Thief will not run at 1080p on the Xbox One?

Eurogamer writes: "Thuway, as you know the insider tied to rumor as the virtual helmet of Sony or the boost of 10% on X1 , did not make reference to the resolution of the counterparty for PlayStation 4, but has "confirmed" that the one for Microsoft's console will stop before the fateful Full HD."

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XiSasukeUchiha1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

So what is the resolution now i suppose!

Ezz20131638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

900p or 720p i guess

i think it's time we let this stupid console war end
Ps4 will always top xbox in gfx and framerate
so it would be much better if we all accept that FACT
and only look for games we like the most on whatever

Face Off sites will be much more pointless this time around thanks to ps4 being more powerful and easier to work with

admiralvic1638d ago

I would be happy if every rumor that the game doesn't hit 1080P didn't become a news article. These are early titles and it tends to take a while for games to really capitalize on the potential of the system. I assume most developers just want it to work and be stable and anything else is gravy.

morganfell1638d ago

Where were all of these "Let's just be gaming friends" people when the PS3 was attacked for years over Multiplatform ports?

This is next gen, the generation where the only video out port is an HDMI plug and people have a right to expect True HD.

Also there is this little thing known as comeuppance...

lolCHILLbro1638d ago

Didnt Thuway also say that Sony was unveiling the PS4 VR Headset aswell at CES? also if he is a legit insider, how come he has soooo much information on so many different subjects? maybe its media dribble for "breaking news" storys lol

LOGICWINS1638d ago

@Morganfell- Are you really holding a grudge...on the Internet...over multiplatform PS3 games being attacked?

Frankly, I'd be scared to see how you deal with real life problems if something like that bothers you, especially after several years.

pyramidshead1638d ago


"Where were all of these "Let's just be gaming friends" people when the PS3 was attacked for years over Multiplatform ports?"

Totally agree, if the other side can't take it they shouldn't have gave it out last gen!

MajorLazer1638d ago

It is sad how the gen has barely begun and already there are big gaps between the X1 and PS4. I think this gen will be a bigger gap, graphics wise, than the 360 and PS3

mediate-this1638d ago

I agree with you, one will always be a little more powerful then the other or more powerful, just play games, i have wii u, ps4 and xbone. Im currently playing xbone atm just cause of killer instinct.

But when the games roll ill play what is good on either aystem i have.

Ratty1638d ago

I agrew with Ezz2013 of course. I game on PS3, PS4 and PC and I hate the Xbox (any Xbox) but this needs to stop.


It wasn't any better back then but some people need to act like grownups in a world dominated by manchildren.

Game where you want to game and leave other people alone. It's not like you'll convince them their favorite console sucks by bashing it constantly.

PS fanboys, Xbox fanboys and PC master race are all really annoying people. Actually, the PC master race is especially getting on my nerves lately but that's just me.

ramiuk11638d ago

i have a ps4,really glad i chose it but im getting bored of hearing how amazing it is,i know its got alot more power.
lets just let either enjoy the games even though they look better on ps4 ,xboners will still enjoy them for what they are.

I just hope devs keep getting everything out of each console

ZombieKiller1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

They really should have stuck with the name xbox 720.

Just kidding. I couldn't help it.

As for all the PS fanboys saying lets just be friends....I have a PS4 and I am still saying that. We are all gamers, join us.

I was going to buy the xbox one but with the DRM, the policies, and now all these claims about 720P, I'm good. I fixed my Red Ring of Death yesterday so Titanfall is mine in March on 360...that's really all I want on the xbox.

darkesthour41638d ago

Couldnt have said it better myself.

Dlacy13g1638d ago

I agree Ez... I have no issue with saying PS4 is a more graphically capable machine, nor do I have an issue saying that matters little to me as my games of choice are on a different system.


Not trying to troll or something but I am stating facts. If the xbone can't run a game with the aging old-gen Unreal Engine 3 at 1080p, then how it going to run games with the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 ? I see why the engine is taking too much time to be released because they had to adapt for the lowest common denominator which isnthe Xbone which means cutting more and more of its features. They began with cutting SVOGI, what's next ? Tbh this is very bad for next-gen gaming and it will affect (or better say infect) the other platforms which are the PS4 and the PC.

hellzsupernova1638d ago

Yeah, playstation 4 has the graphics race. No need to argue over it or make the xbots feel bad about it.

