Sony Gearing Up For A Big VITA Re-Launch, New Games And #JRPGVITA Announcement Expected

GearNuke: "With the announcement of the 30th January press event, clearly hinting at a PS VITA Slim announcement; It seems like Sony is finally going to drop the curtain on what they are cooking for the VITA, especially the #JRPGVITA twitter campaign, which started last year."

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dedicatedtogamers1702d ago

Sony has had such a flawless delivery and handling of the PS4, so it really is shocking that the same company is dropping the ball so hard with the Vita. I'm willing to chalk it up to "they had to take priority with the PS4 launch" but they need to pull out all the stops to revitalize the platform this year.

DarkLordMalik1702d ago

They never expected Smartphones to gain such a popularity. They weren't exactly prepared for that and Shuhei Yoshida has stressed this point several times in multiple interviews.

As a hardware, the VITA was flawless.

Snookies121702d ago

I wouldn't quite say the Vita is flawless as hardware, but it's damn sure close.

MasterCornholio1702d ago

The Vita has its flaws but its still an amazing portable.

king_george1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Yeah im with snookies. The hardware, while very good, is definitely not flawless. Although they dont need much improvement (imo) to reach perfection :)

abzdine1702d ago

actually NGP was so desired by gamers but i don't know what happened since the release. Great games are flowing, Sony is supporting it and the price is very affordable.
The problem isn't from Sony's side it's from the so called gamers.

SpiralTear1702d ago

When it comes to having control options, technical specs and a very convenient layered dashboard, it's great. As everyone said, it's a very, very proficient piece of hardware, small flaws aside.

I have to disagree with you on Sony supporting Vita so rigorously. Sony let the Vita out on the market and pretty much let it fend for itself. That's a very bad way to get people to buy your system. While the PS4 hype was building, Vita exclusives have been very few. Hell, even multi-platform games for the system have been rare.

This JRPG announcement should help, because RPG's are perfect for handheld consoles. Some of the best RPG's ever made are on handhelds. The Vita is an incredible device, but Sony need to put some serious effort into getting the system into gamers' homes. It doesn't deserve the neglect Sony has been giving it.

gaffyh1702d ago

Smartphones and their popularity have existed way before Vita launched! That was the big question everyone was asking when it was announced, I.e. "Why would people buy a handheld when they have an iPhone?"

The issue is that Sony hasn't put their best foot forward in terms of software. Apart from Tearaway, and Gravity Rush, all of their major games have been developed by secondary studios e.g. Uncharted VITA wasn't Naughty Dog. They need to get their main studios make a small team to make Vita games.

whoyouwit041702d ago

excuses excuses the vita is a failure deal with it.

Tru_Ray1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Anyone that actually owns a Vita realizes that it is phenomenal piece of hardware. The problem is that it appeals to the hardest of the hardcore gamers. I bought the early launch bundle edition. With PS Plus I have access to innumerable free games on the platform. It baffles me that many PS fans have passed on the system. It is pretty much the best handheld ever.

The problem is, for whatever reason it does not seem to appeal to the "non-gamers" that like to play Candy Crush, Angry Birds, etc.

I hope that Sony doesn't dumb down the Vita to cater to this enormous market, but that may be the necessary formula to achieve success in this market.



I agree with most here it's not flawless, particularly I have a issue with the proprietary, tiny cards... Bat anyway, don't stop it from being a great piece of hardware... So much I felt like buying one.

But, and I'm kinda ashamed to admit it, my own collects dust most of the time... It's not that it isn't good, when I play it I always have fun 'till the battery runs dry. But I just don't feel the incentive to get my spine all curved to lean over a tiny screen and less than stellar controls (they work properly but way too small for my hands, although a grip solved the cramps, the buttons are just tiny)... It just feels weird, almost like a task, specially with PS3 and PS4 hooked to the TV where I play a lot more relaxed.

I guess I'm just not a portable guy (I care even less for games on my phone), but I really hope more and more PS4 games have somekind of second screen function with Vita, so I may get more used to it and enjoy the pile of free games I have been collecting from PS+ (only exensively played Rayman and Gravity Rush, although neither was beaten yet, have Soul Sacrifice and Uncharted waiting to be properly downloaded and played when I get a bigger card).

hellzsupernova1702d ago

Yeah they only problem with the vita is the damn memory cards I have a full 32gig card now it is frustrating

Yodagamer1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

How does unexpected mobile popularity effect Sony's mistakes like a kart racer without online, their first fps being thrown to a bad Dev, a Sony published Ps3 port that still had vibration option in the menu, or not advertising tear away or killzone? Mobile isn't responsible for that Sony is.

indyman77771702d ago

I find it hard to believe that one of the smart phone makers didnt expect phones to become popular. But even if that is the case. 3DS is selling great. It is not a cell phone, it is Sony's competition. It is selling because of all the JRPG's and other games out on it.

kryteris1702d ago

never expected smartphones to gain such popularity? Smartphones had already done this prior to the vitas launch.

