Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds PlayStation Vita Trailer

The debut trailer for the PlayStation Vita version of the upcoming Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds has been released courtesy of 5pb.

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sypher1704d ago

Well that officially looks awesome! Hope we see it released in the West :D

1704d ago
noxeven1704d ago

its already out on xb360 live arcade if u have a 360 idk about ps3

sypher1704d ago

Ah cool I'll have to check it out on the store :D Thanks!

jonatan2211704d ago

reminds me of scott pilgrim vs the world!

That game was so fun with friends, so I'm hoping this one is as well :]

Hicken1704d ago

All I needed to see was the cast of Steins;Gate. I am SOLD.