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Metal Gear Solid 4 Review - UK Official Playstation Magazine

The UK Official PlayStation Mag has got its Exclusive Review, and if there was ever any doubt, it has recieved a perfect score. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 10/10

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paul_war  +   2635d ago
As if there was any doubt.

Edit: A couple more images

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conjurdevil  +   2635d ago
Oh yeah....
despite haters and fanboys this game is going to deliever one of the finest experiences a game can!! for me its just 30 days away!!
Genesis5  +   2635d ago
My biggest fear now is I won't been done GTA IV, before this game release.
rushbd  +   2635d ago
And it begins :D
badz149  +   2635d ago
As happy I'm that this game got its 1st 10, I'm worried that it may have problems like the one with GTAIV but I hope not! 2 perfect 10 games in less than 2 months! how long was the wait for the magic 10 before GTAIV arrived again? I knew MGS4 will somehow get a couple of 10's but various sites like cough*gamespot*cough will find a way to ditch it from 10 as the game's PS3 exclusive! but congrats to Kojima production and consider a 1st day snatch from me! hats off!!

ps: I'll buy MGS4 anyway even without the 10's simply because it's MGS and Kojima!
Gunner_Ali  +   2635d ago
Shadow Flare  +   2635d ago
Its great its received a 10/10. But even if it recieved 8/10 i couldn't care less. That's the thing about the Metal Gear Solid series, the gameplay is always great in itself but it also has one of the best stories ever written. It's gets so freaking deep aswell...i don't even understand some parts. MGS2 just blew my mind with the story, who are the patriots? (btw i know now) Its so cool. Thats why im really excited for MGS4 cos it'll wrap everything up. And aside its fantastic story, it always has brilliant characters, excellent humour that cracks me up with every game (aka sticking a c4 on a soldiers back whilst he goes to the mens to do the do, and then detonating)..."what was that noise?"..lol.

I saw an article yesterday about the MGO beta closing too, and i couldn't comment at the time but i was really bummed about it. I read alot of people saying they didn't think it was that great, and seriously i thought the same. I thought it was a bit slow, the aiming was a little wierd and i didn't play it for a few days after my first try. Until i tried it again and its what i've been playing most lately. I freaking love that game, its actually one of the best online games i've played, yes it is. Its very tactical, teamwork based. I think it was the moment i realised you could play Snake that i couldnt put it down. I think its simply the CQC system that makes it so great. Yesterday i played a team deathmatch and hid round a corner, enemy came round, i grabbed him and while grabbing him i shot another enemy running towards me, then chucked the enemy i had to the ground a shot him...what other game does that? Its wicked.

And it keeps to the MGS theme very well. You can either play like its COD4 or you can play it like MGS, stealth. Like you can hide in a box or barrel and an enemy will run by and you just take shots at his melon. Really its one of the best online games out there, but you have to give it a chance. Sorry for that life story of a comment
theKiller  +   2635d ago
it will be the game of the year
10/10 is the least what it should get, it should get 11/10!!
Marceles  +   2635d ago
@shadow flare
You really wouldn't care if the game got 8/10? The thread would have 300 comments of mostly 360 fans taunting the game and probably saying it would've gotten a 10 if it was on the 360 lol...I'm glad as hell it got a 10, it should keep this thread peaceful.
Shadow Flare  +   2635d ago
If MGS4 got 8/10 sure i'd be a bit like...(wtf?), but so many of my favourite games have received crap scores. For instance on ps1 there's a game called Fantastic Four. Now i won't lie, yes that game is garbage, yet i absolutely love it. I can see why IGN gave it a 4/10 but i laugh my ass off whenever im playing it, the musics brilliant, the characters are 2D in a 3D world...the game stinks but i love it. And thats why reviews don't matter. I know what the MGS series means to me, and no-one elses opinion (aka reviews) will change that.

Resistance and Heavenly Sword...what scores did they get 8/10 and 7/10 respectively if i remember. So...i guess they're gonna be a little duff then. Uh no, i love both games. Resistance's gameplay is some of the best i've ever played, i love the weapons. And Heavenly Sword is epic, if a tad repetitve. If people listen to reviews too much, they will miss out on so many good games

PS. some games get 10/10's when they don't deserve it frankly. Yet some games which i feel should have like Final Fantasy VII didn't get across the board 10/10's.

