Yamauchi on Gran Turismo 7: “We’re Looking Ahead;” Longest Track in the Series Coming to GT6

Kazunori Yamauchi attended a Gran Turismo 6 stage event at Taipei Game Show, and during the event he also answered a few questions from attendees and local media, including one on Gran Turismo 7. He also introduced a new course for Gran Turismo 6, which will be the longest in the series.

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MonopolyRSV1487d ago


Good-Smurf1487d ago

As much as I loved that game you gonna need to understand that their team are not nearly big enough to handle two games at the same time.
With an expanded team yeah but as of now definitely not gonna happen.
But goddamn a longer track than Special Stage route X?! Yes please!

MonopolyRSV1487d ago

No worries, just cancel GT then.

PS3Freak1487d ago

Cancel GT? Cars are boring?


ProjectVulcan1487d ago

The team is barely big enough for GT. They don't have enough modellers. They have barely half the staff of Turn 10 when you count contract work.

Considering GT is by far and away the biggest racing sim in turns of revenue and sales, you would have thought Sony would give Polyphony the budget to increase their manpower a lot more than they have.

Redempteur1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )


Ah the problem is not money , the problem is size, when you have a core in a team , expanding it is pretty hard , finding talented people to meet the expectations of the said team is hard too.
Polyphony is a team that is mostly japanese , and they need people talented enough that speak japanese with them if they want to expand. That's not something you can do easily.That(s not that some people can't speak english ( plenty of them do ) but i'm quite sure that their tools aren't in english yet.( it's their internal engine after all )

If you compare this to a well know team that expanded into 2 core teams, naughty dog was easier for them because they didn't have this language barrier around the core team of the studio.
Even kojima productions couldn't expand that much , and kojima took the decision to create an entire different entity on us soil ( for other projects and liaison ).

Bottom line , expanding a japanese studio is a looot of work. and it's not a matter of money

Knushwood Butt1487d ago

@ vulcan

'They have barely half the staff of Turn 10'.

And look how Forza 5 turned out.

Sometimes less is more.

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Tyrone_Biggums1487d ago

motorcycles are for monkeys

1487d ago
showtimefolks1487d ago


I know it shouldn't be an excuse by PD are a very small developer compare to other racing developers like turn-10 and E$A's NFS Team

Most of PD developers are actual racers in real life, that's what makes GT such a special game. It may not have everything Forza has in terms of extra content but it has what's more important than anything else


I don't know the reason why PD or sony doesn't hire more developers but it is what it is. also consider this, PS3 was a headache to develop for so with PS4 its not a steep learning curve so expect the next GT game on ps4 to be nothing short of excellent

we don't need 100 plus cars maybe give us 400 of the best possible premium cars along with some of the best tracks available.

pennywhyz1487d ago

Yes on Console I just dissapointed in the sounds of cars.

showtimefolks1487d ago


again not an excuse but PD did announce before launch that they will add better car sounds with a patch soon after launch

SoulSercher6201487d ago

No you just don't have good taste.

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Felonycarclub81487d ago

Can't wait I wish they would put pikes peak when it was all dirt and now that it's all paved

Me-Time1487d ago

Definitely. Have both version. It would be fantastic.

WickedLester1487d ago

Did anyone ask Kaz any tough questions like...

1.) After 6 versions of this series why have you still not implemented a meaningful damage system?

2.). Despite your competitors success with car customization why do you not include this feature in your game?

3.) Why don't you list all the cars that qualify to be used in certain events and why don't you allow players to purchase those cars directly from that screen?

4.). Do you ever plan on overhauling the opponent AI since it's pretty much remained unchanged since GT3 A-spec?

5.). Why did your dev team waste time and resources on such a worthless feature as Lunar Moon challenges?

psman0121487d ago

Ughhhh. The cone challenge on the Lunar Rover drove me nuts. Still haven't beaten it!

Good-Smurf1487d ago

Stop trying to treat your lunar rover like it's a Lotus Exige and I think you'll get and bronze without too much effort.

ambientFLIER1487d ago

How about why after a dozen GT games, the sound still sucks...

Me-Time1487d ago

You're just too used to NFS/Hollywood gunshots overly done sounds. Get the sounds suck bull crap out of here.

ShinMaster1487d ago

Polyphony Digital's team is smaller than most major developers like Forza, which has 4 times the employees.

Each event does in fact list they type and/or specific car models that qualify.

The AI is smarter than you people give it credit for. In GT3, they would just crash into you. In GT5 and 6 they know how to avoid you, even in fast corners they'll steer around you and won't push you off the road either in tight corners.

theWB271487d ago

The size of the team doesn't equate here. Instead of focusing on things like lunar tracks and shoving 1100 cars into the count which mostly consist of variations of the same car.

They had 8 years to make meaningful steps in certain areas of the game they blatantly chose to ignore. Mainly customization and sound design.

They may list the cars, but you still have to backtrack into the menu and dealership in order to purchase said car. Has that changed in GT6?

The AI isn't smart. They race on a predetermined line and rarely deviate from it.

