Review: OlliOlli (This Is My Joystick)

A new contender for the best skateboarder game ever enters the half-pipe and it’s called OlliOlli. Introducing it to your Vita is a very pleasant experience indeed. Full of its fair share of tricks, grinds and, most importantly, challenge. There’s a degree of frustration involved, but it’s fun and not annoying, generally speaking. So how does it rank among the big boys?

Graphically you could easily consider OlliOlli as being less sophisticated than the likes of Tony Hawk’s or Skate. However, as you play this is soon overlooked and you find they are everything you need and more. The hand drawn…errr… 16bit graphics keep the humour light, helping to retain the fun factor. Each trick is captured in super hand-drawn animations that make OlliOlli flow smoothly.

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