Steam In-Home Streaming is PC gaming's killer app

It only took 10 minutes for Valve's streaming beta to show us the future of PC gaming, and it is freaking glorious.
One of the most frustrating things to watch in the wider technology media over recent years is that convergence is leading to half truths and mixed messages. A textbook case was the Xbox One reveal last year, in which Microsoft’s unveiling of the console focused on media consumption and everything but the games.

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Gamer19821637d ago

I am thinking of buying a crappy little £100 PC for my bedroom just for this feature it basically doubles my gaming PC (albeit only 1 can be used at once with this method).

Volkama1637d ago

I already have a spare PC made of of the discarded parts of old PCs. It can run games decently in it's own right, but if this gives it the power of my crossfire 290s then that's brilliant. I won't have to wait for the mrs to piss off before starting my main games :-)

4logpc1637d ago

Idk about killer app. Its cool, but not killer.

LAWSON721637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Well if it works very well on very cheap builds. It is definitely a killer app.

Wonder_Punk1637d ago

Both machines show the game that is being streamed, so you can't use the other computer for anything else.

LAWSON721637d ago

Well technically you could games can be ran in the background. It would not work unless it mirrored the screen. Besides it is a beta.

papashango1637d ago

Yup for pc gamers it means no more having to hookup their gaming rig to the big screen. you plug in your steambox, grab your controller and you can play at whatever settings your gaming pc can handle.

This truly is a killer app.

Wonder_Punk1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

It's a great idea but despite what this article says it just doesn't work good enough yet. I'm taking part in the beta and am not that impressed with the results so far.

Han_Nolo1637d ago

What aspect of the beta isn't up to par then?

Wonder_Punk1637d ago

Latency issues, input lag, poor video quality. Everything you would expect. Like I said it's a very cool idea I just think it needs more work to be a viable option for most people.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1637d ago

I've heard mixed reports about it some say it works well some have said it's hit and miss one report I read it dropped to 30fps from 60 after moving 10ft also alot of artifacting. But it will definitely get better it's in its early stages

LAWSON721637d ago

I think trying to upgrading the network should improve performance. Maybe 802.11AC will be helpful. By moving ten feet? What are you talking about? I believe for wireless streaming you will need a router, so 10ft from what?

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1637d ago

I'm guessing from the article i read it was from the router as they were testing how the performance of the games was hit depending on how far away it will work from. I only briefly read it , AC would be better as it gets a lot less interferance but it s range isn't as good as b/g/n. Like I said it's in beta

zRude1637d ago

Gotta love the cheap and low quality provoking BS news this site spams everyday.

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The story is too old to be commented.