Check out 17 Minutes of Strider on PS4 and Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z on PS3 from Taipei Game Show

If you want to see some Ninja action you're in luck, as two gameplay videos have emerged from Taipei Game Show, showcasing the PS4 version of Strider and the PS3 version of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z.

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AceBlazer131546d ago

as an anime lover that yaiba ninja gaiden z looks freakin amazing, just went on my list. and stryder next month of course.

hulk_bash19871546d ago

Will be getting both of these games when they come out. I can't wait.

adamandkate1546d ago

I grew up playing strider, makes me feel really old. oh the megadrive was true next gen! :)

can't wait for this

Adolph Fitler1546d ago

Ninja Gaiden game looks far more interesting than a 2D redo of a 25yr old game....You won't beat the original douche's, so convert it to 3D.

Last_Boss1546d ago

They both look great, especially the Strider. I love how they used the New theme for the kazah stage.

Venox20081546d ago

they both look very good, cant wait :)

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