The Next Thing From Nintendo Should Be….

OnlySP: I don’t write much about Nintendo because I haven’t cared much in a long time.

That’s just me though, maybe you’re a big fan. God knows the Nintendo fans are still very passionate. They will defend any Nintendo console ten times as rabidly as Microsoft fans during the Red Ring of Death fiasco or Sony fans during the Playstation Store hacking scandal.

If you are a fan I can’t imagine that deep down in your soul you are as satisfied as you tell people. The ‘net is filled with doom and gloom articles for Wii U. I didn’t want this to be one of them by the way, I’d rather we accept a few things and move on.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

The moment the author said that we have to accept that it "WON'T be a success", I had to disagree.
An analysis like that is just being made too soon.
The system still has PLENTY of room for sales recovery, and it's already got some REALLY GOOD GAMES on it, for those open-minded enough to give them all a go.
It's only into its second year of life and has not yet gotten its best games, and on top of that, more people than not are waiting for the right games to release before investing.
Smash, Mario Kart, Zelda U, Metroid U, and plenty of other games are on gamer's minds that they feel the Wii U MUST have at least one of before they'll invest.
Ditching the pad, dropping the console entirely, slashing the price again, and all of those similar suggestions are just bad moves that Nintendo should ignore if they want to succeed.

The controller is fine, btw.
It's got a comfortable grip and all of the buttons any core gamer needs, on top of being a better solution to off-TV play than the vita, due to not missing any triggers for actions, not being so expensive and being packed-in with the console, and having a much larger screen so your eyes don't suffer so badly.
The only thing the Vita has going for it is better distance play, which still suffers latency issues if it goes too far, from most reports.[and in a fast-paced action game, too much input delay is fatal to the experience]

Concerning indies, if you really think that Nintendo isn't currently building support to match Sony experience for experience, you haven't taken a good hard look at recent news and the E-shop itself.
They're doing way better on the Indie front than people think they are, and they've already got first party locked down as the best in the industry.

No, what Nintendo needs is the following:

Better advertisement.
More teams for making more games at once.[they've started on this with Retro and Monolith, thank God]

Packing in pro controllers with all Wii U bundles, ALONGSIDE the game pad, to enable options for people who are pad-whiners and to enable local multiplayer right out of the box, to increase the value of the bundles.

Making better use of their older IP's.[where's the sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising on the Wii U, Nintendo? Or at least an upgrade port...]

Less secret-keeping. They've got games being hidden from us and games that we know are coming but know so little about that we can't get excited.
We need more details on both to increase the drive to buy them, meaning more Nintendo Directs, more often.
More exclusives from smaller third party studios, since most of the bigger ones cannot do games well on the Wii U, or out-right refuse to try due to the install base being too small.

There are others I could list, but the message is getting too long...

Suffice to say; It's got room for improvement, sure, but it's still VERY far away from being guaranteed to NEVER succeed.

lonelyplayer1664d ago

Do you think it'll be a success like wii or 3ds?

wonderfulmonkeyman1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

I think that depends on what you use to define success.

If you mean sales, then...

The 3DS's success isn't comparable to the Wii yet, in terms of sales.
I think you meant the DS, since that's quite a bit closer.

But in either case, I think that that's an improbability.

The Wii, DS, and PS2 were anomalies of their respective generations.
Lightning-in-a-bottle cases that none of the companies are likely to match during this current generation with their newest machines.

On the other hand, if you mean success to mean a strong line-up...

I feel the Wii U is well on its way to more than matching the Wii[though it still needs a Mario title that matches up to the quality and the same time-limit-less, open-world-structure gameplay of Mario Galaxy], but it's got a LOOOOONG way to go before it will come anywhere NEAR matching the DS or 3DS in terms of quantity of great titles.
That's not to say I'm not enjoying the system, though; I play it daily and haven't once gotten sick of the many experiences it has on offer.

I'm no analyst, but I think that by the end of this generation, all 3 will have gotten enough sales, and enough good games, to be called successes, even though none of them will break past the Wii, let alone the PS2.

Only time will tell, I guess, but that's my take on things.

MasterCornholio1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

I think that Nintendo's next device will be an android tablet.

P.S I'm just basing off some rumors that I heard a while ago and it makes sense to me.

josephayal1664d ago

Imho Nintendo should stop Making Consoles

R00bot1664d ago

And what makes you think that, josephayal?

lilbroRx1664d ago

The same thing as everyone. He doens't want them to beat Sony again, and each console they make a has a chance of making that happen.

MrSwankSinatra1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

next thing nintendo should do is stop selling the wii u with the gamepad and try to "actually" get the hardcore audience back. the gamepad is not practical. maybe in the 90's/Early-to-Mid 2000's it would have worked but these days families own more than one TV in their home or people have completely dropped legacy television and switched over to watching the internet or using streaming services, so really whats the point of the gamepad? also there is hardly any games that actually utilize it. Make the Wii U gamepad a secondary peripheral for those who want more out of the wii u experience and just start making wii u's with the pro controller. it's way more cost efficient to do it that way, the wii u costs less to manufacture and the gamepad can be sold in increments instead of being sold with every system.

smokeyjoekenobi1664d ago

While I see your point, especially fro a price point perspective, it's really too late in the game for them to switch focus away from the gamepad. Their shareholders and other business partners would read it as failure on nintendo's part, these people have no doubt lost a lot of faith in nintendo lately, this would be the last nail in the wii u's coffin. The best time to ditch the gamepad would've been in the development stages, it's simply too late now. In my humble opinion of course.

wonderfulmonkeyman1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

No, bad idea.
The game pad is the only differentiation factor that the system truly has going for it, aside from its software, and in terms of cost?
It's still THE cheapest off-TV device of the three.
It's more than suitable for core players, as well, thanks to having all of the triggers and buttons one demands on top of a nice sized screen for less eye strain.
I should know; I am one, and I've had no issues with it.
If anything, it's made many options in games that used to take more time, much more expedient and entertaining.
It's a blessing, not a curse, and thus it isn't the problem.

The better idea would be to start including a Pro controller inside every Wii U bundle ALONGSIDE the Game Pad, without adjusting the price in any way.

By doing so, it takes care of three things at once; it gives people who don't like the game pad an option without removing it from the equation which would devalue the console itself, it enables local multiplayer right out of the box, and it increases the intrinsic value of the bundles themselves.

Leave the game pad where it is. Nintendo has a lot of things they need to do to get the Wii U up and running in sales, but removing the game pad is not one of those things.

Not by a long shot.

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