GadgetGooch1702d ago

Smart phones were already extremely relevant in games and apps and also power by the time the vita came to launch so that's no excuse regardless if you say it or the head of Sony does...

360ICE1701d ago

Well, smartphones and gaming on smartphones was gaining long before the Vita was released. I think I remember seeing tons of predictions of what would happen with Vita and 3DS now that smart phones are around.

silvacrest1701d ago

you bring up a good point malik, which makes me think sony should try and integrate the vita into a smartphone, it is the next logical step and they should try and be the first ones to do it properly, the xperia play just wasn't it

DJMarty1701d ago

would'nt say ;they never expected smart phones to gain such popularity', if the did'nt then why would Sony be making successful smartphones like Z/Z1.

They have all bases covered.

BullyMangler1701d ago

lol hardware

the vita needs COMFORT < fact

lets pray sony dsnt just re-launch the vita, lets pray sony re-designs the darn thing kus dayummm.

the vita causes nasty hand cramps within minutes, such a horrible design which leads to Arthritis < fact .

I wanna be able to catch a ball one day, not be handicapped.

lol hardware

Gamer19821701d ago

Love my Vita but hardly use these days.. Need some quality JRPGs on there..

Testo1701d ago

@ Bully

"the vita causes nasty hand cramps within minutes, such a horrible design which leads to Arthritis < fact "

Seriously? Been a long time since I've read a comment here which makes me surprised at how daft people are.

BTW < = Less than, so your comment reads

"the vita causes nasty hand cramps within minutes, such a horrible design which leads to Arthritis (LESS THAN) fact

G20WLY1701d ago

@Bully, "I wanna be able to catch a ball one day.."

Keep practising, son, you'll get there ;P

Vita is perfect for JRPGs - bring it on! :)

3-4-51701d ago

The New "wii" was smart phones and tablets.


It's the new cool thing that everyone is doing, and when everyone else is doing it, for some reason other people think it must be good.

Not always the case.

Those people didn't play games before the wii or iphone and won't be playing them 4 year from now.

We will...we will support our favorite companies even in bad times.....we don't jump ship...casuals do.

The industry got caught up in listening to a bunch of non-gaming rich people who chase the money so that is the direction it headed.

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-Foxtrot1702d ago

I think with the PSV Slim they can get a clean slate if they do it right.

If they can make the PS4 affordable and more powerful then I'm sure they can do the same with the PSV...I think the price is the one of the factors of the PSV's low sales.

Yep1702d ago

Wii U fans say they same thing when they look at 3DS

konorbeatz1702d ago

ReVITAlize it you say?
...Sorry, I had to...

OT I agree, but the Vita is a seriously high quality machine, and if it receives the same marketing attention the PS4 received, I'm sure we will see a turn around in its performance.

hkgamer1702d ago

vita release was similar to ps4 tbh.
i mean they had the price kinda right if you compared to 3ds and tablets.
a focus on indies with ps mobile and games like escape plan.
1st party support...
3rd party support, not the greatest but atleast they had ac: liberation, need for speed, sports games and cod game.
maybe a lack of japanese support, but i guess ps4 also has the same problem atm.

cross buy is a great idea, but its hard to see if it was a successful because people bought the game for vita, or was it for ps3. also third party publishers must be affected by this since vita owners start to expect games to be cross buy and probably feel ripped off if they bought a game that wasnt.

ps+, igc is amazing, but sometimes it stops me from. uying older games since alot of times i bought a game and then it becomes an igc game the next month.

Outside_ofthe_Box1702d ago

The price was only right in most people's eyes when the 3DS was $250. But once Ninty cut the price of the 3DS, the Vita's price suddenly looked very unattractive to most people.

kayoss1702d ago

I agree with all above, but one major problem that no one really mentioned. Since the vita launch when was the last time you see a vita game commercial?

hkgamer1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

@ outside of the box

i did say kinda right compared to 3ds and tablets, but you are right that it did look more expensive when compared to the 3ds dropped price.

hopefully with the price that the vita is on now, the sales could improve and more exclusives would be released for the system.


i agree, i've recently turned my vita back on after months of not touching and flicking through the vita digital stores, it doesn't look like many games have been released since i saw it 7-8 months ago.

