How Player Driven Experiences Can Make a Gamer Feel Young Again

There is an entire generation of gamers entering adulthood that are still very much fans of gaming, but are no doubt beginning to feel somewhat disillusioned by it. Not because they've lost their passion for this hobby and not because they don't enjoy playing anymore, but because all the years that have gone by have revealed many game developer's tricks. They can see many of their moves coming from a mile away.

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Codewow1666d ago

Rust is so... Bleh right now. So far the only game that's ever felt brand new every time would be DayZ Standalone. Of course there's the dull re- loot towns, but at least the banditry can be interesting. There are plenty of great DayZ moments on YouTube. Any rust videos I see they are either pampered by fans or they are killed by another player simply because they can. And that's sorta the problem with both of these games. Now for starbound.. Well I haven't played that yet. Looked cool, but I'll have to look into what I see as a Terraria 2.

Vergil-1666d ago

Yea, I'm tired of the hackers raiding my house on Rust. I'm stoked to see what Rocket has planned for DAYZ, and Starbound is really great.

BlackCarrot1666d ago

Great article, and one that I very much relate to.