Dark Souls II screenshots reveal fan designed shields

Do you remember the contest initiated by From Software that allowed fans to design their own shield for Dark Souls II? Take a look at the screenshots below to see how they look in-game.

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CrashJones1637d ago

you mean on Facebook or something?... kidding :)

Yes, I enjoyed both of them. Looking forward to seeing the others, and super looking forward to actually playing the game.

My pre-order won't get here until somewhere between the 18th and 28th it says... I may end up buying the normal edition before my collectors edition arrives. haha

I have a thing for cloth maps as well, ever since Ultima IV.

MWH1637d ago

I liked both. it would be nice if the guardian shield has an effect, like staring in the eye will paralyze or scare the enemy.

CrashJones1637d ago

I would be surprised if the Guardian Shield doesn't have an effect. It certainly looks "magical".

Perhaps all the ones from the contest will have extra effects. Just me hypothesizing mind you, but that would be neat.

Whatsupdog1637d ago

Come soon glad Feb has only 28 days :-)

Kivespussi1637d ago

If I would've had created one and had my creation in game I would use only that shield no matter how bad the stats would be lol

CrashJones1637d ago

Indeed. My main at the least haha