Project Diva F Gets Western Release Window

According to a post on the SEGA blog, the PlayStation Vita version of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F is set to hit the West this March.

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Blastoise1702d ago

I imported this ages ago as I wanted a physical Vita copy, it's a great game I've been playing it a lot.
Shame they went digital download only though, would have gladly supported the localised version had it been on cartridge.

teflontactics1702d ago

I agree with you regarding physical copies completely, I think most people shy away from certain games because they're either interested in a displayable collection, don't know they exist (some people are still store-goers who avoid/don't know about digital) or don't have the memory card space.

It's one of those things they could do to spread the word about great games on Vita, especially if Sony instigated a "sell x amount of digital copies and we'll turn it into a cart" campaign.

sinncross1702d ago

in MArch?

Now this is interesting...
FFX launches in March. There was that March release for Borderlands from twitter (said to be incorrect). Now Project Diva (and there is also Deception).

With the recent news that the PSV Slim might be unveiled next week, maybe we are looking at a potential March launch for the Slim .

ErryK1702d ago

Wow, I was expecting April or May. This is a definite buy for me, been wanting to import the JP version, but this will do.