It's each to his own, by my taste in games is different to others which is why i don't always follow reviews. If i did, i'd have missed out on some of the titles that are classics to me. MGS4 is no exception


ps. you know how i feel about xbox fans talking shat about the ps3 lol. I'd be in my element if that ever happened

"it would've gotten a 10 if it was on the 360"

-you missed out a word there. It should read,
"it would've gotten 10 discs if it was on the 360"

take it easy
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Marceles  +   2635d ago
lol shadow, thats the spirit :P
pharmd  +   2635d ago
im all for this game, please dont get me wrong....

but doesnt this go back to the whole discussions earlier about how it seems no game should get a 10/10 when we were all talking about GTA4. i know this will be better than gta but its the same principle about calling a game "perfect", how will we score future games if this one is perfect yet others come along down the road being better?
ThatArtGuy  +   2635d ago
The whole "10's can't be given out" argument is BS!!!
10 does NOT mean perfect! It means extremely well executed. What's the point of having a 10 point system if 10's don't exist? It's like never giving out 4 star ratings for film because the "perfect" movie can't exist.

Should 10's be rare? Yes. Should they never be given out? No.
MADGameR  +   2635d ago
Well you know Gamespot and GameTrailers get checks from MS lol!
Watch GT and GS give MGS4 like a 9.2 or something lol.
gaffyh  +   2635d ago
OXM will give this 1/10 lol. I definitely think this should be GOTY and not GTA4, even though GTA4 will probably get higher sales.
ikkokucrisis  +   2635d ago
MGO Beta just ended...
...and I'm starting to get withdrawals,
1 More Month Aaaaaahhhh!!
glastic  +   2635d ago
$10 says this game will only get 10's from Sony affiliates, like OPM, Gamesradar, PSU, and if Shane Bettenhausen does a review EGM. The MG series is way over-rated.
samfk  +   2634d ago
i want this game as much as the next man .i bought a ps3 4 mgs4 but cmon review 4 who for feckin ants!! i just hope the single player is better than the beta ive been playing cus thats less than impressive.that said sing plyr looks top from what ive seen . enuf poxy posts like this tho grrrrrrrrr
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marionz  +   2634d ago
awesome i hope mgs continues to get good reviews, i havnt got a ps3 yet but this is one of the games i was waiting for, now that theres more top quality exclusives coming out for the console im finding more and more reasons to pick one up, also nice to see that its not full of 360 fans in here moaning about the game, i do find it a bit sad when i check comments on storys about gears and banjo just to find the ps3 fanboys taking full controll and bashing every aspect of the games.

both consoles are pulling out the big guns at the moment and im glad to see the return of MGS, i would get a ps3 for that game alone
Kraken  +   2635d ago
The death
of the Xbox 360 is only a month away!
Montrealien  +   2635d ago
lol, funny. So wrong on so many levels.

Can`t wait for this game, great score and surely a game of the year contender.
wulan  +   2635d ago
x360 died when GTA4 was launched
Montrealien  +   2635d ago
two disconnected fanbots, enjoy your imaginary world where only one consoles exists, and others die even though 3 million plus bought GTA 4 on boths consoles.
A_PimpNamedSlikBak  +   2635d ago
Poor poor MS they've been outsold the whole 2008 and the true @ss whooping has yet to begun.
Montrealien  +   2635d ago
sorry, make that three disconneted fanboys. lol
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theredfoxisquick  +   2635d ago
Montrealien look like there's actually only one disconneted fanboy here.
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PSMonster21  +   2635d ago
My question to you, Montrealian, is why do you bother coming to the open zone? I mean if you dislike fanboys why are you here? Is it because you enjoy calling other people fanboys and getting into arguments? Doing THAT, is almost worse than all the bashing the fanboys do in here. There is no need for it, they know they are fanboys, thats why THEY are in the OPEN ZONE. My suggestion to you is to leave the open zone and its fanboys and stay in the Gamer Zone. You will have a much more civil discussion there.
zapass  +   2635d ago
@ PSMonster21
couldn't say it better.
IzKyD1331  +   2635d ago
i wish the review was more in-depth
leon76  +   2634d ago
MGS4 = Masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shaka2K6  +   2635d ago
The definition of perfection.
wulan  +   2635d ago
MGS4 is the final nail in the coffin of x360

MGS4 and PS3 FTW
zethos56  +   2635d ago
How can the 360 almost be dead if it's still ahead of ps3 in sales???? for now anyway
Fishy Fingers  +   2635d ago
10/10 was to be expected, especially from the Official PS mag. Lets see if MGS can keep it up.

