Five Reasons Why Strider for XBOX One and PS4 Will Be Phenomenal

Strider is looking like being one of the best side scrolling action games to date. GamePlayersReview takes a look at five reasons why Strider will be phenomenal.

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kiz26941667d ago

have been disregarding this game recently, as not huge fan of modern side scrollers, but after seeing this game in motion it really does look fun to play! Cant wait to play it on PS4, wonder if this would be a PS Plus IGC? or maybe a discount?

Summons751667d ago

Only one reason i need...Its strider, i still have and play the first

DJMarty1667d ago

Waiting for the announcement that STRIDER is 1080P on PS4 only, and sub HD on X1:)

Kanako1667d ago

Only reason I'm hesitant to get it, is that it's made by double helix. They have already ruined two of my favorite franchises.