Iwata isn't Nintendo's problem. It's Miyamoto

Eurogamer writes: "Satoru Iwata's job is on the line. You can tell that it is, because he's been forced to say that he's hanging on to it. Not long ago, this situation would have been inconceivable. Nintendo's president and CEO since 2002, Iwata turned the drifting company around with the explosive success of the DS and Wii consoles, innovating in touch and motion control, exploring new markets, and outstripping the sales of his megacorp rivals at Microsoft and Sony."

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R00bot1699d ago

Ohh damn. This'll be controversial.
Anyway, in my opinion, he still has the capacity to create incredible games, but needs to focus less on the business side of Nintendo, and more on the games that he creates. That way we still get incredible games from Miyamoto, without him influencing hardware and other games that he's not working on.

I'm not saying he shouldn't have input on things other than his games, I'm just saying that they're not his area of expertise and to leave some things to others.

Anyway, anybody hear about how he's working on a new IP? Can't wait to see it. Hopefully it'll be shown at E3 this year.

ape0071699d ago

i disagree, he has done it all and even more , u simply cannot make one person that is a developer responsible for the faults of the management

simply put, the studios and the developers of Nintendo are gold but the console management(wiiu) plain sucks

R00bot1699d ago

I never really said that he was interfering with the hardware development and other software development. He probably isn't. If he is, that's the only way he could be dragging the company down. And they should stop it if that's right (I don't think it is..). That's why I jumped to that conclusion. Otherwise I don't know what they're talking about lol.

erathaol1698d ago

Agreed, really can't blame something like this on one person. Companies don't work that way.

lilbroRx1698d ago

Like I always say, when people attack Nintendo, they attack the most successful things because they hate Nintendo success and want to see them fail.

I've seen them attack Nintendo haters attack Retro studio's quite a few time.

They would be attacking Sakurai and Monolith Soft if they were more popular too.

dedicatedtogamers1698d ago

I've been saying this for quite a while now: it's not just Iwata who is to blame. Several of Nintendo's senior developers like Miyamoto and Aonuma (who also hold seats on various boards and committees within the company) need to get booted, or at least get sent out to pasture with a "consulting" position within the company. After their initial success with Wii and DS, their devs got lazy and thought they had free reign to make whatever pet projects they wanted (Other M, Pikmin 3, Zelda Choo-Choo) instead of continuing the successful Wii and DS games.

3-4-51697d ago

Damn that Miyamoto and ALBW....what an awful game /s

LOL_WUT1697d ago

That's not the point. Miyamoto should just retire after his upcoming unannounced game. Iwata and Reggie need to step down they've all made some pretty significant contributions but I'm afraid that won't be enough to keep the company from being torn apart by their failures ;)

Knushwood Butt1697d ago

Reggie's just a sales guy that got lucky with the Wii because it sold itself.

Look at him now. With the Wii U not selling, nobody takes any notice of him.

I doubt swapping him out would make a scrap of difference. You'd just get some other mouth trying to sell the merits of the gamepad..

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ape0071699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

LOL what a laughable article, the guy did in his career what most (or everyone) dreamed of

1- major selling/drawing games

2-new innovative ideas that changed the gaming world

3- loads of varied games and franchises

4-pure gold gameplay, game design and production values

5-stood the test of time

6-inspired many developers throughout history of gaming (kojima for example)

the guy did it all more than anyone, he's one of the if not the greatest game developer of all time and u still blame him?

is this what gaming journalism become to? what is this crazy gaming world we live in these days, never seen anything like this before, the new internet culture that absolutely love to hate and criticize everything to death, this is disgusting and will ruin entertainment

R00bot1699d ago

Well said. The man is a legend. He can't be blamed for Nintendo's failures (which are mainly hardware related, any software he's worked on has got great reviews). Without him gaming would probably be completely different today.

lonelyplayer1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I'm mostly a Sony fan and I have to agree with you. Miyamoto-sama is probably the greatest mind in the gaming industry his games are always worth paying even after 30 years.

nirwanda1698d ago

Miyamoto is probably the only person that can get away with releasing sequels all the time as he always fills them with new ideas .
But they are still sequels and there will come a point and its usually at the start of a new generation were you have to show a new reason to upgrade hardware.