I have no doubt this will be a 10/10 for me :)
Dark_Vendetta  +   2635d ago
I predict a 9.5 (average)
anh_duong  +   2635d ago
actually OPM are very critical to a lot of PS3 games. check their reviews of all the ps3 exclusives if you don't believe me.
Fishy Fingers  +   2635d ago
Oh, I don't doubt it. But I couldnt blame them for being slightly bias, especially as they're probably all big MGS fans.
LSDARBY  +   2635d ago
Ive only known OPM give out 3 10/10s to ps3 games. COD4, GTAIV and now MGS4. COD & GTA were deserving imo.
SPARTAAN  +   2635d ago
opm uk is pretty harsh
they gave
gow2 8/10
resistance 7/10
IzKyD1331  +   2635d ago
no surprise
DevastationEve  +   2635d ago
woo-hoo. Not that it was ever in question. Just means that we're ever closer to a REAL game.
mesh1  +   2635d ago
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA RIGH FROM THE OFFCIAL PLAY MAGAZINE HAHAH i excpect a lot of 8s for this gqme a lot the maximum this game will get is a 9 from none sony mags . not to mention gears of war 2 is comign this year and makes this game look pale i thougth the ps3 had great graphics capabiltys why does a game coming out this year called gears 2 look far more adncaced than all ps3 games comign out thisyear and prolly next ?
spandexxking  +   2635d ago
i was going to insult you then i thought "no wait, il just let the pain of not being able to play mgs4 eat you away" its not our fault your mom spent all her money on your trailer so you could only get the core 360
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PSMonster21  +   2635d ago
adncaced, is that supposed to say ADVANCED??? Look, that was just one butchered word in your totally butchered post. You remind me of that dumb kid named poo, wait, are you the same person? Makes sense, you both are fúcking retarded.
DevastationEve  +   2635d ago
One day, i will look back on these most uncertain times and remeber the light that was shed so to guide us weak and weary gamers to salvation. And to deliver us from wasting $60 bucks on pieces of crap games out there when we could be offered something better...or something best.

DJ  +   2635d ago
Amen, bro.
Maddens Raiders  +   2635d ago
Bittersweet -
...As time rolls on, I get older
The World grows darker
and the PS3 gets better & stronger.
leeger  +   2635d ago
I am more interested to see the review of 1up, Gamespot and Gametrailers. hehe
crunchie101  +   2635d ago
I personally think this mag's reviews are of the hihgest calibre. They're witty, but not offtopic, they tell you what you need to know, rather than concentrating on boring aspects of the game, and they're pretty much always spot-on.

Though I would disagree with their 9/10 reviews of Ratchet and Uncharted.
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yanikins111  +   2635d ago
it will average 1.4/100 over those three sites.
crunchie101  +   2635d ago
If Greg Kasavin were still at Gamespot, he'd give MGS4 its justified score
MK_Red  +   2635d ago
Not GameSpot, they've lost all crediblity.
IGN, GameSpy, EuroGamer and maybe GI and GT for me.

crunchie101, I fully agree with you except for Ratchet which I believe deserved that 9.
Greg Kasavin... wish he hadn't gone. After his departure, one of the best game review sites ever became one of the worst.
Britjadg  +   2635d ago
@ 5.4 yeah have to agree

after certain reviews done by gamespot they are off my christmas list. some of the reviews they have done have been absolute balls.
levy  +   2635d ago
of course
I can see gametrailers giving it a 8.5 or something. Maybe they'll say that the grass is not swaying in a realistic manner or something. At least they can't blame it on "TOO good graphics" like they did on the Crysis review.
jollygoodchap8  +   2635d ago
Will use component cables, turn the contrast all the way up, have the entire TV tweaked to ass, and then continue to play in 480i, while recording it a cellphone. So they can put it on the internet saying it looks like crap.

