Pokémon X and Y Mega Evolutions; What Is and What Could Have Been

Mega Evolution in Pokémon X and Y is still a big subject in between trainers. However, how well have they been implemented? And what else could have Game freak have done?

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AceBlazer131702d ago

i hate megas and those damn fairy types, seriously weak to steel and poisons? those are the worst offensive types.then megas,if your gonna do something like this the allow it for all pokemon, my typhlosion shouldn't lose because some douche bag had a mega charizard or a mega aagron

Scrafty3691702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

1. The POINT of Fairy is to balance out the typing. BALANCE. Now poison and steel HAVE BETTER offensive niches.
2. There's lots of Pokémon that could beat Typhlosion. Typhlosion sucks and needs a Mega Evolution too. Charizard and Aggron used to suck, but now they're good.
3. You have no clue how much work it is to implement mega evolutions. We're getting them in batches. Deal with it, noob.

kirbyu1702d ago

A Mega Evolution for EVERY Pokémon? That would be absurd. They'd take up so much data on the cartridge, there'd be no more room for just about anything else.

Scrafty3691702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I disagree. The 3DS cartridges have a lot of space (up to 8 gigabytes in fact), and Mega Evolutions are basically just additional models, stats, and animations. Shouldn't be too hard to keep track of. I'm thinking more that some megas simply wouldn't work, like Ditto and Zoroark.

kirbyu1702d ago

Gallade should've gotten a Mega instead of Gardevoir. With Gardevoir having the type advantage, giving Gallade a Mega and not Gardevoir would've made them equally powerful.

Scrafty3691702d ago

That's not really good reasoning. There's lots to consider like movepool and stats. Plus, you seem to be comparing them by their simply fighting each other. You should be considering how effective they are in the grand scheme of things against many Pokémon.