PS4 "Interact From Stream" Feature Is Already Active on Some games

If you're a fan of the PS4 streaming, you might be interested to learn that the "interact" feature is already available in some games.

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vlashyr1667d ago

Wow didn't know this. Clever devs could do nice things with it!

cleft51667d ago

All the surprised for the PS4 are so wonderful. Never have I felt more positive about buying a console. Sony is really on point.

FamilyGuy1667d ago

"with a high enough number of comments, the player will gain beneficial effects."

That's a nice incentive to stream some game play.
I like this idea a lot, never knew what that "Interact" option was going to be used for.

Festano1667d ago

this is a very interesting thing.

rhcpfan1667d ago

I'm shocked you're not the first to comment.

godofboobees1667d ago

Leave sasuke alone. He will always be second best to itachi

akaFullMetal1667d ago

Is there a way yet to take over someone's broadcast? As if I was watching my friends broadcast, and then he can't beat a certain part, I could take over his ps4 with my ps4 and beat the part for him.

GribbleGrunger1667d ago

Yes, but I'm not certain it's been launched yet. They demoed it with Knack but it definitely isn't in Knack at the moment. Those features are probably going to be patched in later and could be more to do with PSNow.

Alexious1667d ago

Don't think so, this seems to be everything at the moment.

hkgamer1667d ago

possibly one of the best features, ive been hoping that someone would inplement this last gen.
would be the next step to single player games imo. basically a bunch of friends playing single player online, kinda like the old days where we had to pass the controller round.

BitbyDeath1667d ago

Sony mentioned it will come a bit later when the wrote the FAQ back in October-

"What PS4 software features have been announced, but won’t be available at launch in North America?

Share controller via the internet to assist a friend
Suspend/Resume mode
Wireless Stereo Headsets support
Wireless Stereo Headset
Pulse Wired Stereo Headset
Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset Elite Edition"

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snookiegamer1667d ago

Wow great feature!

There's just so much positivity for PS4 at the moment. It's nothing like last (PS3) gen launch. Amazes me how much the tables have turned this gen.

Alexious1667d ago

Well, this is just because Sony learned their lesson the hard way in the previous generation. Let's hope that Microsoft does the same now.

SynestheticRoar1667d ago

[email protected] Your right snookie the tables have turned.

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The story is too old to be commented.