Tomb Raider Face-Off: PC vs. PS4

Hardcore Gamer: We have captured a few screenshots of the same scenes from both versions, demonstrating the differences between the the PC version maxed out and the PlayStation 4 version.

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2pacalypsenow1639d ago

The pc version looks cleaner, but both look very good

KonsoruMasuta1639d ago

People just don't want to accept it. The developers themselves confirmed it's a step above the PC version in visuals.

Mr Tretton1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

The devs are trying to sell a game.

PS4 version is also more blurry, likely using FXAA.

GribbleGrunger1639d ago

They'll suddenly see the difference when the 'definitive' version comes to the PC. It amazes me how denial can effect the eyesight.

Agent-861639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

@GribbleGrunger, you are right about the different versions, but the comparison isn't really fair since the PC doesn't have the Definitive Version. It's like comparing the PS3/X360 version with this new, Definitive Version for the PS4/Xone. Of course it looks better; it better damn look better. However, if there was a Definitive Version for the PC, my bet is it would look better just like the previous version was best on PC.

GribbleGrunger1639d ago

Look at my post just above yours.

webeblazing1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

ps4 vers has better color and it looks like the model looks better but its more detail in the pc vers. the textures in the ps4 version dont looks as good either. i dont know why they said the improved the lighting they flooded it with darkness. ps4 version still looks good.

i think you need to look at the screen shot again. this is a pc port just but looking at it the only change lora model.

this is a cash grab, we know SE put them up to it. at least lower the price to $40

starchild1639d ago

"The answer isn’t necessarily clear as both have their ups and downs."

This much is obvious from the screen shots.

The PS4 version's gamma is too dark and is crushing black levels. The colors are tweaked too, but I find the colors in the PC version to be a bit more natural looking in most of the shots.

In the first shot, notice how the PS4 version is missing the large tree near the bridge in the upper right. Other than that the PS4 version seems slightly blurrier.

In the following shots notice how the PC version has a layer of specular sheen or highlights on the rocks, skeletons and ground that is missing in the PS4 version:
The whole image looks a little flatter, grainier and duller in the PS4 version.

Then, in these shots the PC version has a bit crisper textures. This is probably caused by a slight blur in the PS4 version due to the post-processing anti-aliasing method.

Most of the differences come down to color, gamma and contrast differences.

So, no, I don't understand how you can act like this is some kind of one sided victory for the PS4 version. The PC version plainly looks better to me in some of the shots.

Muffins12231639d ago

Honestly ps4 overall looks better but pc version looks sharper in some shoots,the textures and lines on the models looked and popped out more from a father distance than the ps4 version.

2pacalypsenow1639d ago

The ps4 is darker like i said the PC version looks cleaner / sharper i never said the PC version looks better i said cleaner

Milruka1639d ago

Yes, the PC one looks better, it has smoke effects, better particles, better lighting, and actually has decent looking embers....

Get a decent IPS monitor.

BlackCarrot1639d ago

In many cases, a game looks better simply because it's a little brighter; it's a tempting conclusion but one we have to avoid.

The fire effects are undoubtedly better on PS4, and in some of those pictures you really do feel like you're in an inferno. However, there are certain details missing in the PS4 version, parts look blurry, and overall the PC version is crisper.

They both have their positives as many have said, but I feel that the positives on the PC version outweighs its PS4 counterpart.

showtimefolks1639d ago


Please don't say that because its gonna hurt some pc fanboys feelings. They spend twice as much on a PC yet can't deal with the fact a game can look just as good on ps4 or xbox one.

most pc exclusives will end up on next gen consoles while most consoles exclusives won't end up on pc.

how is that waiting for GTA5 working our for y'all? yeh that's what i thought

starchild1639d ago


-"Please don't say that because its gonna hurt some pc fanboys feelings. They spend twice as much on a PC yet can't deal with the fact a game can look just as good on ps4 or xbox one."