GribbleGrunger1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I would hold off on believing this just yet, guys. Thuway hasn't verified anything. This site has just read his original tweet in which he is 'more or less' certain. Is it 'likely', probably. Is it 'certain', nope.

sinjonezp1638d ago

Bottom line is PS4 is the better solution for multi platform games. There is no denying it. Microsoft made a calculated mistake/risk going with ddr3 and esram for gfx memory. The esram takes up space on the chip and resulted in MS reducing the amount of gfx cores.Ddr3 memory is 90% less capable than gddr5.(link on.request) many people like to state that Microsoft gfx will get better over time, but with 50% less raw gfx power and a ram solution that cannot deliver the amount of data bandwidth, the conversation is irrelevant to compare. Microsoft needs to focus on.providing quality tools and.assets for game developers so they can get the most out of there box. There is no need to argue anymore, just focus on content. I do not dislike xbox, their first party content should be good, but when it comes to any 3rd party game, the choice is obvious, ps4.

mhunterjr1638d ago

People have accepted this as fact a long time ago. But with every game release we have to get another article like this one, that just gives the ps4 folks a reason to goat.

kreate1638d ago


'Are you really holding a grudge...on the Internet...over multiplatform PS3 games being attacked? '

Werent u one of those guys bashing the ps3 last gen? And ended up w 1 bubble for trolling so much?

UncleGermrod1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I have to agree, I love my xbox one, and my ps4 is on the way as we speak (nabbed one from bestbuy online), but the fact is that we already know that the ps4 is more powerful. xbox one is not so far removed as something like the wiiU, but we already know the why is it such a huge talking point when we already know what to expect.

What I will say is that MS was touting 1080p and so they better find a way to help devs hit 1080 and quick, if it's even possible (I would think some of these early games maybe could have with some extra time).

Glad I have the choice of which platform to buy multiplats for, but for those of you who do not, please do not worry so much. My brother has ps4 and I have xbox one, and I really could not see a huge diff for BF4, ghosts etc. on our tv's (42inch and 50inch). The diff is there, but not enough to make you regret your purchase. I wish everyone would just relax with all this already!

nerdman671638d ago

Yeah, this is something that cannot be disputed.
X1 still has good games, its just weaker

dedicatedtogamers1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Well, for starters, Mattrick (when he was still around) and Spencer and other Xbox representatives were at first claiming they'd be 1080p as well and that X1 hardware was just as powerful. Then it was "more powerful, once you add in the power of the cloud". Then it was "less powerful on paper, but we're the ones who invented DirectX". What's the current excuse? Something along the lines of "technically weaker, but we deliver the best **experience**". Goalposts continue to shift.

So, no, it's not just a matter of "teh console warzzz" and to dismiss it as such is simply an invitation for Microsoft to continue steamrolling its consumers. It is a matter of a company saying one thing and then reality hits and it's another thing entirely.

Microsoft just needs to stop talking. Whether it's talking abot "plans" for first-party games or talking about "investing" to be the #1 next-gen console or talking about how better digital prices are "on the agenda", they simply need to shut up. I understand why they're doing it - this is a classic case of "flood the airwaves with positive PR talk so that it dilutes all the horrible news about our product", but it's annoying.

silvacrest1638d ago

i have to agree, new game after new game is always coming out inferior on the one and superior on the PS4

i dont really believe it will get better for the one considering both next gen consoles are basically PC's so devs should have no problem using them to the fullest extent

NovasRevenge1638d ago

guess they should have called it the xbox 720, its way better suited to the name.

MightyNoX1638d ago

@dedicatedforgamers: I agree with you. As long as Microsoft keeps saying things like "The ONLY next Gen console" or "The TRUE Next Gen Console, Xbox One", these articles will always make headlines.

heisenberguk1638d ago

I agree but 360 fanboys gloated to ps3 fanboys last gen so they're getting their own back this gen!

-Foxtrot1638d ago

I hope people support the best version of all games because it sends a message to the developers which is thats what we as consumers look for...the best.

I hate the "Well my friends are getting this" excuse because at the end of the day you must be much of a gamer if you let your friends dictate what games you play. Your more of a sheep.

PeaSFor1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )


xbox lovers went apeshit with the "ps3 cant do grass" and others 20p difference from COD games etc, now that the table have turned.... "oh its ok since you see no difference between 1080p and 720p" ...double standards much? i remember a bunch of peoples trying to rub it into the ps3 owner faces with everything they could grasp.

DragonKnight1638d ago

The Xbox One version doesn't need to run at 1080p. It has Kinect...