BX811702d ago

I was beginning to worry about the vita. Good to see Sony hasn't just left it's fate as a second screen for the ps4. Another uncharted would be great.

iceman061702d ago

If you remember the way that Sony dealt with the PSP, then this is not a surprise. They had the initial "launch" for the early adopters. Then, they had the "re-launch" when it reached a price point that could better penetrate the mass market. Albeit, the PSP sold much better initially than the Vita. I DO see that, once the PS4 push in Japan is done, they will have the opportunity to properly support and promote the Vita.

1702d ago
assdan1702d ago

It's a great device. I love it. But it seems like sony doesn't want it to do well. The vita definitely needs a relaunch.

Ozmoses1701d ago

The people not buying a Vita are dropping the ball.

They're the ones missing out.

Vita has plenty out for it now and it will only improve.

Blaze9291701d ago

The problem the Vita is facing is the same problem the PSP faced - who wants to play minimized versions of games/series they would rather play on consoles?

The Vita needs exclusive SERIES found only on the Vita to make people want it. Why go for a Vita to play uncharted, Resistance, Call of Duty, KillZone, or any other PlayStation game when you can play the better version on a PlayStation CONSOLE?

ssj271701d ago

Is a handheld.. with cheap technology inside..

Why after playing on the ps3 or ps4 on a 50inch plus size tv will i want to game on a little screen?

Not bashing in it but just giving a gamers honest point of view.

Sony has to aim the vita to Japón with lots of games for them and in america for the kids that want to play plataformers or silly similar games to the ones on the NDS.

Plus is a turn of that you got to buy over expensive memory cards and the memory in ut is so low, memory is a cheap technology. It just shows that they all want to rip me off and is a turn off.

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bothebo1702d ago


XiSasukeUchiha1702d ago

Yes finally the real fun will begin

My_precious1702d ago

valkyrie profile HD collection
valkyria chronicles HD colection
FF type 0
dissidia 012 HD
star ocean HD collection

that's all i ask (for now) sony, make these thing happen

Snookies121702d ago

I want a new Dissidia for Vita. That would be so freaking amazing...

Blastoise1702d ago

Square Enix plan on making a new Dissidia

“I want to make a new Dissidia, and we intend to do so. The people who’ve worked on the previous titles have also stated their desire to make a new one, too,”

Taken from an Interview with a Square Enix producer

*Fingers crossed*

Snookies121702d ago

@Blastoise - Oh awesome man! I hadn't read that interview, sounds really promising!

I would love higher quality character models, with full range of movement (instead of the 8 directional type Duodecim/Birth by Sleep had), and bigger stages. That would be a dream come true...

-Foxtrot1702d ago

I want a bigger Dissidia for consoles to be honest which has cross play with the PSV.

More characters, more/bigger stages, brand new content

kopicha1702d ago

Freedom Wars is damn good from look of it. Very interesting idea to have countries representing part of the world within the game and that you fight your your country for freedom. Interesting idea and concept. It also have pretty unique game play. Cant wait for it

EXVirtual1702d ago

I'm already contemplating to get a VITA for Freedom Wars and Persona 4 Golden.
So if Sony can get more JRPGs on the VITA, I'll go out and buy one.

blackgearzx1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

God Eater 2
Phantasy star online 2
Freedom Wars

hkgamer1702d ago

sounds great, i take type 0.

other hd collection not interested in. i mean i am interested but most of my vita games are hd colections and i just was a normal vita game.

actually they need to release kh collections on vita.

damn it... i want new games, but porting psp or ps2 games sounds even better. stupid hd collections.

gone to preorder ffx vita

MegaRay1702d ago

Dissidia with kh characters, as it was originally intended... hopefully

My_precious1702d ago

KH character belong to disney, unless squenix have a new deal with them so it will not likely to happen

AFAIK, disney piss of to see their character join battle royal so this thing wont happen soon

tachy0n1702d ago

Gravity Rush 2!!!!!!!!!!! it will be insta-preorder for me!!!!!!!!!!

XSpike1701d ago

GR2 has already been announced with a trailer

AirJohnston1702d ago

(Almost) anything involving Final Fantasy would be great with me. Type-0 (awesome), new Dissidia (awesome), or even to a lesser extent Theatrhythm (preferably along with one of the other 2, but still awesome on the Vita).

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infinitewords1702d ago

Am I the only one hoping that the JRPG announcement is Legend of Dragoon related?

Inception1702d ago

I think they will save Legend of Dragoon for PS4.

infinitewords1702d ago

If it is happening I'm sure it will be on PS4, but as long as I get more Legend of Dragoon, I couldn't care less about what PS platform it's on.
Even though it probably won't ever happen, but I'm still hopeful.

Inception1702d ago

Can't agree more with you mate. If sony want PS4 back to the PS1/PS2 era, they shouldn't forget Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms, Alundra, Dark Cloud, etc.