Rumor: Resolution-Gate Coming to a Ubisoft Game Near You?

Karam Elahi reports: "Thuway, a well-known industry insider and outspoken gamer – in the vein of famousmortimer and others, has made quite a controversial statement regarding an upcoming Ubisoft game...The recent comments below lead us to believe that the Ubisoft game in question could be Watchdogs, which is the only big multiplatform release coming within a few months. We’ll just have to wait and see."

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Alexious1632d ago

Watch Dogs seems the most likely candidate, indeed. Following the trend, I think PS4 will get it at [email protected], and X1 720/900P.

Manic20141632d ago

I think 900p 30fps more likely for xbox one similar to Assassins creed: Black flag (Still look's gorgeous on both). PS4 1080p 30fps.

cyguration1632d ago

I'm sorry but ACIV on XB1 had HORRIBLE framerate stutter and a lot of effects issues. It really didn't look gorgeous on both. It did look gorgeous on PC and PS4, though.

I had to ask a friend if he was really playing the next-gen version and not the 360 version upscaled. I couldn't believe they let it out of the door with that kind of FPS instability.

Aleithian1632d ago


Was the X1 version fixed with a patch, or does it still have the fps issue?

dmeador1632d ago


Either I played a patched version or I somehow made it throw 40 hours without problems

Manic20141632d ago


Well i've got both consoles but the game for PS4 it looks great it also had frame rate issue's when i got it at launch, my mate's got the game on Xb1, i remember he told me it's got some performance issue's but recently it has been working fine, the game itself in my opinion still looks great on the xb1 even though it's at 900p and but i can say it look's better on ps4.

cyguration1632d ago

Well, if it got patched that's pretty good. Still, the resolution and framerate issues were enough to get me to wait for the PC version.

amiga-man1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Maybe we should ask Panello? he is sure to give us a straight answer, lol

Bigpappy1632d ago

I am playing AC: Black Flag right now. Started a week ago. Though I don't like the gameplay and wish I had not bought it, there are no performance issues: No slow down; no texture pop in; no stuttering. Gameplay is boring to me as I am forcing myself through it in one hour burst, hoping it gets more interesting.

BX811632d ago

I never had an issue with frame rate with AC on Xbox one.

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MasterCornholio1632d ago

Thats the trend recently. I'm guessing that its the Xbox One that will get the downgrade like Assassins Creed 4.

lifeisgamesok1632d ago

The difference isn't enough to be considered a downgrade

pyramidshead1632d ago


Downgrade no, but a symbol of inferior hardware beneath the bonnet, yes.

Hicken1632d ago

How is HALF the framerate and/or displayed pixels not significant?

People keep wondering why PS fans harp on the difference in these games. What I wonder is why these people weren't saying the same thing all last generation, when the differences were even smaller. More balling is how the very people who trumpeted that superiority last time around are doing their best to make an even larger performance gap out to be insignificant.

kopicha1632d ago


you can debate all day but wont change the outcome. It is like someone with 770 GTX telling someone with 780 GTX that there is no downgrade in their gaming experience. They are "identical" when clearly 780 GTX is more powerful and run the game better.

kopicha1632d ago


agree... during last gen when the difference is so minor that you literally need to pay attention to pin point the differences, and when 360 has the "slightly better" version, PS3 owners are being called inferior and being the worst console ever made. And now that this generation the gap is this huge, PS4 owners suddenly become bitches when any comments being made and now that 30vs60 does not matter or 720vs1080 has no difference. Much Hypocrites?

Sarcasm1632d ago

I don't see how 50% less resolution or 100% less framerate "isn't a downgrade"

You get more and more ridiculous.

nategrigs1632d ago

I'm a ps4 guy, but I think there is being too much made of the performance differences. I hate to say it, but we (ps4 owners) are starting to sound like the pc guys.

Games can still look good at slightly lower resolutions/fps.

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pyramidshead1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Proving even more so that PS4 definitely is offering more bang for your buck. Especially if a trend like this carries on for the entire year, which proves possible seeing as watch_dogs is a game that has already been delayed once for polishing. Perhaps Xb1 experiencing problems?

BX811632d ago

Depends on what you're looking for with your buck really. If you want something that plays games at the best quality possible then get a PC because this gens hardware will start to get dated quickly. If you don't want to worry about upgrading then go with the console that has the games you prefer. To me the games are the bang for the buck if you will. I'm into story/gameplay more than graphics. I prefer the Xbox one at this point but no doubt for me uncharted is the best game series.

