The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Microtransactions

Maturity Crisis: This article discusses what a Legend of Zelda game would look like with microtransactions.

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Nyxus1700d ago

The stuff of nightmares.

Xof1700d ago

It always depends on execution.

I'd gladly play for alternate costumes.
And there's a pretty sizable demographic, particularly in the West, that would love to pay for Link/Zelda gender-swapping (i.e. female Link saving male Zelda).

Of course, the latter will never happen because gender roles are too deeply entrenched in Japanese culture. (Fun fact: the women's lib movement only happened in the West; never happened in the Eastern hemisphere).

Nyxus1700d ago

To each his own, but I just think microtransactions are fundamentally wrong. If there are alternate costumes, just make them an unlockable or something.

LennyLovespuds1700d ago

Gaming lasted two decades without DLC and paid for extras that were built into the games. As a gamer from that generation, I can still understand the reluctance to agree with them.

On the other hand, some DLC that is almost like a brand new game, that I approve of. I guess it comes down to the choice to purchase though, but sometimes to collect everything, it doesn't seem like a choice.

ZombieKiller1700d ago

Please don't give them any ideas....thanks to Microsoft, I'm now paying Sony the $50 a year for online with my PS4. If MS hadn't come up with the idea, Sony probably wouldn't have implimented it...BUT since they got away with it, not it's the norm. WHICH FNCKING SUCKS!

imXify1700d ago

I don't even have a PS4 and I pay 50$ a year. Why ? Huge sales ( like steam ) and free games.

Summons751700d ago

Fun fact: you don't NEED PS+ to play or be online with PS4 its only a small hadful of games that requires it, those games aren't so great anyway. Unless you're talking about the "free" games which aren't free because you have to keep + ins order to play them. You can still Netflix, chat, game, message all for free.

ZombieKiller1700d ago

Yep, I know....and thank you! I just don't like the direction the games industry is headed in. I'm extremely happy about the uproar from the xbox one....could you imagine if Microsoft would have had their way?! No thank you.

BosSSyndrome1700d ago

Yes, blame microsoft for ps4 online not being free...

TheDivine1699d ago

Thanks to Sony your paying fifty bucks a year. Don't blame MS for Sony being greedy, MS didn't force Sony to do anything. They're both greedy.

ZombieKiller1699d ago

Yeah but it's their idea that made it the norm. Before Microsoft, Sony didn't charge for online.

I'm saying that if MS didn't come up with policies like charging for thin air, the games industry wouldn't be such a money whore.

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