DragonKnight1698d ago

He's also responsible for Wii Music.

nirwanda1698d ago

Wii music could have been great if it was deeper and had the ability to go online and form bands etc.

DragonKnight1698d ago

But it didn't. It exists the way he wanted it to exist.

_QQ_1698d ago

1 flop vs decades of success? Miyamoto is the best, thats just all there is to it.

DragonKnight1698d ago

I'd imagine if you looked into his involvement within those "decades of success" you'd see a better picture whose caption would read "Miyamoto doesn't make games alone."

nirwanda1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

That's right the way he showed it at e3 made it look a bit like an orchestra game with individual band members.

Could have potential with a sequel but would Nintendo sanction it is another matter, sometimes a good idea need pushing a bit to gain in the long term.

I think myamoto should have a crack at a more adult themed adventure.

I would love to see what new ideas he would bring to an RPG like skyrim for instance or even open world 3d platform game like conkers bad fur day mixed with crackdown and metroid.

DragonKnight1698d ago

To be clear, I don't deny that Miyamoto has done more for game development than any other that has come after him, but he's not perfect, he's not infallible, and people should stop placing him on this god pedestal that they've been doing for so long.

Chrischi19881697d ago

Sony fans do it with shuhei. Miyamoto always delivered great games, created new genres and is absolutey not fault of the situation nintendo is in right now.

The degree of nintendo hate again reached a new level of idiocy. That man is a legend, nobody is perfect, but he is close to it, if it comes to gaming. You guys hate nintendo and because of that you all use everything that is possible, no matter how dumb you look while saying so. Really, I dont want to insult anyone here, but this article is written by a mere child, someone, who doesnt even truly know, what he did, probably a 12 year old.

Give Miyamoto a break and stop this nonsense, it makes you haters look really really dumb. There is not 1 person in the whole industry, who can be put next to him, not 1 and you still blame him^^ such fartbrains^^

DragonKnight1697d ago

@Chrischi1988: Child, grow up. Miyamoto is nowhere near perfect. He created genres decades ago, but has since been coasting on his own rehashed ideas. The "newest" thing he's done was Wii Music and that was terrible.

Sony fans don't deify Shuhei Yoshida, he's shown respect for the fact that he actually engages the fans, provides updates we would otherwise never get, and seems genuinely interested in consumer feedback. When's the last time you could say that about Miyamoto.

Miyamoto helped to create the foundation of gaming, no doubt, but the man shouldn't be continuously lauded for what he did in the Past when his Present has been lackluster and his Future seems to be even moreso. He should have retired a long time ago.

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frostypants1698d ago

What he did in the past is 100% irrelevent to his role (or lack of) in Nintendo's current problems.

Chrischi19881697d ago

Nonsense, he is a game dev, he is not responsible for nintendos hardware. He makes great games and actually always delivered, other than that Music game. Tell me, how does, what he does at nintendo, have any effect on the situation right now? All his games got some of the greatest review scores possible, what else can he do? And again, he is not responsible for the hardware, I believe you guys just like to mix things up, so you can insult one of the greatest...

Knushwood Butt1697d ago

He's heavily involved in hardware development too.

And now you have the Wii U.

Aside from the pad, which nobody has actually put to good use yet, what does this hardware offer? It's just overpriced and under powered.

lilbroRx1698d ago

The is mostly true of Iwata as well.

All of the great things they have done is why they are getting attacked. The gaming industry has had extreme bias against Nintendo since the Wii led Nintendo to astronomical success over Sony. At every given turn they will blame all problems on the most successful things Nintendo has. Iwata, Miyamoto, their old franchises, and cheaper unique hardware(which they like to insult as gimmicky).

