Koller Confirms: PS Vita Has Done Very Well Since PS4 Launch

John Koller confirmed that PS Vita has been doing really well for Sony since the launch of PS4. Will it be enough to move it out of the sands?

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imXify1697d ago

PS4/Vita bundle for holiday 2014.

Vita will be saved for sure. 100% garanteed.

Alexious1697d ago

If they price it aggressively...Maybe

imXify1697d ago

I'm sure they'll get it right.

1697d ago
Megaton1697d ago

Who is John Koller and is he always this spectacularly wrong? I bought a Vita in December and I love it, but I'm well aware that I'm in the extreme minority and it's a colossal flop.

TheTrooper1697d ago

It's barely two years old, it's not a flop yet. Now the Virtual Boy, that was a flop.

Dan_scruggs1697d ago

That's a nice thought but the Wii U isn't getting the benefit of a doubt so the Vita shouldn't get one either as far as N4G is concerned.

wolokowoh1697d ago

Wii U and Vita are not the same situation. Vita is getting indie games and JRPGs with the occasional first party exclusive so it's more like late game PSP than anything. It is not being supported as much as needed because early adopters and third party publishers didn't take the risk on the Vita they did on the home console. This created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sony did everything right except price at launch, which is one of the mistakes Nintendo made with both 3DS and Wii U. While the price was the largest factor working against the Vita there was a lot more stuff completely out of Sony's control.

Wii U is the epitome of how far behind Nintendo have gotten in community, speed of development, and its relationship with third parties and its customers. It shows they have a lot of great ideas like Miiverse and offscreen play but fail to understand they had to do a lot more to make their product competitive. Their execution on Wii U was horrible. They played it safe with their money instead of making investments on a more powerful console and better network infrastructure. Where is the account system? Its been over a year and nothing. Where is the actual good and necessary use of the touchpad? They prioritizing the wrong image and wrong products. If Nintendo had launch an Xbone equivalent with the touchpad instead of Kinect for $500 in 2012 or 2013 they'd be doing better because they would be getting third party support. Instead of Donkey Kong and 3D world(excellent games mind you), they should have used the resources for a more hardcore gamer oriented product like having a trailer for Smash Bros HD right off the bat at their announcement. They milked the Wii dry but didn't do any preparation they needed to in the mean time. Look at what Sony did with PS3 while preparing for PS4. The revamped Playstation Store which is horrible on PS3 works perfectly for PS4. They looked at what customers we complaining about most on PS3 and fixed all they could on PS4.

zeal0us1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Well it may not be a flop yet but its sale performance is poor. The PSP(original) manage to ship more units within two years than the Vita has.

Maybe the rise of mobile gaming is to blame or poor support is to blame. This generation just starting so who knows how it will turn out.

SilentNegotiator1697d ago

"It's barely two years old"

That's probably 1/3 of its total lifetime (excluding supported time past release of successor). It's probably not going see that serious of a retribution at this point.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr31697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

If the Wii U is a flop then the Vita is definitely one.

Edit: Dan beat me to it.

TheEnigma3131697d ago

The vita has sold two million more.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31697d ago

In two years? That's great...I guess?

Phoebe_Bellert1697d ago

How can the Vita be a flop? Its doing exactly what it was intended to do. Sony didn't go into it believing their product would sell more than home consoles at all. But to compare it to that child's plastic play thing "WiiU" is just stupid. Nintendo are failing because they have lost touch with their new generation of gamers, they are holding onto too much pride and need to seriously wake up and understand no one wants to shake sticks and bounce things on their heads. Super Nintendo is my favorite console of all time and it was the last good Nintendo console, Yes that includes 64, Rubbish, Rubbish Rubbish.

PSNintyGamer1697d ago

@cochise_313 and? The 3ds has sold more than that, so what's your point.

Kribwalker1697d ago

I would not speak ill of anything sony on this site or they will linch you. Hell even the Betamax won the war against VHS in their eyes

SilentNegotiator1697d ago

"The vita has sold two million more"

With an extra year. It's selling at a slower rate than a console that's already selling at a slow rate.

BitbyDeath1696d ago

Neither are dead but Vita is the only one of the two which is currently taking steps to try stop the bleeding.

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Sharky2311697d ago

It's really sad cause everyone including myself that's I know has got one loves it.

MightyNoX1697d ago

It IS a beautiful piece of hardware. I really wish it'd do better sales. 2014 is looking fantastic so far for my Vita.

Alexious1697d ago

That can't be argued. As they say, DAT OLED! Let's hope they bump the Remote Play frame rate at 60 at some point.

