Respawn: "Titanfall Is Full Fledge Game, Multiplayer Mode Has Story Element, Justify $60 Price Tag"

According to Respawn, even though Titanfall is Multiplayer ONLY, its still a full fledge game and justify $60 price it carries on retail shelves. In addition to this, Respawn also shared some brand new details related to Titanfall such as Split Screen and more.

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ShugaCane1702d ago

Seeing the splitscreen feature slowly dying like this is depressing. Am I the only one who still enjoy this functionnality ? Am I the only one who cannot afford a second TV just to play with someone else at home ?

What a bummer. Especially for an online game. I mean, even CoD has splitscreen...

xfear2diex1702d ago

yeah i hate it with the last gen the split screen is starting to die there a few games that can be played split screen and they still decrease that make me sad,
and here i was hoping for split screen for titanfall let't hope they will no delete split screen in halo 5 and uncharted 4 since it was there in 3

jimbobwahey1702d ago

I hope they have enough content to justify this being a full-priced game. If it launches with only a small selection of maps then they can get screwed.

b163o11702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Multiplayer has a story to it? Yeah must FPS multiplayer do, they envolve looking for that jackass that murkered you the whole match last round. It at lease that's how I play..

S/N Titanfail is overrated, has no story, and only one mode...pass. M$ fanboys UNITE!!!!

christocolus1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

My thoughts exactly. I love the idea of split screen very much but i think devs aint doing it anymore cos most of the time they are trying to maximize consoles now with higher res and fps, so adding split screen would only use up processing power and set the devs back from achieving other stuff.

For titanfall though, it seems the devs are putting in alot to make the experience a very entertaining one,im just curious to see how the story will be integrated into the multiplayer. I have high hopes for this game and even though i would have loved it to be less than $60,i cant help it. I know i will be getting it nevertheless .

jaymart2k1702d ago

Try Splinter Cell Blacklist(PS3/Xbox 360 only)

Those versions have splitscreen. By far my fav SC since Chaos Theory.

Dumbasses at UBISoft released game weeks befor GTA5, no wonder it didn't sell well, real shame.

Better then AC4 imo.

cell9891702d ago

I loved Splinter Cell Black list for that same reason SPLITSCREEN COOP. It works real well and the missions come with a good variety. The PS2 days had more SPLITSCREEN than today :/

lokirevamped1702d ago

I was finished with split screen after 007 (man I use to love that game), as I got older I enjoy having my own screen, I bought my son his own X1. What I think they need to do is focus on improving that Sony TV that allowed you to view two screen views on one TV with the 3D glasses (not in 3D when using this mode).

cell9891702d ago

That's one awesome feature I loved using on PS3. Some Bravias have that, but like you mentioned they should implement it in all tvs and all games

MRMagoo1231701d ago

yeh my bravia does that , i dont use it tho lol.

hellzsupernova1701d ago

Lg improved t with their passive 3D

Irishguy951702d ago

Yeahs it a horrible world without split screen...Cod and Halo are the only two I can think of with it these days.

Anyhow, even without single player at all - 50euro is justified. lots of games have single player only and no multi and they are 50 euro. So why be hypocritical about a multi only game?

OrangePowerz1702d ago

Making a singleplayer can cost more money because you spend more for writters, voice actors, soundtrack and so on. In theory a competitive multiplayer only game would be cheaper to make.

otherZinc1702d ago

All Gears of War games including Judgement, All Halo games, Perfect Dark, Rainbow 6 games on 360, Ghost Recon up to AW had it on 360, thare were several on 360 with splitscreen.

As long as Halo 5 has Campaign Co-op in splitscreen I'm ok. However, I would like Titanfall 2 to add the splitscreen option should it sell great numbers with Titanfall 1.

And I have no doubt Titanfall will sell a minimum of 2million units day 1.

mgszelda11702d ago

But the cloud should be able to handle 4 player splitscreen while running online right

ZeoN1702d ago

Correct. They're just weak as MS.

SonyKong641702d ago

actually tv's are dirt cheap nowadays.. try Craig's list? kijiji if your in Canada.

you can grab up 32' tube tv's for 25-50$ = ) sure beats a horizontal split and screen watching = /

sephiroth4201702d ago

I agree its a real shame that splitscreen mode is not getting the love it once had, even the new killzone had it cut and the pc version of splinter cell blacklist. I wont be getting titanfall, no splitscreen, AI bots :/, 40 quid for an online only game? nah fuck that.

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XiSasukeUchiha1702d ago

I hate there going to be no splitscreen too even COD had it which make it fun if you had a buddy over for awesome local co op action

otherZinc1702d ago

That POS M.A.G. was $60!

Also, Titanfall has a story that has an ending! That you can enter a lobby By Yourself and complete.

Can you guys not read? Read the other articles from Respawn so you guys won't continue regurgitating the same misinformation. Damn, educate yourselves.