Eurogamer has always had a clear anti-Nintendo bias.

Knushwood Butt1697d ago

Unique is great, when it works.

Don't try and pretend that the Gamepad is more than Nintendo's (failed) attempt to cash in on the tablet boom (something that they didn't start, and are subsequently late to the party).

badz1491698d ago

just because he has done so much, he can't be wrong at all? WTH? I kinda respect the guy but never a fan as I'm not a fan of Nintendo games EVER but saying that Miyamoto could do no wrong is kinda ARROGANT imo.

he had a say in the development of the Wii U, no question about that, so, he too is responsible for the thing not selling. not him alone though but he certainly not without the blame!

Chrischi19881697d ago

OMG, this guy is not responsible for nintendos hardware. The hardware is the reason, nintendo is in a tight spot right now. Miyamotos games got some of the greatet scores of all time, even his latest games, ok? So basically all you guys say, is wrong in a way. And it is also arrogant of you guys, to always act like, what shuhei says are words out of gods mouth.

retrogamer19781697d ago

What do you expect from children with an opinion playing adults. They love war games and first person shooters, but dear not join the ARMS FORCES. Living in fantasy. Just looking for attention wanting to be heard. Believe talking loud, swearing, saying mean things, and giving attitude makes them tuff.

Justindark1697d ago

sad thing is that these people think that playing games filled with cuss words gore and violence and shooting are mature hardcore gamers.they also think if you enjoy a game that is no violent etc etc your a casual gamer or a child. last time i checked mario games are a hell of a lot more harder then uncharted no offence to uncharted lovers.

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lastofgen1699d ago

Iwata has done countless incredible things for gaming. The blame is not his to bear at all.

lastofgen1699d ago

whoops, I meant to write "miyamoto has done incredible things," not iwata. Sorry for that mix-up.

lilbroRx1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Actyally, both are correct.

People seem to have no clue at all that Iwata has done for both Nintendo and the game industry.

He is one of the industries top innovators and risk takers. He pioneered, the stable use of touch screen gaming, dual screen gaming, motion control. He has made Nintendo worth more than Sony, the biggest hardware company in Japan.

People like the blame him for all of Nintendo problems but not credit him for their success. Its like they only consider him responsible when things go wrong.

RPG_Lover1699d ago

Is this author stupid?

Miyamoto is responsible for metroid prime, dk returns, pikmin, chibi robo, pokemon, Mario, zelda and you want to throw him out?

How many creators have 1 big title? very few........

"It seems unlikely that Miyamoto himself isn't aware of this situation. His own record as an innovator suggests otherwise"

He is working on a new ip now. Does that suggest he is unaware?

" The last Nintendo Direct of 2013 was a bewildering parade of callbacks, mash-ups and crossovers: Nintendo characters, some of them quite obscure, invading each others' games or crossbreeding with Dynasty Warriors and Sonic the Hedgehog; Luigi's face pasted over Mario's in a remake of a venerable puzzler; a new game, NES Remix, made out of bits of very old ones. Nintendo's not looking forward, it's looking in the mirror, and seeing only the image of its younger self."

I see your going to ignore Nintendo's actual library, and just base your false assessment on 1 Nintendo direct?

Pushmo/Crasmo, HarmoKnights, dillians rolling western, all new IP within the last 2 years. It isnt all NES Remix.........

This article is a classic example of someone who couldnt even shine Miyamoto's shoes, telling him he should step aside?


nirwanda1698d ago

Pushmo/Crasmo, HarmoKnights,and dillians rolling western had nothing to do with miyamoto.
Go Google miyamotos work and see how many new IPS he has come up with recently, all his work is polished and great but still relaying on old IPS, his last new IP was Wii music and before that Wii fit. But no thing new for the Wii U.
If you look at his past work he usually has a big influence over controller design because of new ideas but disappointingly nothing new this.

Geobros1699d ago

I've read the hole article and I think that the article title is not the same as the content. He does not say clearly that Miyamoto has done something wrong...