The driving model is top notch in GT, track selection is top notch. Especially that track selection, but there are areas that GT absolutely ignores and lags behind compared to other racers.

hkgamer1487d ago

i think the main problem is kaz wants to make something realistic, whilst most gamers don't really care for that.

i mean how many people actually do track racing?

another problem is that they are trying to have more and more cars compared to the last game where they should have just released a game with less.

get rid of all classic cars, too many people complain about them. concentrate on a smaller amount where they can have more detail on how that car actually runs and feel.


agree with a few points. having 1100 cars is just stupid.

menu system in gt has always been bad and needs to be changed, maybe get someone outside of Japan to design it, or even someone from apple, they masters of simplifying things ( even though i dont know how to navigate iphones).

AI being bad? most driving games have bad AI right? following a predetemined line? are you not meant to follow the predetermined line? not sure what happens in track racing, but F1 everyone follows the line and then go off the line to overtake.

Redempteur1487d ago

i disagree. The sound design has been improved it's not perfect but it's so much better than before.

As for customisation , again GT6 is miles ahead GT5 . Others do better , but it's not like they haven't done a thing.
There are plenty of are where GT is still the best and is still improving.

And the ai is not racing on a line since GT5 , you should get with the times. this is so obvious if you play GT4

ShinMaster1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

@ theWB27

The AI will overtake any car if fast enough and they will deviate from the line whenever you're around.
So what does it matter if they stick to the ideal racing line?

And GT6 has more unique cars per manufacturer then any other racing game.
So what does it matter if a few cars have multiple variations? Even if you get rid of those multiple variations, you're still left with a wider selection of cars.

WickedLester1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

"Polyphony Digital's team is smaller than most major developers like Forza, which has 4 times the employees."

Well then my question is, why is that? For a company that is as long standing and successful as Polyphony is, how on earth do they have a development team half the size of Forzas?? If this is true then maybe they should consider expanding their work force!

But aside from that, it just seems to me that they don't allocate their resources correctly. I mean, they don't need 1,100 cars! They don't need to waste time with Lunar challenges! Instead they should work on their menu. Work on implementing damage. Work on car audio. Work on customization features.

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r211487d ago

Personally, I hate the damage system and dont want it in GT6. When I drive a car that I will NEVER get to drive in real life, I wouldnt want it be banged up during a race.

pennywhyz1487d ago

Then it takes the sim feeli g away.sounds beat

Knushwood Butt1487d ago

I love how people always rant on about damage in GT, yet whenever I see a video from a game that does have a damage system, the player always has it disabled.

WickedLester1486d ago

With no damage what motivation do racers have NOT to crash into one another?

Dee_911487d ago

At the end of the day this is Kaz game, not the fans.Although PD takes feedback from fans, the final product will have to be accepted by PD.If Kaz wanted insane damage they would have implemented it.Unfortunately for people that want damage, Kaz and company doesn't like damaging cars.Its the same with customization.They don't want to give us that much freedom, because the end product will be what Kaz and company wants.
I just watched the movie Kaz and I completely understand his way of thinking.Most fans wont like it but GT is literally like his child and he is very protective.Hopefully for the fans this will change in the future.
3,4,5 aren't tough questions.3 I don't personally care about that.I can easily buy what ever car I need.4.I don't think including insults in questions will get you very far.As a person who still plays GT3,I can tell you that your example is exaggerated.GT5&6 AI are tons better than gt3 ai.To answer that question, he already stated they are still improving the AI.. 5.Refer to number 4.

WickedLester1486d ago

Uh, this may be Kaz's game but he still needs to sell copies if he wants to KEEP making these games. In case you haven't noticed, GT6 sales have been way below GT5's. Kaz is dangerously close to making GT a dinosaur! As a developer he needs to have his finger on the pulse of what gamers want in this day and age and give it to them. Otherwise he is going to lose his audience. Forza poses huge competition and with other games coming like Project CARS and Drive Club, he needs to stop creating in a vacuum and get a clue as to what gamers want.

Dee_911486d ago

Gran Turismo 5 was the fastest selling gran turismo to date. GT6 is on pace with the likes of gt2 and gt4.Considering it sold 2 million hard copies in mere weeks, not including digital sales, and that it came out after the next generation of consoles .Its doing very well.Yes some developers focus mainly on what customers want and make a game based on that, some make games that they want. Kaz is the latter.You can't speak for everyone and neither can I, but judging by sales, Kaz's vision for GT sits well with the majority.If you want a fan feeback based racing game, go find it because this isn't it,to the extent you want anyways. I personally want them to appease to fans feedback, but I still enjoy the game regardless.

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Me-Time1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

27 km. OHHHHH yeahhhh. I hope it isn't too much like the Nordschleife. I would like there to be more flow to the track in different parts of the track with no dangerously (boring when you're using one of the weaker cars) and annoyingly lengthy uphill/downhill elevations (I hate the uphill elevations at the Nordschleife by a long shot) and I do not want One of those 1 mile long straights. It'll be disappointing if the longest straight is a mile long.

Bearsfanfourlife1487d ago

I just found out I don't like racing games wanna buy my forza 5 for 40 anyone.

pennywhyz1487d ago

Always ebay will sell almost instantly.

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