Hicken1702d ago

Are you okay?

I know if I'd made a comment calling an xbox exclusive a POS, if have been marked for trolling by now.

Also, please compare the massive, fully HUMAN battles of MAG to the 12 people in Titanfall. 21 times the player count, 0 times the bots.

ZeoN1702d ago

Stupid? Yes. You're stupid.

Axios21702d ago

There is a $10 credit when pre-ordering from MS store.

So $50

Patrick_pk441702d ago

I would only pay around $20 since it is MP only, and seems identical to COD. I'll wait for a sale on Origin.

ambientFLIER1702d ago

I want the kind of COD that you're playing...

pompombrum1702d ago

I think it's really sad when a company has to come out and defend a mp only game for being full priced. People don't complain when a sp only experience doesn't have mp so I dunno why it's different the other way around.

Xsilver1702d ago

yeah your right but remember if the game is only online then the game is rendered useless when your offline that's why i like having both SP&MP.

pompombrum1702d ago

Then why not play one of countless fantastic single player games that are available when you're not online? Some games are designed for MP, others SP.

DragonKnight1702d ago

They should have to defend it. For one the aforementioned online problems. Two, most SP games actually have to have engaging stories and characters and be a full experience whereas MP games don't. MP hasn't been around as long as SP so complaining that an SP game doesn't have MP is childish because it shows that you don't care about the work the developers put in to make the story and characters engaging and entertaining along with the gameplay.

MP only games, with some exceptions, should never be full price. They are almost never as deep as SP games.

pompombrum1702d ago

While it's true that you can go deeper with SP games, MP games more than make up for it with replayability. Halo 3 and COD 4 were realeased over six years ago and I enjoy them as much today as I did back when they were released and regularly play both. That sort of replayability more than justifies full retail price.

mhunterjr1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

If you look at the amount of time the typical gamer spends with a linear SP game versus that games multiplayer component, respawns approach makes perfect sense. Why spend so much money,time and effort on a component that most people will gloss over.

Very often, It's the multiplayer component that's providing the replayability, thus extending the value of the game. In games with a multiplayer focus many users only play through the single player once, and many others don't even finish the campaign.
So it makes sense for Respawn, with a small development team to focus on the the feature the folks will be spending the most time with. And the Campaign Multiplayer sounds promising for folks who want a character and story with their action.

DragonKnight1702d ago

Implying that SP games don't have replayability. The replayability of MP games is to do pretty much the same thing over and over but with different people. Yeah, this throws some wild card situations into the mix, but you're still doing the exact same thing you would be doing with the SP, that is playing the exact same game only other people are bringing different play styles to it and that's what you like. It isn't the game itself, it's that other people play differently than you do and forces you to adapt.

So, I can't agree that MP replayability is justification for full price. It's merely a by-product of the fact that it's MP, and you're still playing the exact same game as you would be with an SP game anyway. SP replayability is intended and created, and we've already agreed that SP games go deeper as games than MP only games.

mhunterjr1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

There's no implication that SP games don't have replayabilty. I'm stating the FACT that users don't spend NEARLY as much time with linear SP games as they do with the MP components of those same games. In terms of usage, in a MP focused game, It's the mp that proving the value.

Of course MP involves doing the same thing over and over again. That's why it's called REPLAYability. MP literally provides an incentive to do the same thing again and again. Compared to linear SP which gamers typically have little urge to do a second time.

I agree that SP TYPICALLY goes deeper than MP in terms of storytelling. But in the case of titanfall, they are incorporating the plot, dialogue , character development, cinematics, and set-pieces traditionally seen in SP games into the multiplayer component. You actually have to play through campaign from two different perspectives before the standard MP lobbies even become available. So it has the potential to go as deep as SP games do.

LeCreuset1702d ago

I think it's a bit of a mistake not including SP. I know Respawn wasn't aware of the permanent exclusivity deal that was in the works. You would think that they knew this was to be a system seller though, right? As a new IP that's supposed to be a system seller on a newly released system, I think they need that SP component. There are still quite a few people who don't want to play online, and even more that don't want to just hop straight into the online with a bunch of seasoned FPS online players. There is an intimidation factor there. SP would have allowed them to still appeal to those SP only players and give less hardcore players a chance to step their game up before jumping into online. The bots alleviate that problem some, but then you get online diehards saying it waters down the experience and it still doesn't really alleviate the problem. Just including a SP would have been the way to go.

DragonKnight1702d ago

How is one instance of doing the same thing over and over different from another instance of doing the same thing over and over? You're still doing the same thing. The only difference between SP and MP is who you do it with, in which case it isn't the game that you're enjoying it's the people, and you can do other things with people.

