December 2013 NPD: lifetime sales for Wii U and 3DS titles

Thanks to the latest leaks from the latest NPD report, we have lifetime sales figures for a number of Wii U and 3DS titles in the US.

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000011704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

seeing The Wonderful 101 only selling 49K right now hurts lol. such a good game, maybe its lifetime sales will jump over time once the Wii U install base grows in years to come. either way the fact that there are 5 million Wii U's sold and only 570K copies of Super Mario 3D World bought is bad, it should at least be at 1 million copies sold. Nintendo needs to host a Nintendo Direct soon and start releasing some major information about secret and known games to generate some interest in the console for the short term, at least until e3 2014.

KonsoruMasuta1704d ago

This is just the US. I think Super Mario 3D world sold more than 1 million worldwide.

cyguration1704d ago

This is correct.

It moved more than 590k copies in Japan.

Concertoine1704d ago

It was in the top 10 for months, i think its at 1.6 million (on vgchartz)

1704d ago
BenqMagician1704d ago

Nintendo is in a uphill battle right now & the ball is in there court now. Also don't release smash bros or Mario kart in November. The reason is there's a good chance a halo game might come out then and we all know how MS spends loads of money advertising halo games.

awesomeabe19981704d ago

Nintendo should release MK8 in Mid March or early April along with Bayonetta 2 in late April or early may along with SSB4 in July and Miyamotos new IP around August. Zelda U in around early October. Finish 2014 off with X in November (or Zelda U and X in early October).

cyguration1704d ago

Dang, that's a good line-up strategy.

A winning formula indeed. They'd just need a good showing at E3 and some strong marketing to keep the Wii U present in the minds of consumers.

deafdani1704d ago

Zelda U hasn't even been shown at all. It's not going to release this year.

DoggyBiscuit1704d ago

ZeldaU will come out in 2015 at the earliest

lilbroRx1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Nintendo of America seems to be less about games and more about Marketing now(bad marketing), so chances are it and every other major release is going to be piled into the end of the year again.

akaFullMetal1704d ago

I think if Nintendo went back to E3 and had shows again that would help them, it was good seeing all 3 companies at the show.

animegamingnerd1704d ago

i am kinda hopping they tone down the nintendo directs cause i think that was the reason why they didn't have a conference was cause they pretty announced their E3 line during the first half of 2013 imagine if they kept a link between worlds, pokemon X and Y, X, Mario 3D world, and smash brothers that would of sure would of been a great conference

RPG_Lover1704d ago

Nintendo sales are great

ozstar1704d ago

If Nintendo actually went 3rd Party, they'd sell much less copies of their games, and they'd have no control over the pricing and release dates of their titles.

Can you just imagine yearly Mario upgrade sequels, ala. Assassins Creed:Blops Edition?

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