The Outlook on the Wii U

If the internet is to be believed, the Wii U is dead already. However, is the truth really that harsh? We look at where Nintendo’s console stands as 2014 begins.

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Chupa-Chupa1575d ago

Nintendo is very conservative. What they need to do is hire a young group to help them get back on track. Also, they need Shenmue.

wonderfulmonkeyman1575d ago

No, what they need is better advertisement, bigger teams, and to pack in pro controllers in all bundles WITHOUT using them to replace the game pad, as three starter suggestions.

Kos-Mos1575d ago

And what would the young group bring? Mindless shooters? Quality over quantity kid.

1nsomniac1575d ago

This is actually a really good article & explains it very well.

Everybody is treating the Wii U in the same category as the Xbone & PS4 when its not at all. It's a completely different category with a completely different market & offers a completely different experience.

The more I think about it after reading this the more it makes sense!

combatcash1575d ago

It's a gaming console made for the casual consumer, and there's nothing wrong with that. I think the biggest problem for this console much like the wii is the 3rd party support. The fact is that most 3rd party companies re-released games that were already available on 360 and ps3 with no major improvements at regular price. It's definitely not good for business and I hope they turn things around some major advertising could help things along with another price cut.

wonderfulmonkeyman1575d ago

It caters to more than the casual crowd.

s45gr321574d ago

Actually it's competing with Sony and Microsoft in terms of selling consoles. Just like the Ouya was competing with the big three and failed miserably.

Jay70sgamer1575d ago

I agree with 1nsomniac ...this is a well written common sense article ..he made a lot of valid points ...I agree with what he said about everything he stated ...tip my hat well done article

11eleven111575d ago

The article is indeed very good, and I share most of the points made. I don't think however that the Wii U is not in direct competition with other consoles. It is, and not only PS4 and Xbone, but also all the last gen ones including the Wii and the gaming PCs and even the handhelds and tablets to some point. The games that get released for the U are in direct competition with all similar games on all platforms. This is why Nintendo has to put accent on the strengths the Wii U has, and the best one is local multiplayer. Even the 3rd parties cannot find 9 better platform for it.

Downsy721575d ago

As a fan of gaming and a proud owner a Wii U and Xbox One I can honestly say I am happy with both consoles.

The Outlook for the Wii U is realistically pretty bleak unless Nintendo have a trick up there sleeves ! But as a Big fan of Nintendo I can't help feeling they have missed the boat with the Wii U , however good product ( and it is) ! . It feels like Nintendo were completely unprepared for the Wii U , both software wise and also from an advertising perspective ( there is none) !

Let's not be under any illusion though all the Wii U knocking is taking away from the fact that both Microsoft and Sony are equally winging this generation ! Ask any honest person are you really happy with your new console!! You may get some mixed answers !

Whatever happens to the Wii U , Nintendo I take my hat off to you for trying to be different from the pack! And by doing that you may just have missed the boat with the Wii U , as being different is not enough if you don't advertise what is different with your product and why we should buy one!

1nsomniac1575d ago

I agree I think all of the big 3; Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft all rushed there product out purely so they could get out there first while not one of them thought about the next step.

Nintendo released with absolutely no games or future plans. Microsoft & Sony both released with unfinished faulty products.