Looking Forward to 2014: Nintendo - VGU

Nintendo may have had a shaky 2013, but this year looks better than ever. Here are VGU's most anticipated Nintendo titles for 2014.

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Benjaminkno1664d ago

This year will see greater success for WiiU.

If they play their cards right, twice as good as last year.

There's no reason not to believe that Nintendo won't have their best holiday at the end of the year.
X and Bayo2 look phenomenal.
I haven't played Xenoblade yet. Good thing I can play it on WiiU...

DC7771663d ago

So far apparently the plan is just to release Donkey Kong and remain completely silent.

smokeyjoekenobi1663d ago

I know right! They need to find a way to attract a wider audience. I've been saying it a lot lately, but they need to look at what Sony does I.e. acquire some western studios.

higgins781663d ago

Erm, they (Nintendo) reached a huge audience with the Wii under the noses of Sony and Microsoft...result? The self-proclaimed "hardcore" did nothing but bitch about it. Nintendo, damned if they do damned if they don't it appears.

Sega's Dreamcast would be considered a fail if spoken of solely in terms of numbers/sales, didnt stop if for me - similarly to the Wii U - being a great console with some wonderful games.

smokeyjoekenobi1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I don't disagree, the wii was a massive success and surprised everyone, lightning in a bottle really. I owned one and I own a wiiu, the problem with the wii is it allowed nintendo to ignore greater fundamental problems with their business particularly regarding strong third party support. Everything about wiiu suggests they're trying to re-capture/further develop what they started with wii, but the audience has moved on and that's why they need to look at Sony's business and apply it to their own and they would have more to offer than Sony in terms of their first party games.

bunfighterii1663d ago

I actually bought a Wii U this week for Super Mario 3D World. I'm not really on the look out for anything else on the Wii U aside from Nintendo first party titles.