MazzingerZ1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Funny, last gen the differences were microscopic and despite of that it was worth full articles every single week but today when people pays more for a console that promises higher performance (even above PS4's!) thanks to "the cloud" and doesn't seems to be able to deliver that we don't want this info to be spread and let MSFT get away with their lies.

Personally, I do not think so. Everytime one of these article are published there are people finding this out for the first time so it helps them when making their purchase choice, it's not like same people reads these articles all the time

There are still people out there that wonders about the difference between DVD and BR...just saying...

starchild1638d ago

We've known the PS4 is more powerful for months.

On every videogame site I frequent there are only like 4 or 5 diehard Xbox fanboys that try to claim the XB1 is just as powerful.

Do those few Xbox fanboys bother you Sony fanboys so much that we have to have 10 articles for every multiplatform game that has lower performance or resolution on the XB1?
Do you really need to flood into each of those articles by the hundreds and bash the XB1 over it, even though 97% of us gamers already know and agree that the PS4 is more powerful?

The whole behavior makes no sense.

We all know the PC is the most powerful platform, the PS4 is the most powerful console, the XB1 is the next most powerful, and the Wii U is the weakest console. But that doesn't mean that there aren't great gaming experiences to be had on each and every one of those platforms.

Dehnus1638d ago

I can't see why you get agrees for this bullshit.

Engines have nothing to do with this. An Engine is mostly a middleware tool on which you can develop games on top of. Depending on what Art assets you load, the PS4 will also have trouble with UE3. Not because it can't run the Engine, but because it also has a maximum in what it can do.

morganfell1638d ago


I understand your core statement but it isn't necessarily true. An engine isn't just a middleware product. Middleware is successful because they talk to hardware and software manufacturers with whom they need their middleware to function. Many times engines are coded to run on certain platforms. Nvidia has a lot of monetary sway in this arena. This goes back a long way. 3D acceleration for Janes F15 was only available via Glide. Unreal ran better on 3DFX. U3 ran better on the 360 until Epic made engine improvements and better adapted it to the PS3.

As regards Unreal4 Epic has a longstanding relationship with MS that has likely come to an end. Mark Rein and Tim Sweeney have used over 90% of their praise for the PS4. That should tell you something.

showtimefolks1638d ago


true we don't need article after article stating facts that ps4 is indeed more powerful. A nd no matter how hard MS tries, there is a big difference between 720P and 1080P, with 30 or 60 FPS.

but than i say we had to hear it from xbox360 fanboys all last gen on how every 3rd party game looks better on xbox360 compared to ps3, so in a way what goes around comes around

indyman77771638d ago

Last gen people called the xbox360 RROD. If this keeps up people will call this one xbox361 instead of xbox one, or xbox 720P. I for one can't believe someone would design one of the newer consoles with 8 cores, and 8gig but not give it enough for most games to be 1080p.

Withdreday1638d ago


It'll never happen as Microsoft fans still need to justify their purchases.

Once that stops, the console war will end almost overnight.

SilentNegotiator1638d ago

"Where were all of these "Let's just be gaming friends" people when the PS3 was attacked for years over Multiplatform ports?"

PS fans have already gotten sick of bringing the point across and Xbox fans would rather lower the brim of their hats and pretend like they never cared about graphics comparisons.

That's why there's suddenly this mutual agreement.

shoddy1638d ago

It's pay back time

speedforce1311638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )


the current excuse is "Ryse looks better than every game" LMAO

"I still think Ryse is still the best looking game on any platform. Period. End of story,”

fanboybeatdown1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Yeah so I guess the biggest reason I am not getting a ps4 is simply because of the childish PS fanboys on n4g, that have, unbelievably, held a grudge from 2006 inflicted by n4g MS fanboys against PS n4g fanboys in 2006, carried over to 2014. Take a moment to think about that...

Today the 2014 PS fanboys carry the flag for the jilted 2006 PS fanboys that lost the glory of the ps2 days and were mired in the shame of the ps3 media attack.

And now, the PS fanboys are justifying their childish attack on other gamers and justifying their actions by referring to something that happened 8 years ago?

Is that a little bit sad and disturbing?
Yep. You betcha. It is wretched and sick.
It's bordering on religious fundamentalism. Problem is there is no actual religion - it's only corporations and gaming consoles!

I am guessing there are a lot of very lost and socially inept gamers out there that need the ps4 to give them reason to live... that would explain the religious fanaticism.

The sad truth is that N4g has collected the most insulated 'aspergers geeks' the world has ever seen as part of its core community. How else would you explain fanboys that camp out on pending n4g news stories to make sure their comments are seen at the top and rewarded with bubbles from the top heavy PS fanboys in this community?

