)

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pyramidshead1699d ago

I imagine it's quite taxing on the brain to suppress information like this so that you trick your own eyes into seeing no difference. I guess that's the power of brand loyalty.

TheSsus1699d ago

No wonder you only have one bubble.

Metallox1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

The difference between 720p and 1080p depends on the position between your TV/monitor and you. Still, with 1080p resolution you have less jaggies and better effects. That's a nice plus. Also, the difference between 30-60 FPS it's indeed noticeable. It offers you better inmersion and that stuff. Still, I don't care either and I could play an Xbox One game without losing an eye.

LeCreuset1699d ago

The difference between 720p and 1080p is that 1080p has 2.25x the pixels of 720p.

beerzombie1698d ago

You very right size of tv and distance you are from it makes a difference.

Metallox1699d ago

That looks... very boring... and depressing.

ziggurcat1699d ago

actually, corvus, the screen shows exactly what all of the paper numbers are saying.

your eyes are simply deceiving you since xbone *upscales* all games to 1080p.

and i'm pretty sure that resolution mattered to you the entire last generation anytime a game was poorly ported to PS3, so stop acting like a hypocrite.

DigitalRaptor1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

This is next generation my good fellow.

The downplaying is absolutely and utterly ridiculous, considering you guys were blowing up absolutely MINUTE details last gen.

The differences are measurably bigger this gen, and if Xbone is struggling to get games running at 1080p, without a filter that crushes the blacks and sharpens images, it's very, very telling.

"If no one told you which was which and they were running side by side"

Perhaps if both screens were only capable of 720p output... maybe just maybe, you could argue that. Fortunately, a game that is native 1080p will look better on a screen that was designed to display it in wonderful 1920x1080 resolution.

die_fiend1698d ago

Lol butthyrt fanboy denial. You're telling me I can't tell the different between 30fps and 60fps? One is smooth at butter, the other is Xbone. It's not that it looks really bad, it's that it's significantly inferior. I'd be pissrd if I had an Xbone. Then again, if you're stupid enough to go for a weaker console, what did you expect? All that power of kinect is the cause of this when the only thing kinect is good for is saying 'xbox off'

liquidhalos1698d ago

I'm sorry but you're wrong, you can tell the difference. There is a difference.

GarrusVakarian1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Lmao, people who have little experience seeing anything in native 1080p always stick out like a sore thumb when they speak about resolutions. The difference between 1080p and 720p on a NATIVE 1080p HDTV is NIGHT AND DAY.

1080p is literally over double the amount of pixels (2.25 to be exact) of 720p, those aren't "numbers on paper", those are facts that show up native 1080p screens. I have a 42" native 1080p TV and i can the difference in resolution between 720p (last gen games) and 900p (BF4 PS4) EASILY from 10 feet away, let alone 1080p (Killzone) which looks way sharper than the others. Are you trying to say that over 2 million pixels (1080p) and just over 900k pixels (720p) look exactly the same? Is that really what you are saying? Denial to the max. If 1280x720p, 1600x900p and 1920x1080p all looked the same on a native 1080p TV then devs wouldn't bother making games at above 720p lol.

Do yourself a favour and buy a device/TV capable of showing you true NATIVE 1080p games, you will realise how silly your previous statement sounds. Even better, play CoD Ghosts on your X1 (presuming you have one), then play Forza 5 after and see if you don't see a difference. Forza 5 will be WAY sharper and cleaner with less jaggies. 1080p >'s just fact. You can't argue with mathematics and native 1080p TV's lol.

The fact you have 16 agrees just shows how dumb/denial ridden some people can be. They probably all have old ass 720p monitors.

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Iamnemesis48801699d ago

This is a new system DEVs are still learning the console give then time

christocolus1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

I agree though its unfortunate that you cant reason that way here but you can wait it out and allow the games speak for themselves over time.

Iamnemesis48801699d ago

True to that let the games speak for themselves

jimbobwahey1699d ago

The games do speak for themselves, by running at higher resolutions and framerates on PS4. Can't argue with fact :D

Hicken1699d ago

It truly is unfortunate that you can't use flawed training and expect others to take you seriously.

The basic architecture of the two systems is very similar; there's just more of everything to work with in the PS4. The resulting games are speaking quite clearly, though you may want to take your fingers out of your ears and uncover your eyes so you can understand them.

DragonKnight1699d ago

Yeah because it's really difficult to handle x86 architecture that they've been using for years.

mmc-0071699d ago

sarcasm at its finest, I like your style.

mmj1699d ago

Xbone is pretty much identical architecture to PS4, it's not like last generation when you had two completely different animals.

They are much closer architecturally this time around BUT they are much further away in terms of overall power.

zero_gamer1699d ago

The Kinect anchoring the performance of the already lesser hardware than the PS4 isn't helping developers achieving that goal in any way.

lonelyplayer1699d ago

Both systems are new. Both will continue evolving. But the gap is already there and it's huge.

DigitalRaptor1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Before Microsoft decided to allocate a chunk of the console's power to Kinect and OS, for their holy vision of multimedia, TV and sports, the Xbone was STILL less powerful than the PS4.

Factor in that which Microsoft cared more about, and it shows that they made their own bed that day.

PS4 is significantly more powerful than the Xbone, AND its power is easily accessible for output by developers. The games are already speaking for themselves in the fact that the PS4 versions are outputting at higher resolutions and running at higher frame rates, and this disparity will continue all generation.

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