"PS4 Demand Still Far Outstripping Supply, Doing Everything To Bring In Regular Shipments" says Sony

Earlier this month research firm NPD announced Xbox One as the "Top Selling Home console" in US for the month of December 2013, for the first time beating Sony's Playstation 4. At that time SCE's Director of Corporate Communications Dan Race said that Playstation 4 were OUT OF STOCK at most retailers in December 2013 due to overwhelming consumer demand, but the console remains cumulative leader in U.S.

Now we are in 2014, and it seems like this PS4 Out of Stock situation hasn't changed and Playstation 4 "DEMAND IS STILL OUTSTRIPPING SUPPLY" across the globe, according to Head of Hardware Marketing at Sony PlayStation, John Koller.

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ShugaCane1702d ago

No suprise here. Stellar system.

Freedomland1702d ago

Keep up the good work Sony.
You guys really saved the classic gaming this time around.


Ultra1701d ago

I know this sounds crazy, Sony currently has 20 employees only according to Macroaxis :

If true, it seems like the workforce is shrinking. Is this the reason why Sony not able to produce a great amount of PS4s? Or even because of Sony still losing money on every PS4 being sold? Maybe it could affect the PS4 supplies.

scott1821701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

^ 20 employees? You believe that?

"If true, it seems like the workforce is shrinking"

No kidding, from about 140,000 to 20 is a pretty big cut, I would think that is cooperate executives. Where is your data on what sony makes or loses on PS4's sold?

reaperofsouls1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

^^ sony makes about $18 per console sold

M$ make more per console tho apparently

Ultra1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


Rumors said a $60 loss on each PS4 sold. This was quickly denied by Masayasu Ito, Sony Japan's executive. According to Ito, Sony will be making profit from the moment users buy PlayStation Plus subscriptions and games

FamilyGuy1701d ago

They're getting consoles out there, at least every other week if not weekly supplies come in to major retailers: Walmart, GameStop, BestBuy. People just buy them too quickly for everyone with the interest and cash on hand to get there's in time.

scott1821701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


That's a rumor, not data... This article says they make money, but it's not official either.

TomShoe1701d ago

Speaking of supply droughts, if you check out:

That might help with finding a PS4 online if you're looking for one. Right now a lot of major retailers have them in stock. They're selling in bundles though, so they're going slower than normal.

fanboybeatdown1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

"PS4 Demand Still Far Outstripping Supply, says Sony"

Well, maybe that's true for the ps4 at $399.

But as soon as we raise the price to $425-$500, there's Ps4 stock sitting on the shelves, unwanted.
Ps4 supply is outstripping demand at anything over $399.

That's not a joke.

There are, right now, at this very moment, totally real, brand new, warrantied PS4s sitting on the shelves and not being sold, at $425+.

It's just the facts, fanboys, don't hate me for bringing you the facts without the tabloid spin! :)

Oh Jesus, I do hope the fanboys on n4g can take this without a meltdown!

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bessy671702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

It is kind of a surprise since I've seen it regularly in just about every store for a while now. Plus it hasn't sold out on Best Buy online.

Why are people disagreeing with me? It's true. If you're still trying to find one just follow the link, they've been available on Best Buy constantly for a while now.

@xsilver: Nope, you can buy just the console.

Xsilver1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

the ones on BESTBUY are all store bundles.
EDIT: oh snap you right y'all better hurry up and get it.

Ilovetheps41702d ago

They are in quite a few stores in my area as well. Both of the Gamestops near my house have a couple of them. And the Best Buys near my house do as well. Walmart and Target are sold out though.

GTgamer1702d ago

@bessy I think you got disagrees because the first link you posted only showed in store bundles do ya see the confusion.

thorstein1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Clicked "Check More Stores" from Albany to Buffalo, New York and out of 17 stores, 3 are in stock. Rest are "Ship To Store."

EDIT: Gamestop: Unavailable Online
Same area: Gamestop had 15 In stock out of 25 with "Low Stock" or Call Ahead.

My advice: Call Ahead and Reserve or Buy and Pick up at your local business.

bessy671702d ago

If you scroll down you can see how every single bundle plus just the console is available. That's why I posted the first link.

kneon1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Best buy is the only place that seems to have the standard sku available, every where else only has expensive bundles or nothing at all.

BitbyDeath1701d ago

People are disagreeing with you cause you said it has been there for a while when stock just arrived 5 days ago.

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truefan11701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

This is a façade, you can go to any gamestop and they have ps4's in stock. I walked into gamestop as I was waiting for my food, played a little ps4 after noticing the left analog on the ps4 controller was worn, then I asked "you don't have have ps4's do you" her exact reply was we have 8, they just sit in the back, so they aren't robbed. All of you say you don't see any, well maybe because 2 women at gamestop aren't trying to get robbed by having next gen systems just sitting on the floor. I also asked how many ps4's they receive she says they receive about 7 per shipment and the shipment doesn't come weekly. I'm not saying demand isn't there, but you guys greatly exaggerate it, they simply aren't supplying many ps4's to America, especially with Japan launching soon. Stop acting like shipments of 30 come in weekly and sell out instantly. Don't believe me contact the gamestop in Miramar Florida.

Freedomland1701d ago


Truefan of Xbox.
Microsoft should take you as creative writer.

TheGreenMan1701d ago


So you can go into ANY Gamestop and find them? I'm assuming you've either driven to or called every Gamestop in the country to confirm this?

If you haven't, stop talking.

Mr-Dude1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Hmm.... My girlfriend is in Florida right now for work, I asked her to check for a second PS4 to import to Holland, because here in NL they are ALL sold out till april

She was in Cortez Blvd, The Piers, and even Northwoods Centers. But all sold out... Maybe Miramar has them, i don't know (i don't live in the US) but your story is a little weird...

DigitalRaptor1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


Your story is an amalgamation of falsities and excuses to try counter balance the negativity Microsoft and Xbone is unfortunately receiving.

As soon as you said "played a little ps4 after noticing the left analog on the ps4 controller was worn" it was obvious you were talking out of your ass.

And the rest of these replies walk right through your bullsh*t.

ShwankyShpanky1701d ago

Shipments of 7? Kind of odd, since they're packed 3 to a shipping box. I wonder if they unpack them at the distribution center.

QuickdrawMcgraw1701d ago

truefanboy1...Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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bobsmith1701d ago

after all the games ps3 got with ps plus idk how anyone would get xbox one over ps4

ShwankyShpanky1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Correction: "all the games PS3 is *getting.*"

Been enjoying DmC myself.

And of course Don't Starve (already got Resogun platinum, looking forward to DLC)

Also looking forward to Basement Crawl. Isn't that coming next week or something? When is Outlast supposed to come down?

ShwankyShpanky1701d ago

My mistake, looks like Basement Crawl isn't announced for Plus right now. Outlast is due for Feb 4th, though.

just-joe1701d ago

Not to be a dick, but what exactly are you playing?

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MatrixxGT1702d ago

I haven't used mine in about a month. But I knew this and a whole slew of games incoming the next few months the supply demand situation will not get much better for a little while.

Unreal011702d ago

I'm a bit like that, I've just been on my PS3 a lot. But I'm definitely looking forward to Outlast soon, I'm playing that sh&t with the lights off.

sonic9891702d ago

wanna see the great numbers sooo happy for Sony .
hopefully nintendo can recover soon .
and finally microsoft are getting good numbers.
Console gaming is alive

snookiegamer1702d ago

The words 'Hot' and 'cakes' springs to mind. Momentum is strong for PS4.

scott1821702d ago

At the Hot Cakes factory they are puzzled trying to figure out ways to be as popular as the PS4.