Well done Ps4! Well Done N4g!
You have shown us a new low in the world of gaming.

Shame on you, PS fanboys, for continuing this farce and N4g admins for allowing this shite to happen.

N4g makes money off all the aspergers kids on here. Don't you guys realise that? You think you are winning, but you are being played.

Wake up fanboys.

snoopgg1638d ago

As Obi Wan once said "Use the cloud Luke" Ha ha the cloud will make the xboxone more powerful! Sarcasism included.

GuruMeditation1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

@fanboybeatdown socially inept? You mean like someone who would blacklist a console just because of the behaviour of one group of people in a comments section? And Aspergers fanboys? You disgust me. People with low-mid spectrum autism have just as much ability and right to communicate as others and, I dare say, you've come across at least a few intelligent people online who have a form of autism, you inconsiderate bigot.

Source: my son has autism and is still a great deal more intelligent than fanboybeatdown

nohopeinc1637d ago


"This is next gen, the generation where the only video out port is an HDMI plug and people have a right to expect True HD."

I think you not know the meaning of that word right. Intentionally worded all stupid like BTW. You remember how important res was back in the day when playing some of the classics. Like NES days, really good games but I was like nah dog I only play 540p True SD.

I agree XB1 is clearly under powered. I would hope nobody buys a console for the power.

morganfell1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Really fanboy?

People that live in glass houses...

Have you taken a moment to examine your own post history? Your very first comment (under that name) on this site was used to call PS4 supporters fanboys. Your writings are replete with teen angst over the rise of the PS4 as the dominant console this gen and you have the hypocrisy to brand those supporters in ill fashion while you yourself sling one poorly aimed defensive shot after another in failed attempts to protect the X1.

You refer to supporters in PS4 threads as trolls yet it is you that come into the threads of a console you hate (envy) and vainly endeavor to downplay the PS4 while insulting those there commenting on something they enjoy. Laughable.

All one need do is look at your post history. It is one bitter remark after another lacking even the slightest sign of something that others demonstrate regularly on this site - joy in their gaming hobby. In a way I feel sorry for you. In a way.

The undeniable fact is this generation will last for years and the domination of the PS4 will continue to grow. PlayStation Now will be huge and will only serve to widen the gap between the PS4 and it's competitors. These very early differences between the console versions are a harbinger of sorts and that message does not bear pleasant news for non PS4 fans that lived and breathed for the day when MS would really have the most powerful console.

fanboybeatdown1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

lol Morganfell

As expected, you attacked me, instead of reviewing your own history.
Hallmark of a fanboy.

the fact that you responded to the content of and replied to my comment shows that you are the exact type of PS fanboy that I wanted to point out.


Talk about walking into my trap, PS fanboy.
A perfect case in point PS fanboy you are.

PS. I feel sorry for you, PS fanboy. You are stuck in 2006!

morganfell1637d ago

Thanks for admitting your only purpose in this thread was to troll. That is just one of the many differences between you and I.

And it is you that do not look at history or else you would bear witness to the myriad of instances where I admit readily, no, proclaim loudly that I am a diehard Sony supporter.

You on the otherhand have only yourself fooled into believing you are anything but what your actions reveal you to be. And they have shown you here for you true nature. At least you are consistent in your trolling.

The only trap that has been sprung is the one you laid and then fell into yourself. If you could only see the public figure you have painted of yourself.

Yes it is 2006. The PS3 outsold the 360 worldwide from launch and here history repeats itself. The difference now being that Sony began ahead in total sales and will stay ahead while the X1 falls further and further behind.

Enjoy your imagined victory while I game away on my PS4, the most powerful console.

insomnium21637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )


"Yeah so I guess the biggest reason I am not getting a ps4 is simply because of the childish PS fanboys on n4g, that have, unbelievably, held a grudge from 2006 inflicted by n4g MS fanboys against PS n4g fanboys in 2006, carried over to 2014. Take a moment to think about that... "

Except it wasn't only the fanboys who got the PS3-people pissed it was the MEDIA. MS had the media backing them whenever it was doom on PS3 price, no gamez, BD is dead, etc.

I have personally never ever seen so much misplaced and biased rage towards a console as PS3 got from the media. Seeing that made me a PS3 fan for life. Seeing that and in addition to that reading all the MS spokespersons taking a jab at Sony whenever they had the chance made me pretty much hate MS for life.