I'm sorry, but I can't agree that MP only games have any justification for full price, and I'm sure that Titanfall's "story integration" will be minimal and feel tacked on. And because of that they think that they can make the game full priced? Sorry but no, I personally wouldn't let them get away with that kind of robbery.

@LeCreuset: You bring up a good point about online only games. The intimidation factor for new players and the very real presence of griefers. I doubt developers of MP only games even consider these as factors. How fun is it for a new player to jump into a game with seasoned genre veterans who are purposely trying to ruin the new player's good time?

And of course you'll see the people defend this kind of thing with "you just have to git gud and get used to it." No, no they don't. They buy and play games for the same reason everyone does. To enjoy it and have a good time, not to fall victim to xXPwNDaNoObZxX's skillz.

JokesOnYou1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

They not about forcing someone to agree about multiplayer being better but the facts speak for themselves. Its simple really, to me as a gamer I love both but clearly something that offers me tons of replayability vs something that even if I really enjoy it won't be played nearly as long as a multi I like is indeed worth more and there is no debate multiplayer games for the vast majority of gamers are played much longer than their SP counterparts.

A few months back I read some interesting game info I cant remember what site but from what I remeber the data said the best/highest rated SP games users avg between 24-32 hrs of gameplay with multiple playthroughs/replay hrs over the 1st 6 months of ownership and then 96% of gamers don't keep playing after that. The best/highest rated multiplayer games avg between 42-50 hrs of gameplay per month for upwards of 250-300 hrs in the 1st 6 months of ownership, many multiplayer gamers of course still are played heavily years later where as SP's generally dont but even if most gamers move on from both SP and multi after about 6 months multiplayer games deliver more gameplay hrs/value vs SP games by a very very wide margin.

Again even if you happen to be the very rare gamer that plays God of War or Alan Wake 10 times you are the exception not the rule and even still for a game like Halo 3 multiplayer only portion the avg owner has far exceeded the multiplayer gameplay time of those games 10 SP playthroughs of those games combined. Also it's BS to say multi games are the same everytime, they are not and compared to SP where the more you play the more predictable every enemy/charachter is, also it's very bias to discount multis huge social experiences gained= that's what makes them unique and different because of "I had no idea that guy was going to do that". The fact that some gamers are intimidated by online gameplay is no different than saying some gamers are intimidated by Ninja Garden or Dark Souls, "so what?" doesn't make them bad games nor should they be nerved or not exist= just not a game for them.

I'm sorry I love SP just as much as anybody but acting like just because multiplayer is newer than SP experience so somehow it's merits should be downplayed is just foolish talk.

vickers5001702d ago

@mhunterjr, aiBreeze, JokesOnYou

Well said.


ambientFLIER1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Dragon - what online problems?? I sure hope you're not using anything from a closed alpha network test to judge the game...

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OrangePowerz1702d ago

Theoretically SP would cost more than MP production wise because of writters, actors, composers, more motion capture actors, more animatian artists you need to hire. In that case a lot of that would fall away or require less investment in those areas if you make a competitive MP game.

DragonKnight1702d ago

And that's another reason why the game shouldn't be full priced. If you're not spending as much money, and yet you're still charging the same, then you can only be described as greedy.

OrangePowerz1702d ago

Well no idea how much money they spend making it. It could have cost them as much as you would spend making a game witg single and multiplayer. Thats theoretically.

mgszelda11702d ago

A single player experience is way more memorable than a MP one. I finally play Bioshock infinite the other day and I can say without a doubt. If it meant me giving up games like Battlefield to have more games like that. Then I would.

Bdub20001702d ago

Well, to be fair, he wasn't actually defending any price if you read the article. He ssimply stated that it is a full fledged game.

Bdub20001702d ago

Well, to be fair, he wasn't actually defending any price if you read the article. He ssimply stated that it is a full fledged game.

PsylentKiller1701d ago

The game is only good when other people are playing it. If the community dies out then the game is unplayable. That's why people will pay $60 for SP only but not MP only. With that said, I'm all set to buy my digital copy on Day one. Hopefully we can preload on the XB1.

MRMagoo1231701d ago

A lot more work goes into single player games, MP doesnt need half as much stuff done to it because they leave it up to you to make it fun, SP has to be good.

tommygunzII1701d ago

When the servers close it will be worthless. Single player games never die.

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lovethenoob1702d ago

i cannot justify paying $60 for a multiplayer game ONLY, it just seems EA wants to offer a lot less but still charge the normal amount of games like BF and CoD

AKissFromDaddy1702d ago

What's disheartening is even the PC version is $60. Fortunately GreenManGaming usually offers a 20% coupon that sometimes works on TitanFall, making it $48. That's better but I would hope Respawn included Co-op or Survival/Horde game modes. That's still multiplayer, in my opinion.

lovethenoob1702d ago

wow did not know the PC version was $60 also...i was planning on getting this for the 360 but MP only aint doing it for me