Also the player will run around in circles and shoot at random things and die a lot just to say the gameplay is garbage.
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nbsmatambo  +   2635d ago
gametrailers will probaby say this game is a must have....................:.:... ........ On the 360 -.- since they apparently don't know which games belong to which console...
nbsmatambo  +   2635d ago
Edit: Srry double post
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leeger  +   2634d ago
I am also looking forward that somebody will count the pixel or whatever of MGS4 to know its native resolution!
Ashton  +   2635d ago
MGS at its finnest hours
that says alot,,,This game will rock big timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Slayer OP  +   2635d ago
Never saw it coming.
THC CELL  +   2635d ago
wow if this gets a low score from sites like IGN and Gamespot
yea right

will see 9.5 maybe 9.6

PP say one word
i no u are begging for this game
AngryXbot   2635d ago | Offensive
crunchie101  +   2635d ago
The only thing that has dampened my excitement for this game is the massive spoiler that was on this site a bit ago and has sicne been removed. Still, luckily the evidence for the spoiler was inconclusive enough to make me able to regard it as a wild rumour, and I hope that somehow I'll forget about it by release-time
AngryXbot  +   2635d ago
Thats why I dont read anything that might contain a spoiler in it.
And you shouldnt either.

I dont want some asshat to ruin this game for me. It must be fresh when I play the game.
poopsack  +   2635d ago
Yeah but only thing is the spoiler was in the frikin title!
crunchie101  +   2635d ago
^^^ yes. thankyou. It was a dark day for spoiling. Still nothing is confirmed. nothing is confirmed.
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Hercules  +   2635d ago
there is no perfect game
look at GTA IV (even though it did live up to its hype)...im sure it will have some flaws, that gamers will find..but oh well..i wonder will it brek the $150 mark...good luck
crunchie101  +   2635d ago
Yes but a 10/10 doesn't mean perfect. These journalists have assigned themselves a 1-10 scale and each score is there to be used. It's like films - a 5 star review doesn't mean it's perfect, just that it has exceeded expectations
DARK WITNESS  +   2635d ago
@ crunchie101

what you say is true, but try telling that to some of the people on this site.

According to them, 10/10 means the game is perfect including no technical issues... which just is not possible.

According to them no game is a 10/10, but i bet that half of them will say MGS is a 10/10 game. lets wait and see, after all look at how everyone is slamming gta 4, but the reviews said it was 10/10... one of the best games ever.
wolfehound22  +   2635d ago
Not a big surprise. What do you expect from an exclusive review. But I do see this becoming a trend with the average being in the low to mid 9's although I'm sure there will be a 8 or lower somewhere. There always is.
Sir Ken Kutaragi  +   2635d ago
Blackcanary  +   2635d ago
Crazyglues  +   2635d ago
LOL... you beat me to it... I was just about to say that....
SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!.. . Can't wait for this game.
Angelitos  +   2635d ago
Oh Yeahhh!!!
Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!1

Perfect score. This is a must own game, anybody that dont got a PS3, you need one for this game!!
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Wicked Sick  +   2635d ago
I cant wait to see the "cons" Gamespot is going to come up with.

My bets are on "too hard", but its gettings old.
Irving  +   2635d ago
Too much hiding ??
Wicked Sick  +   2635d ago
What do you mean?
If "too much variety" and "too hard" are cons for a game, then what are pros?

Im just saying that I think its ridiculous.

(We are talking about Gamespot only here, but I guess we will just have to wait and see)
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pp  +   2635d ago
UK Official Playstation Magazine run by sony oviously they will give mgs4 a 10/10 how ever i don't exspect many other reviews will be 10/10 more like 8/10 unless sony pays them off
wass007  +   2635d ago
PS3 FTW!!!!
u mean like how Nazisoft paid most reviewers for Gaylo 3 to get high scores
Tryst  +   2635d ago
My god what an XBot you are.

This will be game of the year, with out question.

The 1st true next generation game is upon us.
SPARTAAN  +   2635d ago
is that the reason why they gave gow2 8/10 and resistance 7/10
Montrealien  +   2635d ago
PP, you re wrong. And as bad as all the sony fanboy/fangirls we have here. Flame on player, flame on.

