Editorial: Which PS4 Exclusive Will Be Revealed Next?

There are plenty in Sony's hopper, so which one will be officially announced next? Will it be a new God of War? How's about Gran Turismo 7?

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Agent Smith1639d ago

Jet Moto 4. I still believe.

KangarooSam1639d ago

Fingers crossed for a War of the Monsters sequel. Lol.

Until then. Another inFamous? Can never get enough of that franchise. Second Son looks incredible.

WillGuitarGuy1639d ago

War of the Monsters 2 would be epic as a next-gen game. I loved the first one as a kid!

Sayai jin1639d ago

I'm looking forward to the reveal!

sprinterboy1639d ago

Japan launch is revealing some new exclusives, hopefully hot shots golf

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