Activities for Adventurers within The Elder Scrolls Online | ESOHut

ESOHut Writes: "We are sure that all enthusiastic adventurers just can’t wait to get into the new virtual world in the Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG game.
But once you step inside the boots of your character, what activities will you be able to get involved with inside the game?".

Submitter: The guys over at ESOHut (a community site for ESO) have compiled a list of the main events which everyone can look forward to doing when they first start their new lives...or maybe even to help you decide which activity to do first!

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thekhurg1550d ago

The Sky Shard system is going to be absolutely amazing.

overlord231550d ago

I loved Skyrim but my only gripe there was just not variety in the creatures you had to fight.
In Oblivian I had one of the best fights of my life just walking along in a forest when an Ogre came out into the clearing.
I had a sword and shield but no bow we would engage in battle then my stamina would go low so I had to run away with the beast charging threw the trees after me.
Then I would pop out from behind a tree and engage in battle again.
The fight lasted over 20 mins in real time and I sweating at the end when I had slain the beast.
So I hope all the creatures from all the games will be in this.
Even better a quest where you have to join up with fellow adventurers to rescue a Princess from a cave full of Ogres or a Dragon would be great.
I think its out in March for the PC (I do have a gaming PC) but think I will get it for the PS4 which is being released later that way any bugs should have been sorted out.