There's A Great Game Beneath Monster Monpiece's Awkward Anime Stroking

Kotaku: In PlayStation Vita game Monster Monpiece, players increase the powers of collectible cards by vigorously rubbing pictures of young women until their clothes come off. This suggestive, borderline pornographic stroking mechanic is doing much more than revealing cartoon skin — it's obfuscating the highly entertaining card battles that make up the true heart of the game.

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nidhogg1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Based on my experiences on Idea Factory's games, they always combine some borderline perverted features to super hilarious and over-the-top imageries. I think this is creativity but can also be NSFW. Bottomline is that I love their games. haha!

Are_The_MaDNess1632d ago

i really don't see whats so weird about this....
as a anime fan i don't even get surprised or even care if there is a game like this. seen worse and i wouldn't mind playing it either.
Idea Factory games is always really good and stylized.

on a side note, we really need some Visual Novels on Steam ASAP :3