HammadTheBeast1632d ago

Quick question, what is resolution-gate?

ambientFLIER1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

A play on words on the Watergate scandal. Basically fanboys and trolls making a mountain out of a molehill because some launch Xbox One games are running at a lower resolution than the PS4 versions, much like last gen launch PS3titles were running lower than 360 ones.

scott1821632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

yes but the reason for the resolution difference last gen was very different. The cell was extremely difficult to learn and program for, pretty much for it's entire lifetime in the ps3. That's why fans were a bit pissed at devs last gen, albeit not justifiably, that they weren't taking forever to make it on par with the 360 games.

The difference this gen is strictly power of hardware being very much in sony's favor, with unknown reasons for micro skimping so much in that department. Also the differences in resolution seem to be far greater this time around.

So you could say Xbox fanboys were taking a small difference last gen, and blowing it way out of proportion so they could rub it in ps fans faces. And this gen PS fanboys are taking a large difference and making it seem what it really is... With Xbox fans comically changing their tune completely about what is important "Play the games, not the resolution" give me a break.

ambientFLIER1632d ago

The Cell is complicated to program for, yes, but then again, so is the ESRAM. It will take time for parity. In a year or so things should be better.

scott1821632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )


Difference being, the cell was the grand part of the ps3's architecture, games lived and died by it. The ESRAM makes up a very small portion of the X1's overall ram bandwidth, regardless of how well it's programmed.

And last gen you heard devs specifically blame the cell for the problems they had, I have heard no talk of the ESRAM causing as much difficulty.

Redempteur1631d ago

"The Cell is complicated to program for, yes, but then again, so is the ESRAM. It will take time for parity. In a year or so things should be better. "

No , it's not hard to program. the problem is elsewhere as their architectures are similar. you can't program around a clear power difference.

There will indeed come a time when games will be able to output at similar resolutions but given that they have a similar architecture , any improvement on memory management , will be used by both consoles. This unfortunatly the truth. At this point the difference will be in the amount of effects on screen or elsewhere. but the difference will show.

Eonjay1631d ago

Its a scandal where Microsoft advertises there system as being able to play 1080p 60 FPS. Then they are unable to come through and in most cases games look better or run at hight framerates on competing consoles. Gamers recieve lower fidelity experiences but are required to pay more for their hardware.

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1632d ago
solar1632d ago

but console gamers from before the last generations say "graphics don't matter". why do they matter now? from the day i joined N4G (2007) it has been about the "games".

oh that's right. because Sony has the more powerful system (with that tablet CPU). now i get it.

liquidhalos1632d ago

Really, says the dude with the troll comment

cell9891632d ago

oh because youre butthurt your system of choice sucks major @$$ this time around? Its still about the "games" but its nice to know youre playing awesome games at 1080P when possible. The Ps4 allows more games to be played on 1080P which to me is a great feature and make my $400 purchase that much better

thezeldadoth1632d ago

the rabbid disagrees on his comment doesn't make in untrue. This site is quite disgusting now.

nategrigs1632d ago

You make a valid point. Maybe its because the consoles launched at the same time, so direct comparisons made more sense. Last gen, the ps3 versions looked worse, but the 360 had been out for a while and was better understood by devs.

mayberry1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I, for one, have always been about da' graphics and resolution, and when a new console comes out, it's the primary thing I look for! 47 yo gamer from odysee days in '77! neo-geo, 2600, and on and on..

DeadlyFire1631d ago

Dude its not about the CPU its about how its programmed. PS4/XB1 can measure up to a Mid Range PC with the same specs better than most would expect.

zerog1631d ago

Guess you forgot that both consoles have x86 cpus that its the gpu and ram that gives sony its advantage. Also you pc pushers are still sad looking at the specs and saying "well my pc has the same or better" while completely ignoring the fact that spec for spec consoles out perform pcs, especially after a couple years when devs learn the systems. Last gen with a paltry 512 MBs of ram produced some absolutely gorgeous games with studios like naughty dog doing amazing things but show me 1 pc with that small a number that can run an uncharted game the same as a ps3. So far no one has.

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thezeldadoth1632d ago

do you guys not get bored arguing for years about slight differences in the same game across multiple boxes?

AceBlazer131631d ago

can't be as bored as the guy commenting about it.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1632d ago

"An outspoken gamer"

More like an outspoken Sony fanboy. Funny how people think these guys talk for all of the gaming community.

neoMAXMLC1631d ago

I love the sweet sweet smell of damage control and denial in the morning.