The MS fanboys were nothing. It was pure comedy tearing their comments apart and seeing all their BS claims being shot down one by one. That has got to be the most bitter, juvenile, childish, insecure fanbase I have ever seen and it seems they haven't changed one bit. Mart atxboxkings (forgot how it's spelled since we called him mart) is the only big XB fanboy to turn around and redeem himself afaik.

andibandit1637d ago


Way to hold a grudge

Giul_Xainx1634d ago

2007..... lense of truth becomes popular. 2014 no one goes there anymore.... see the trend?

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come_bom1638d ago

"Thief Doesn't Run At 1080p On Xbox One"

Not surprised...

vigilante_man1637d ago

Great sentiment from EZ above about let's just get on with gaming.

Did media and 360 fans bust PS3 and Sony because they had better looking multi-platform games - Yes!

Have Microsoft tried to lie to us all and try to convince us all the XB1 is as powerful as the PS4 - Yes!

I think if MS just concentrated on their strengths we could all get along just fine. Give PS4 fans their gloating time and lets all move on.

Great games are great games. Buy your console of choice and celebrate the amazing games we will all enjoy.

Just stop with the lies and BS about power and the cloud!

Unspoken1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I think we should have more articles showing the difference between the PS4 and gaming PCs and title each one,

The PS4 won't run *insert game title* at 1440p and 120FPS!!!!

Then we can get all the PC fanboys together and claim how much faster their PC is with the excuse that PS4 kids are bragging how much better their system is over gaming PCs and how Sony lied to everyone claiming their PS4 is more powerful than PCs and how bad streaming games from PS Now is going to be because of the lag or compression.

This is all totally justified because how the PlayStation community is acting.

Or wait, does that all sound very very immature?

Arkardo1638d ago

Isn't the Xbox 1080 out yet?

imt5581638d ago


Quote :

Isn't the Xbox 1080 out yet?

Nice one!

speedforce1311638d ago

I don't think they can count that high. Given their order of naming conventions.

Virus2011638d ago

That rumor is false.

Thuway is wrong again.... but when has he ever been right?

morganfell1638d ago

Looks like you were wrong...

Felix3131638d ago

will it be native or upscaled 1080??

Edsword1638d ago

All we are saying is give peace a chance. Haha, I saw one post where someone was actually talking about sides! What in the world! Do you work for Sony or MS? Stop getting so invested in things my friends. Just enjoy what you have. If you have an xb1, enjoy it, it has some great games. If you have a PS4, enjoy it. PS fans, please rise above, even if you had to hear this all last gen.

GuruMeditation1638d ago

It's much too late for that. People ARE emotionally invested in gaming, just as some people are emotionally invested in sports. It's been a reality of gaming as far back as I can recall. I see no harm in it, just people supporting their platform in the most rabid way possible and, frankly, I find it all highly entertaining (just as I did at school when people were arguing the benefits of C64, Spectrum and CPC)

Edsword1637d ago

The harm is not from friendly jest. The harm comes in when people actually get depressed because their brand or team is not winning. I have a nephew who gets so emotionally involved in Nintendo that he has litterally been depressed for months. He is a little autistic, which obviously makes things a little worse, but there are individuals who just get too wrapped up in all of this. My post is for them.

tagan8tr1637d ago

I think some not all of this stems from days when consoles would tank 2yrs in "Dreamcast" The original Xbox barely lasted 4yrs so people want their system to stick around "Wii U". When people like something they defend it.

HomerJDog1638d ago

of course it maria again. this dude has trust issues that he has to keep trying to convince others to not buy a xbox one. I personally don't care I'm xbox all the way no matter what

Hyper_Tension1401638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Why? Whats wrong with playstation, cant hurt to have both right?
If the xbox one had the power of the wii u will you still buy it for $500?
(You said Im xbox no matter what so Im afraid you will.)

jgrigs091638d ago

@ Foxtrot, so now people who own Xbox One like myself, have to go out and buy a PS4 to get the better version? Sorry, buddy but I won't let 1 game dictate what console you should get. I know for a fact Thief and Watchdog will look better on the PS4. But what keeps me staying with the Xbox One, are the exclusives coming to the Xbox this year. The PS4 I'm not interested with the games. So whatever console you buy, YOU ARE SUPPORTING THE DAMN GAME. It's kind of hypocritical to say you you shouldn't buy the console because your friends have it. Yet, you say we should be supporting the better version(implying buy the ps4). News flash buddy, not all people who buy xbox/playstation have a hard on for specs. Some people actually buy the consoles to play with their friends who live in other states.