Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Preview | VGU

"The world is coming to an end and the saviour has come to save the world from destruction. That is the premise for the next instalment in the Lightning trilogy, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Back at the EuroGamer Expo last year we were able to try out the game, but with the demo now released on PSN and Xbox Live we are able to show you the action. In the following two part preview of the game, have a look at what I think about the title and how it is making its mark on the series."

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Wargrave1489d ago

I am cautiously optimistic about this game. I hated FF 13, but found 13-2 oddly compelling despite its issues. Perhaps Square can finally make a PS3 Final Fantasy that is just OK.

1489d ago
gamedebater1489d ago

Played FF:LR Demo yesterday. It's fantastic... The combat is 9/10. Though to make it even better replace Customes with characters and you have the best FF combat ever. L1 switches to Snow R1 switches to Cloud. Same concept. It's going to be the best FF 13 ever!

dragonopt11489d ago

Played the demo and loved it, I like how you can make new classes like Dragoon/Thief/Black Mage and I'm sure there's others like the old FF