TheXgamerLive1632d ago

Cyguration is an idiot fanboy. Watch any video even digital foundry almost the same frame rate and Xbox One generaly looked better. Go watch now. Sorry but slightly higher rez doesnt mean it looks better and it doesnt. Again go watch now. I did.

neoMAXMLC1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Strange, Digital Foundry seems to think otherwise.

"On that note it's clear that the PS4 game is the definitive release of Assassin's Creed 4 on the console formats...

Despite its failings in image quality and some occasional drops in performance, the Xbox One version still delivers a worthy upgrade over the 360, PS3, and Wii U versions for owners of Microsoft's new console, although we hope that the unsightly sharpening filter can be disabled on system-wide level in a future update."

assdan1632d ago

It's probably going to be 900p with lower textures, AA, etc. That's what it's looking like most games will be. It's not really resolution-gate anymore. It's more like ps4 is getting another tally mark.

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MasterCornholio1632d ago

Not for those who suffer the downgrade though.

1632d ago
ambientFLIER1632d ago

Master -

What exactly is it that you contribute with all your comments? You always seem to have undertones of trolling and xbox bashing in your comments. Just sneaky and hidden enough to not get called out for it...

Unreal011632d ago

I think ambientFLIER has been stalking MasterCornholio.

Oh oh.

MightyNoX1632d ago

Not exactly. An insider on Neogaf has been hinting at it for weeks.

pyramidshead1632d ago

Thuway could post it on gaf but probably hasn't got two confirmed sources. He's only recently be unbanned too. Either that or he just hasn't gotten around to it yet.

mmj1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I've been saying that it will affect pretty much all multiplatform games for months.

Quite simply the difference between GPU's in PS4 & Xbone is like the difference between a Mini Cooper and Bugatti Veyron... just looking at the specs on paper it's a fairly safe bet to say the PS4 will always run significantly faster.

imt5581632d ago

Probably 900p for Xbone!

Kavorklestein1632d ago

Probably 900p for PS4 as well, until they patch it like they had to with AC Black Flag.

LeCreuset1632d ago

Why didn't they patch the Xbox version?

Idba1632d ago

They patched bc of ms's day one parity contract. Same thing with cod ghosts

Heisenburger1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I trust facts, not rumors. I don't mean that rudely. There is too much garbage to *trust rumors, imo.

I treat them all the same: I don't pay them any mind unless they are proven true. Wild internet speculation isn't a pass time that I indulge in.

ABizzel11632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )


I agree, but some rumors are highly fiesable, and those rumors are the ones you keep a mental note in the back of you head just in case.

Ubisoft has Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs which are fairly similar games design wise (being open world). AC4 runs 1080p @ 30 fps on PS4, and 900p @ 30fps on XBO. It's not that hard to believe that Watch Dogs will run at those same resolutions, especially considering it's coming to PC, PS4, XBO, Wii U, PS3, and 360 just like AC4 did. They don't have time to focus on optimizations for both consoles when they have 6 platforms to hit, and So they're going to get it running on PC, and then port accordingly.

IMO it would be better to just lower the settings down a notch on the XBO, to prevent the resolution wars / fps wars, if I were MS. Only things like LensofTruth would affect them (having seen them on n4g in a while).

hardcorehippiez1631d ago

yea but thats one way around microsofts dumb parity clause . shame the one isn't patched up to run at a higher resolution. wonder why that is hmmmm

Kavorklestein1631d ago

Wow why so many disagrees? I'm not saying it's not gonna be better or worse or ANTHING bad about the PS4, I'm just saying they may have to do a similar thing to what they did with Assassin's Creed Black Flag.... Some people are way too sensitive, if they took a simple statement like that as an attack.

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Manic20141632d ago

You seem a little desperate.

starchild1632d ago

That seems a little pathetic begging developers to make another console's version worse just so you can feel better about your console purchase.

Why o why1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Even though thats a sad wish to have, maybe just maybe more possible occurrences like this will put to bed the notion that the consoles are as close as some still profess. Obviously the difference isn't as wide as some would hope but all now, some of you x1 supporters still wont admit defeat on the power aspect. Until they do they'll just have to endure people shoving the tangible proof in their faces.

Sad but some, not all, but some of you guys asked for it. Throughout the whole of last gen team x lauded minute differences in multiplats. Not only is shoe is on the other foot this gen but the differences are far greater than last gens differences ever were.... extra crow