Why a Nintendo fan wants Nintendo to go third party

A self-professed, but very angry, Nintendo fan explains why he thinks they should give up the hardware business and go software-only.

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R00bot1634d ago

If you want Nintendo to go third party then you're no fan of theirs.
Sure, you might like their games, but you're not a fan of the company as a whole.

BlackWolf1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Sir, you took the words out of my mouth. + Well said.

RPG_Lover1634d ago

Your not really a fan if you think they should. Quite frankly, you probably dont know much about gaming

EcoSos31634d ago

A "fan" don't hear Sony or MS fans telling them to go third party.

for we are many1634d ago

What's with this user "chrono" he is so desperate in submitting, approving and commenting on any negative Nintendo BS article. The prevalence of bandwagon jumpers have skyrocketed lately.

Venox20081634d ago

funny thing is that he is not going to achieve anything, people who wanted to support Ninty, they will.. this just makes him\her look pathetic.. maybe it's another "gamer" who started gaming from PS3 gen

lastofgen1634d ago

Nintendo will never go third-party and I applaud them for that. It's what gives people incentive to buy their systems.
Same thing can be said for ms/sony. And Nintendo's got 10 billion dollars to go around anyways, so they're really not in any major mess they can't dig out of.

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The story is too old to be commented.