Megaton1697d ago

It really is an amazing piece of hardware. It's a shame that Sony doesn't care to tell anybody about it.

DJMarty1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

He's sayin it goes hand in hand with the PS4, PS4 is helping PSVita sales, remote play is awesome.

Even VitaTV sales helps PSVita, it gives a cheap way to stream Vita content without PSVita.

They are buying PSVita for it's own catalog of awsome games, it's just remote play feature opens up an awesome catalog of soon to be release PS4 games. Whats not to like(it's a BONUS).

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TheLastGuardian1697d ago

It makes no sense to me why someone wouldn't buy a Vita for it's own game library, but would buy one just for remote play.

Hicken1697d ago

What REALLY makes no sense is the argument that the only rain to buy one IS remote play. It's like they forget the thing has a few hundred games that don't require a PS4 at all.

nope1111697d ago

I hope the Vita picks up, it reserves it. Best damn handheld i ever bought.

Buzz7S1697d ago

Best you ever bought because... You have never had a Game Boy Color, NDS, 3DS? Or have you bought every single handheld console and can come to the conclusion that a PS Vita is far superior in every way possible?

zeal0us1697d ago

Ugh don't be that guy, seriously.

jony_dols1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

I own a Vita & have owned a GBC, NDS & PSP in the past. Vita is the best all-round handheld in my opinion.

Nintendo's consoles is often revered for it's family friendly platformers; but Rayman Legends, Sly Cooper, the Jak & Daxter trilogy, LBP & Guacamelee! (all of which are criminally underrated on the Vita) would be heralded as classics if Mario's face was photo-shopped on.

Add-in more adult experiences like Uncharted, Killzone, MGS HD, NFS: Most Wanted & Gravity Rush as well as the plethora of quality Japanese RPGs (e.g. Persona, Soul Sacrafice & soon to be released FFX HD).

And the added bonus of PS4 remote play, a proper media player & a decent web browser; all displayed on the beautiful OLED screen, makes it's friggen awesome portable console that no other handheld I've played comes close to topping.

Knushwood Butt1696d ago


I had a GameBoy, a GBA, a GBA SP, a GBA Micro (yeah, I guess I really liked the GBA), and 3 different versions of the DS.

Fact is, the Vita owns all of them... easily.

Baylex1695d ago

@Knushwood Butt Agree with you! Very well said!
My list is like this:
1-PS Vita

I had more fun with my vita than with any other console out there, and secondly my GBA!! That was an awsome console too!!

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Letthewookiewin1697d ago

Well I love my Vita and remote play is friggin awesome works perfect I was just playing Tomb Raider on it in my bedroom while my PS4 was streaming it down stairs. All in all if it flops that will suck but I've got a great little portable PS4 in my pocket even if they don't make another game for it. I'll always have use for it. Not to mention I have probably 30 games for it that will keep me busy for ever. No regrets on my purchase.

kewlkat0071697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

" I was just playing Tomb Raider on it in my bedroom while my PS4 was streaming it down stairs."

Exactly why this thing is not selling like it should..

Edit: Hey a sale is a sale but I see many like you enjoying the Ps vita for similar reasons but not for Vita's library of games.

Alexious1697d ago

He still had to buy a PS Vita to do Remote Play, you know.

Letthewookiewin1697d ago

A lot of sales are going to be just for that purpose. A sale is a sale.

MatrixxGT1697d ago

Exactly my feelings on the handheld. I bought it day1 and things looked a little bleak after the launch titles ran dry but looking at it now and then its so completly different. I remember when the ps store didn't have enough titles to fill one page. There's so much availiable on the system I'm nit sure why its not selling better. It has games indies and others. I didn't give two poops about indies till I tried some, most are really great and offer new ideas that AAA's need to pick up on. Remote play is a godsend in my household and has cured many arguments with the wife about who's going to watch what on TV.
People can say remote play isn't a reason to own it but I doubt many have tried it or own a vita at all.
Like wookie said, if it dies tomorrow I know I will always still use it for remote playing in bed, on the toilet, hotel rooms, or right on the couch playing happiky as the wife enjoys some tv series I couldn't care less about. I also have a 3ds because there's some great exclusives. I honestly feel it offers better nintendo experience than its own WiiU.

On the other hand I do wish don't would show it some more first party love but they seem to be pushing ps4 development as much as possible before they put more focus on vita exclusives. That makes me sad but I also have ps4 I'm happy again lol.

parentoftheyear1696d ago

We're the same. LoL. It has saved me from many hours of teen mom and the bachelor. LoL remote play honestly my FAVORITE ps4 feature. Can't wait for ps now that everyone has failed to mention.

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