The Daily Five: Definitive Edition Games We Want

" That got us thinking about what other games we’d like to see Definitive Versions for. After all, we missed out on a lot of games with the potential to do great things on PlayStation 4 and we’d love to see what these titles would look like with those improvements." - David Wales

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Yi-Long1703d ago

Skyrim for me. I didn't bother with it on the 360/PS3, but PC version, especially after mods, has been shown to look absolutely amazing.

Would love a gorgeous next-gen version including all DLC.

Dead or Alive 5 could use an actual Ultimate version as well, including ALL DLC, not just a selection.

BiggCMan1703d ago

Even if it did come out, it really wouldn't be much different. It's the mods that make the PC version so worthwhile.

Without the mods, it's just a decent amount smoother and more crisp, and that's what a PS4 version would be if it ever came because mods don't appear on consoles.

1703d ago
webeblazing1703d ago

3 out of 5 definitive edition versions of those games exist lol. is this gonna be the new trend this gen stating ports are the definitive edition. every gen publisher come up with new ways to nickle and dime gamers, and console gamers eat it up without fighting back.

KonsoruMasuta1703d ago

It depends on what the developers do with the port. Are they just porting it over and upping the resolution and frame rate or are they adding in new textures, improving the lighting and particle effects, and improving character models? If it's the second, the version you thought was the definitive edition would not be the definitive edition anymore.

webeblazing1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

how that work out with TR? paying $60 for a port with a few tweeks is not worth it only thing that looked good in it is the particle effects, new model is not that great. and rockstar always do a separate build fo pc version to take full advantage of pc hardware. how are people letting them get over. textures and lighting looks better on pc. the lighting is dark and shadow are finer in pc vers, and that with out other settings on like ssaa and max dof. its no way you can spin this. they tried to cash in on customers by over charging them. i truly wonder how long it took them to port it.

people are too focus on ps4 vers being better than xbone, instead of focus on how a lot of devs are trying to take advantage of gamers. what happen the beginning of last gen when publishers did shady tactics? yep theyre still here

KonsoruMasuta1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Lighting looks better on the newer version of Tomb Raider. The PC version is working with outdated assets that they replaced in the newer version. Not trying to spin anything. I agree that it's not worth the 60 dollar price point and it's obviously a cash in; but the PC version is no longer the definitive one.

TrueJerseyDevil1703d ago

I don't want any definitive edition games if they are going to be $60

bjmartynhak1703d ago

What about Uncharted Trilogy for $60?

Collections with two or more games would be fine imo. A single game could be $40 at launch.

But anyway, prices drop, anyone not willing to pay $60 can wait 3-6 months. Wait more and get new for $30, even $20

TrueJerseyDevil1703d ago

A trilogy is perfectly fine. Bu paying $60 for a game i may have played with better graphics is a waste. I can just go play it on my 360 or ps3 for $20

TrueJerseyDevil1703d ago

A multiplat Gears of War trilogy definitive edition would be amazing (just 1,2, and 3)

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