I fully admit my PC would costs twice as much, but the money I have saved on games and not having to pay to play online easily makes up the difference.

Games don't look just as good on consoles as on PC, they simply don't. That doesn't mean that console games can't look great in their own right. Technically, this game "Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition" isn't currently available for the PC. Nevertheless the original PC version released last year still has advantages in certain areas.

-"most pc exclusives will end up on next gen consoles while most consoles exclusives won't end up on pc."

Proof? You don't have any. The PC has so many exclusives that even when some of them ultimately are released for consoles there are still tons of them.

-"how is that waiting for GTA5 working our for y'all? yeh that's what i thought"

It's just fine actually. I have more games in my PC and console libraries than I have time to play them. Eventually GTA5 will almost certainly be released for PC and it will run and look better and I'll simply play it then.

But why in the world do you guys always use this faulty argument? Don't you realize that all platforms miss out on certain games?

Since you are a Sony fanboy I could just as easily ask you "how is it waiting for Alan Wake, The Witcher 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Metro 2033 and Titan Fall for your PS3? Oh that's right, you won't be getting those games on your PS3."

All platforms miss out on some games, yet the PC tends to get more games than any other platform. I've been reading my recent issue of GameInformer, for example, and they have their "Top 50 games of 2013" feature. Out of those 50 top games more of them can be played on the PC than any other platform.

20 of those games are available on the 360, 24 on the PS3, and 29 on the PC. And it has been this way the past couple years as well.

The point is, the PC isn't hurting for games. Far from it.

DOMination-1639d ago

Hows the wait for train simulator on consoles treating y'all? Yeh thought so

- Posted from my Xbox One

JasonXS121639d ago

Coming from a PC elitist, the PS4 definitely looks better from the general texture improvements to better lighting and shadows especially around the pagoda buildings you linked.

I hope Square Enix don't leave PC for dead and hopefully they offer an upgrade as well or something. I want to experience next gen Lara on PC as well.

FamilyGuy1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Lara's skin looks way better on the PS4 version. Like the PC version didn't get realistic sub-surface scattering. She's less dirty and less bloody too for whatever reason.

Not really worth an argument, it's not like they released a "definitive edition" for the PC version. The PS4 and X1 versions are clearly not just a PC port so direct comparisons aren't that great. The PC version is more clear in most shots though.

wwarren191639d ago

Tomb Raider on pc is a port of a game that was held back by the tech specs of the PS3/360. Tomb Raider is a beautiful game but not a real indication of what a PC vs PS4/XB1 face off should be. I think Witcher 3 will be the true test!

AD7051639d ago

"how is that waiting for GTA5 working our for y'all? yeh that's what i thought "

So how is that waiting for planetside2 and everquest working out for y'all? See what I did there?

Also fun fact. COD and Battlefield are the most played and popular games on consoles. Guess what? Both of these game franchises were originally PC exclusives and it took years just to come out on consoles. Same with elder scrolls, GTA, crysis, diablo, the witcher, theif, half life, and many more.

So why do people use the whole "WEz GOTZ ITS FIRST!" argument when it's not a strong point to begin with because pc has had many things first as well. Hell online multiplayer one of the biggest things on consoles started on the PC.

But lemme guess PC gaming sucks because it doesn't have the last of us, god of war, uncharted, killzone, and a bunch of other ps3 exclusives right?

BlackCarrot1639d ago


GTA 5 is on PS3/360, not PS4/XB1.

inveni01638d ago

It almost seems like they made a lot of sacrifices in order to get the fancy hair on the PS4. I'd rather have better shaders, AA, and such than fancy hair.

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NewZealander1639d ago

agreed, some things look different on ps4, i wouldn't necessarily say "better" though, where as there is noticeable things on PC that are undeniably better such as the textures and pic three looks far superior on PC, ps4 missing the shine effect completely.

