10 Awesome WTF Moments in RPGs

Arcade Sushi: "Roleplaying games are deep experiences that are usually driven by a strong narrative. A narrative that can be included in a list of 10 Awesome WTF Moments in RPGs. With that said, sometimes these stories can throw a massive curveball, leaving you stunned, confused, and maybe even a little angry (or hungry, as we’ll find out in one of the items on this list). There are an innumerable amount of subjective shock moments out there, but here’s our list of 10 Awesome WTF Moments in RPGs.

And oh yeah, there are probably MASSIVE SPOILERS."

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SuicidalTendencies1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

This list fails hard for not having the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic WTF moment. To this day that was the only moment in a video game that left me completely shocked. I never expected it. Props to old Bioware before they turned to suck.