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IRB Gamer: "Every time you pick up DragonBall Z: Battle of Z, it will give you an entire new experience. You can change characters up in the single player or with help during co-op or even take your favorite Saiyan to battle against the best online."

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1701d ago
Blaze9291701d ago

4/5? lol, that's a lie.

kB01701d ago

says you. The game is pretty bad ass.

trickman8881701d ago

You only got the "bad" part right.

Blaze9291701d ago

lol exactly @trickman888. No ki charging up, ONE melee button, ONE combo for ALL characters, ultimates only for some, NO offline play, NO 1 v 1 battles - this game is a joke. 4/5 is a joke. I don't care how opinionated. I read this review like he reviewed the game off a fact sheet or something.

kB01701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

When i played it I had fun. 4 player online coop. Awesome graphics and true feel for anime.

yes, it might not be the VS game we're use too but it feels more like an action game than a fighting game:) (or an arena game actually)

Also it has offline play? has mission mode which can be completed in coop as well.

SegaGamer1701d ago

If the reviewer wanted to give it 4/5 then that is their choice. Not everybody has the same opinion and its nice to see a different type of game given a high rating for once.

doomtrain1701d ago

ok lol , sheesh , is it retard week or something ?

there IS one on one , i honestly feel like people are naturally losing the ability to navigate simple menu's .

your support class is your ki charge , its called co- op for a reason .
the console clan scene-kids ( mainly cod players ) have a natural weakness when it comes to playing games that involve actual teamwork and are not just hip-shooters .

thinking is not one of their strong points and find simple team based elements very difficult to grasp , usually resulting in the tipping of the head and grunting .

Xof1701d ago

Western DBZ fans are notoriously stupid. Any game that's not a by-the-numbers fighter is doomed to fly right over their heads.

kB01701d ago

Excuse me?

I'm a western DBZ exactly do u find logic in criticizing a whole nation just because of a few bad apples?

Seriously dude chill.


I agree for the most part, the retard comment felt a little harsh:P

Xof1700d ago

If you want to defend your intelligence, it's probably best not to refer to yourself as a political state.

Deadpool6161701d ago

The co-op aspects of the game are okay, but the fact that everything else is a regression of what we come to expect from a DBZ game leaves me disappointed.

gano1700d ago

no this is not a 4 be fair
a 3 maybe 3.5.
you cant even power up.
namdai should know better.

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