Sony to Use “Well Known DRM Solution” For Multimedia Apps on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

While most users share a (at times a bit exaggerated) dislike for any use of DRM, it’s no mystery that platform holders are always on the prowl for methods to protect the intellectual rights of those that publish on their consoles.

Apparently Sony Computer entertainment is looking into implementing a “well known DRM solution” for multimedia applications.

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maniacmayhem1702d ago

Interesting, what kind of DRM could be implemented for apps?

I'm guessing this will have to do with their upcoming TV and Music features that will be across PS4, Vita and PS3.

GribbleGrunger1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I'm going to keep track of this thread! Watching people get the wrong end of the stick is often amusing ... and you're right. Bubble for being a sensible first post. What follows won't be though. I might just pop in to watch the MisterX show occasionally for that extra giggle. Could one of his fans please inform him of this, I hate to be disappointed.


cleft51702d ago

I am sure some people will overreact, but I would rather people question how far this DRM will go for "multimedia" applications than to just blindly accept it. Right now I love the direction Sony is going in, but to get into a habit of just blindly following a company without questioning them can have disastrous results.

I remember how everyone kept saying if you pay attention to what Microsoft is doing (this isn't being said to pick on Microsoft)that the direction they are moving in was no surprise. If more people had questioned them then, than maybe everything would be different now.

maniacmayhem1702d ago

The only ones who will take this article out of context are the super obvious trolls on this site.

The ones we normally roll our eyes at and just pass over.

dedicatedtogamers1702d ago

I'm curious too. What sort of DRM would be applied to multimedia apps that isn't there already? Netflix - for instance - already requires you to log in and register the device to your account, yes? That's DRM.

gamer20131701d ago

It's just too bad that some of us can't be sensible when it comes to other systems.

awi59511701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


No people are right to overreact Sony has been total aholes/dictators on any of their music products the last 20 years. They have all kind of crap drm software that will limit how many times you can burn a cd or copy a song, or will try to log onto the internet to see if this music is a legit copy. I stopped buying anything sony related back in 98 that played music because of all the the BS you have to put up with. When it comes to music sony is a total nazi.

Many-hat51701d ago

Hi GribbleGrunger. The "wrong end of the stick" comment makes the assumption there is a right end of the stick, doesn't it? DRM, as you know is an emotive issue, it's not something I think you should sit on the fence about, don't you agree? However, I will certainly take the challenge and amuse - enjoy!

gaffyh1701d ago

Will probably be something like Cinavia, which Sony already uses on their Blu-Rays

Rageanitus1701d ago

Overeact or not..... DRM is always not a good thing IMO. The problem with all these DRM schemes is companies do not take the effort advise how it works in detail.

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Abriael1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Lol. Actually the first thing I thought when I saw this is that PS Vita TV may be coming. It's a machine strongly based on multimedia apps, so it would only make sense for Sony to optimize their multimedia DRM before bringing it around here.

Of course don't take it as granted. it's just personal speculation. I'm not Thuway lol.

GribbleGrunger1702d ago

Yes, that's definitely a possibility, especially considering the 'slimmest' invitation IGN received just recently. They have to secure content and in order to do that, they have to convince potential partners that it's secure.

cleft51702d ago

I am assuming this is for their TV stuff as well, because it is for multimedia applications.

GribbleGrunger1702d ago

It could also be to do with offering people more outlets for streaming or even uploading videos. Sony wouldn't mind 'Let's Plays' of their games being uploaded to Youtube, but they certainly wouldn't want whole films uploaded too.

Abriael1702d ago

One of the commenters on the article mentioned a very good theory. Since they're removing HDCP recording restrictions from the PS4, they'll need a new DRM system that prevents recording streamed movies via HDMI, and since they're at it, they may be looking into applying it to all platforms.

Hicken1701d ago

So you really think mrpsychotic down there wouldn't have made his comment without mine? You think Belking or greenpowerz wouldn't have similar remarks unprompted?

Rather than pay ANY attention to the actual subject of the article, they'll do EXACTLY as I said. Will you correct him or mark him off topic like I'm sure you did to me? No, you'll stay true to form and say nothing.

The subject is only mildly interesting to me, because it's not going to impact my gaming. But there's no shortage of people on this site that will ignore that to push their agenda. And no shortage of individuals like yourself who pretend they don't exist, so long as it suits your needs.

Muffins12231701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Ha if this was xbox one you all would be so pissed, I like it how you say "interesting,what kind of drm-" theirs only one kind of drm dipshit

ifistbrowni1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

"they" wouldn't be pissed..

I think you mean, "they" would try to spin it into something bigger than it really is. News like this, sadly, would excite some of the ppl on this site if it was Xbox One news (that way, they can blow it out of proportion).

As far as im concerned, whether this be related to x1 or ps4, it's no big deal.

I actually have no idea what Sony means by this. At first, i thought it just meant that you wouldn't be allowed to use the "Live from Playstation" feature while running apps. Which would make sense. But, reading through the comments, it appears to be something bigger.

I plan to use all the apps "legally" so this news doesn't pertain to me. Though, i do share my HBO GO/Xfinity subscription with my two friends. Hopefully, for their sake, Sony doesn't take away the ability for me to do so (when ps4 gets HBO GO and Xfinity apps).

Justjoined1231701d ago

This is hilarious, just to be clear im gonna get the ps4 this gen even though ive preferred the 360 so far.. But the way some people just seem to suck up everything about sony and the ps4 is absolutely insane haha. Its beyond laughable.

ALLWRONG1701d ago

How ironic

Attack MS for almost using DRM but defend Sony for using it.

snookiegamer1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

@ALLWRONG....and what you've typed really is!

Movie Studios, and general TV/App/Music have far more security implemented than Games. THIS IS NOT THE SAME DRM! ..and if it's 'well known', it'll be nothing we haven't experienced before.

It'll be exactly the same on Xbox One, Or any legitimate Device for that matter, because the license demands it. So UR-ALL-WRONG!

This DRM thing is common place for 'Multimedia'...last time I checked 'Games' do not fall into this category.

None of us work for bloody Sony, so who's defending?!!'s like some of you wait in anticipation of a bad PS4 article?

I don't blame you fanboys for making a poor decision, you have my sympathy (Worlds tiniest Violin plays.....), anyways, you may continue your protest against (You'll probably reply you have both Consoles) PS4 users now ;/

Blaze9291701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

lol so DRM on the Xbox One, which is similar to DRM on the PC right now - caused an outrage.

but DRM on the PS4 for multimedia, "INTERESTING! I can't wait!"

DRM, "it's about protecting intellectual property!" it's not about that for games either?

lol aw man....

Gamer19821701d ago

For apps only though before the panic stations set in here. This might be a good move if it means devs can put there own apps on store. It's a small trade to make to protect developers and Sony alike. I ahve no issue with it as long as it works and usually with something small like an app it does. Games however not so much but this is only apps so its cool.

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Mikelarry1702d ago

meh so far its not my hard copy games i couldn't care less

XiSasukeUchiha1702d ago

Drm for application not bad at least is isn't for hard copy games:)

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1702d ago

Drm used for multimedia apps music and films is generally in place on most devices these dayz

Pogmathoin1702d ago

Sorry to disappoint hicken.... Just yer average drm used on many devices already....

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