and to the Sony fanbots, Gears of War was the first true Next gen title of this generation. This is not fanboy crap, this is fact. ;D
#20.4 (Edited 2635d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
spandexxking  +   2635d ago
@7.4 being a "fact" is debatable but what are you trying to prove?
Odonnus  +   2635d ago
Slightly biased? Perhaps, but historically they have actually been harsh on many PS games as SPARTAAN pointed out...besides go look at how many of the Xbox related sites/mags give out 10's like there's no tomorrow for 360 games in order to inflate them. But yes, you're right, I'm sure being an official ps mag. leaves them slightly biased...just try not being so ignorant in regards to OPM UK
Xlll  +   2635d ago
Why are you have PP didn't you sell your PS3 about 6 times in the past 2 weeks to buy an xbox? Or was it the other way around i forget. Keeping you with the lies you post is to much wor, PoG would have a better chance at passing a sanity test.
Ali_The_Brit  +   2634d ago
1.UK OPM, is NOT run by sony and sony cannot change anything or have anything to do with there reviews
2. regardless of ANY rating that gives a very much deserved 10/10 youl just blubber and cry uncontrolably and tell yourself its rigged
3. its well known that nazisoft are the ones that bribe people not sony
Kaz Hirai  +   2635d ago
Sony Soldiers- a PERFECT score! Victory is ours!
I told you PIGS- June 12th is The Beginning Of The End for the FLOPbox 360! You SNIVELLING CREATURES must be getting NERVOUS!
10 out of 10! A PERFECT game for the PERFECT console for PERFECT people- my Sony Soldiers!

31 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!

Blackcanary  +   2635d ago
Angelitos  +   2635d ago
huh, pp , again with ur biaseness. When other reviewers give a high 9 or 10, will then you will shut up?
#22 (Edited 2635d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Lord_Ash  +   2635d ago
Thanks for the scans, It will eliminate the 3 steps of the highly anticipated game reviews, it goes through “Rumor MGS4 gets a 10 from a PS magazine” then “Confirmed MGS4 gets it’s 1st ten” then “Scans of the 1st MGS4 review”, one thread is enough.
Robearboy  +   2635d ago
In my personal opinion, there has only been one "game" ever made that deserves a perfect score and that was super mario all stars on the snes, a timeless classic. Every other game has had a flaw somewhere
ukilnme  +   2635d ago
Not suprised to see a great score for this game. I'm looking forward to picking this up in September.
Blackcanary  +   2635d ago
Dude i know what u mean with all my bills i had to use the money i saved for this game to buy it to pay my bills not sure if i will have the money to buy it.
Angelitos  +   2635d ago
ukilnme, September? Comes out June 13. If you dont have a PS3, get the MGS4 PS3 bundle. Includes a 80gig PS3, MGS4, and a Dualshock 3. Though, if you try hard enough, you have to get this right away, if not, its gone-You can try to get the limited edition MGS4 PS3 bundle. It also has the Dualshock 3, but the PS3 is color silver, being made from gun-metal, and has the special edition version of MGS4!
ukilnme  +   2635d ago
I gotta play through MGS 1-3 first. I have never played them. I would be lost.

Edit: I already have the 60GB version and picked up a DS3 controller a few weeks ago. I've got the gear, just need some MGS experience.
#26.1 (Edited 2635d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
thor  +   2635d ago
Yes you absolutely MUST play 1-3, they are simply awesome games. I really liked the depth of the story in 2 but many thought it to be too confusing; when I looked it up it was OK though :P
Angelitos  +   2635d ago
I meant June 12 not June 13, my bad.
dale1  +   2635d ago
on order with game should it not be there on the morning of arrival the manager will be beaten to a metric ten out of ten for his sins he has been warned
Keowrath  +   2635d ago
Sounds fair =)
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2635d ago
It's a midnight release at Gamestop.
hay  +   2635d ago
If GTA4 received 10 so how we should rate MGS4?
tweaker  +   2635d ago
Probably 15/10. lol ;)
Bathyj  +   2635d ago
Alot of you are saying 10 out of 10 is expected but I bet a lot of haters want this game to bomb.

Plus an average score will get a site alot of hits. I expect to see a couple 8's.
ukilnme  +   2635d ago
Haters want a game to bomb? Hmmmmmm. Plenty examples of that all over this site.
The Wood  +   2635d ago
We could see this score coming a mile off
Wonder what fair honest guys over at *amespot will give it or even *ametrailers, at least they cant fudge the comparison this time aey. Viacoms money runs long. IGN for me. That'll be the fairest review I think.

agreed i also predict goalpost shifting in order to lower marks and downplay some aspects. Dont get me wrong, this game wont be without faults its just I see them being more of an issue for some sites over others.
#30 (Edited 2635d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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