Muffins12231639d ago

Honestly that was not hard to run anything,their where no effects used to make that, just put on their to make it look like that,the rock looked like it was plastic with that shinny look

starchild1639d ago

@ Muffins1223

Haha no, specular reflectivity like that is achieved with a specularity map, and it is most definitely missing on the PS4 version.

The skeletons, ground textures and rocks are all missing the specularity highlights in the PS4 version, whereas they are present in the PC version.

ITPython1639d ago

PS4 version looks to have some serious black crush, probably due to whatever method they used to capture the pictures, or possibly the brightness (or whatever screen settings are available in the game) are not adjusted properly.

YoungPlex1639d ago

"All those PC pics come from (at least) 1200p downsampled images. That’s easily seen by counting the aliased edges on the first PC pic. I assume the others too are from the same 1200p (or more) resolution.
Not really fair to compare 1200p downsampled PC version to PS4 native 1080p is it?

I noticed you also posted those comparison pics on NeoGaf.

I very much hope it was an honest mistake from you…"

This^ I noticed it right away!

This is probably why you say the PC version looks cleaner which it should've been a direct comparison. Ultimately the PS4 version is a bit better IMO I love how I felt the flames a little more with the thick smoke all around me in that seen.

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Zefros1639d ago

ps4 version looks better here.

Mr Tretton1639d ago

PC version looks better. They added in little amounts of quality to the PS4 version, but took a lot out as well. I'm sure TressFX alone is part of this reason. It's a huge performance killer on a good PC.

Imalwaysright1639d ago

"TressFX alone is part of this reason. It's a huge performance killer on a good PC.!" Not anymore it isn't.

OT PC overall looks better to me. Sharper textures and more detail. Also the new character model looks really weird to me. I hope they don't use it on the sequel.

Omegasyde1639d ago

I concur - The PC version look more crisp but it seems there is more going on as far as sparks and flames are concerns on the PS4 version.

Imalwaysright1639d ago

I agree, PS4 version has better effects than the PC version but I'll take the sharpness of the PC version over the blurriness of the console version.

Senyra1639d ago

Yep, I think the PC version is more detailed and neat. The PS4 is more blurry and it has a fantasy aura :0

gamernova1639d ago

Too general. I want to know how maxed out. You can 4k max or 1080 max. It's too general for me to draw any conclusions. If it is 1080 maxed then I feel cheated because PC is much more than that.

GribbleGrunger1639d ago

Resolution has got nothing to do with why the PS4 version looks better than the PC version. Even in 4k it wouldn't change the lighting and post-processing effects. And it certainly doesn't add better shading and use of colour.

gamernova1639d ago

The ps4 version does not look better. I'll give you that they trade blows but better is very questionable. Also, this isn't dynamic gameplay. Screenshots are fine and dandy but the way everything behaves while in motion is what makes a version "look" better. Then we get to 144hz ,120hz and so on when it comes to fps. So yeah, I actually want balls to the wall comparisons to draw conclusions. But what I can say for sure is that it definitely looks better than anything offered previous gen.

Ju1639d ago

Pointless to argue with some people. Say whatever you will, PS4 has features the PC version does not (yet) have. This goes beyond opinion, it's just what it is. You can blow up a PS2 game and yet it won't look better than Uncharted.

alencio1639d ago

Lol, 4K looks like 100 times better. What a joke.

combatcash1639d ago

yes it's more than 1080p but too run it at max settings with tress fx at 4k you need a very pricey card

gamernova1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Yeah but a comparison to PC should be at the best the PC can dish out. We aren't talking price comparisons. We all know PC is more expensive but cheaper in the long run.

webeblazing1639d ago

1080p and 4k is not the only resolutions out there.

combatcash1639d ago


I understand what you're saying but what good does it do to show a game with max AA and settings at 4k and beyond if only the top 5-10% pc gamers can play it at those levels. It's safe to assume that most pc gamers are running their games at 1080p with max settings depending on the game.