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Hardcore Gamer: It has been nearly a year since the reboot of the beloved Tomb Raider franchise was released, and somehow Lara continues to find her way into the spotlight. Whether it’s revamping the character or releasing her on a new set of consoles, the strong willed and highly determined heroine isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Being as acclaimed as it was in 2013, Square Enix has decided to bring Tomb Raider into the new year with enhanced and optimized visual effects. It’s surprising fewer developers are capitalizing on the next generation excitement, especially during such a drought, but can re-releasing an older game still make a significant impact?

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ChaosKnight1668d ago

Wow, I'm surprised it's this good.

WickedLester1668d ago

A great testament to the engineering of the PS4!

core_51668d ago

early reviews not trusted ... bought yesterday due broken street day and today a review? never!

Maxor1668d ago

In every shot the Full Price Edition is darker and hairier. Yup, thats worth $60.

How about this, can you spot which edition is worth $15 and which is worth $60??