24 Minutes of Thief 1080p Gameplay on PS4 Featured in New Videos; Different Ways to Infiltrate Shown

Sony Computer Entertainment UK released two new videos of the upcoming stealth action game Thief, showcasing the PS4 version of the game.

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pedrof931634d ago

Omg, the game is beautiful.

Abriael1634d ago

Yeah, I really like it. And I will never understand why people have thrown so much mud at it. Maybe I'm a bit biased because I'm a fan of the series, but I think it gets too little credit.

Ju1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Huh...well, I was just gonna me, that game lacks in visual fidelity. Not sure what it is, but I'd think it's the lighting engine which is outdated. The game will be great, I supposed, but it looks like a last gen game thrown at next gen and just added more - more polys and more res. But doesn't really look improved in detail or refined. So, it's not just me, then?

Riderz13371634d ago

I'm not even a fan of the series and I love it. The art style...There's just something about it that I love. Can't put my finger on it but all I know is it is beautiful. Sad thing is people call it a Dishonored "Rip off"...They don't know the original thief came out in 1998 -.-

Ju1634d ago

I'm not talking about art style but simply the lighting. This doesn't seem to be HDR by any means which is strange since it plays so much with darkness and shadows. What's the engine? UE3? It sure isn't Dark Engine. Well, if that's the case, I wouldn't be surprised. What surprises me is, that SE usually uses a more sophisticated tech.

webeblazing1634d ago

look like they dumbed it down tho.

_QQ_1634d ago

some people aren't happy that it uses unreal engine 3, a stupid reason.

Army_of_Darkness1634d ago

Very nice looking game... Although when it comes to stealth games I would prefer it being 3rd person view.

Highlife1634d ago

I prefer 1st person for stealth more realistic that way. You shouldn't be able to see behind yourself when you are looking forward.

KingKelloggTheWH1634d ago

Many people just don't like 1st person stealth. I honestly am not a fan of it, but I am still willing to try it out.

Ju1634d ago

UE3 is outdated for next gen. It just can't keep up with today's standards and it will not be updated to support HDR and other more advanced techniques; all the things which are in UE4. It also has framerate issues on the PS4 - 30fps is fine, but nothing beyond. Blacklight runs UE3 and you can see that it tears quite a bit.

Logak1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

One thing I despise about this game is the utter dismissal of many of the original Thief factions, lore and characters. I longed for a Thief four with the Hammerites and the Pagans battling it out, with Garret being pulled into it without his consent. The original world and atmosphere is gone, in favor of a much more historical depiction of the City... Also, where are the horror elements?

Also, the gameplay was looking good before the escape part... The bit where he is caught pisses me off... No way would Garret be caught and run off like that, alerting half the City. You should have the option to be able to do it all without being detected, sneak in and out silently, just like in the original Thief games.

frostypants1633d ago

It looks solid. Not great. But that's how the entire Thief series has been. Graphics have always taken a back seat to gameplay with them, and they still generally manage to maintain a good sense of immersion. The original Thief was immersive as hell, despite having pretty meh graphics even for the time.

Raf1k11633d ago

I can understand why some would prefer stealth games to be third person but first person has always played to it's advantage.

Third person allows you to see around corners giving you an edge and taking away from the sneaking experience.

Playing Thief games gives you a different sense of immersion since it's first person. Having to actually peek around corners and listen to your surroundings gives it a level of immersion you don't get from game like Splinter Cell.

Any stealth fan would be a fool to not give it a try even if it only gets OK reviews.

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1634d ago
Tzuno1634d ago

yes it is but graphically is nothing like jaw dropping and i already played this game :) well sort of, you know what i mean....Dishonored rings a bell, anyway i will play the game because i like the idea.

deadfrag1633d ago

This game has nothing to do with Dishonored stop comparing the two.

Magicite1634d ago

all latest Square Enix published games are awesome (dues ex, sleeping dogs, tomb raider, hitman absolution)

JohnApocalypse1633d ago

It is very enclosed so they are able to detail the fuck out of it

DrJones1632d ago

It isn't that detailed though.

ITPython1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I might take a look at this game, I loved Dishonored and thief may be similar. Although what I loved most about dishonored were the special super-natural abilities. Doesn't seem like thief will have anything cool like that, so it's more like dishonored minus anything futuristic or super-natural.

I can cope with old-style games if there is some super-natural abilities or some kind of futuristic weaving into the story or gameplay (AC series is the perfect example). But if the game is 100% old-style and the character is simply limited to their modern day abilities and restrictions, that doesn't seem to interesting to me.

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Genuine-User1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I can't wait to play this on my PS4 :)

HebrewHammer1634d ago

Curiously absent XBO footage...

Abriael1634d ago

Well, that's not excessively surprising since this comes from Sony.

Riderz13371634d ago

No offence but there isn't a lot of footage of the Xbox One version...If any at all. If you find a vid link me to it.

HebrewHammer1634d ago

What Riderz said. We've only seen PS4 and PC footage thus far as far as I can recall.

Letthewookiewin1634d ago

Devs want to show the version in the best possible light. This is with most multiplats. So they show their work on PS4.

MasterCornholio1634d ago

Reminds me of Dishonored.


Abriael1634d ago

eh, it's more the other way around, really :D

arinaborina1634d ago

i know, dishonored was inspired by thief

MasterCornholio1634d ago

I haven't played theif before so forgive me for my mistake.

I'm interested in the game though especially with the way the stealth is handled in it.

Navick1634d ago

So this pretty much confirms that the PS4 version will be running at a higher rez (1080p). The game does look incredible.

arinaborina1634d ago

how is it in higher rez? the vid is 1080p, and the xbox version is not confirmed yet, nor is the ps4 version. It is just the vid on youtube which is 1080p, kind of different.

morganfell1634d ago

arinaborina: This close to launch and no one is talking. That should be an indicator...

This may help:

Navick1633d ago

Lol Morgan

Arin... Read your comment. The answer lies within...

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