​Tomb Raider On PS4 Is More 'Definitive' Than On Xbox One

Kirk of Kotaku writes : Turns out, the PS4 version is indeed the superior version. After downloading it earlier this week, I fired up the game on PS4 and played the introductory sequence.

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chrissx1640d ago

Ps4 is the undisputed champion of the current gen

combatcash1640d ago

Trying to get your bubbles up huh lol, I would wait until they release more games to crown it but it's looking good for us if all the games release this year.

rarity1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

"Trying to get your bubbles up huh lol" that was a bit well.......immature it's the way you said it it sounded a tad bit immature

combatcash1640d ago


I think it's the way you read it, and your comment sounds a a tad bit immature as well.

TheGreatAndPowerful1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Oh my god...are you still going with that.

GraveLord1640d ago

Bubble down for you sir.

OT: Chrissx is completely right. PS4 is the undisputed champion of the current-gen.

MajorMayhem701640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I bought both. Nothing is an issue. Never a fanboy, just a fan of games.

amiga-man1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I'm not planning on buying this game but if I was I would would choose the best console version available.

PS4 is the the best option for 3rd party games this gen and with Sony's first party studios the quality belongs to the PS4

noctis_lumia1639d ago

i dont need to know or wait when i know that sony has the best gaming AAA studios in their arsenal nuff said

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Automatic791640d ago

First it was the resolution debate now framerate is the issue. Some fanboys are the worst.

medman1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

It's only a debate or an issue if you bought a bone. There is absolutely no issue if you bought a PS4.

CryofSilence1640d ago

There is no debate. The PS4 has games of higher resolution and/or higher framerate. Admittance of these facts does not take a fanboy; it does, however, take a fanboy to debate the facts. ;)

AsimLeonheart1640d ago

Fanboys are people who blindly defend their product of choice and downplay or deny the factual superiority of the rival product at all costs. I think we all know who that definitions fits well these days...

thexmanone1640d ago

Its only been out what 2 months, I don`t think there is a winner yet.

FamilyGuy1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

The winner was decided in Feb 2013 actually.
The May 21st announcement kind of solidified it in Sonys favor.

Better specs are better specs.
How is that even up for debate at this point?

thexmanone1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

@ FamilyGuy

Winner is not chosen by Specs. Look how well the WII sold, it had weaker specs then the ps3/360

thereapersson1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

As many great games were on the Wii, most people bought it casually for Wii sports and never touched it again. It's not a bad system; unfortunately, it had the circumstance of being a fad in the common market because nothing like it had come out before, and it was the cheapest console amongst the big three.

noctis_lumia1639d ago

europe sony
asia sony "with china in also"
australia sony
half of the U.S sony

im pretty sure sony got this again for another generation

they won with ps1
they won with ps2
they won the 360 with a year headstart + 650bucks in their back

the xbox will always enjoy last place like 2 generations now

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solar1640d ago

developers decide which is the "better version".

DialgaMarine1639d ago ShowReplies(3)
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T21640d ago

Specs aren't everything but in this case they do indeed make a difference

Studio-YaMi1640d ago

Specs didn't matter much before because games didn't push as many polygons.

Anyone saying that specs don't matter and only the game matters is just trying to validate his/her purchases.

As we move forward,better specs means :
1-better looking games
2-more content can be added(characters,textures,land scapes..etc)
3-making open worlds is easier

And so on,,sure these elements doesn't mean that a game would be better,lots of beautiful looking games control so badly or are just mediocre(Crytek games come to mind) but that doesn't mean that we don't need these enhancements to our games.

Specs aren't everything,but in this age of gaming,it's a must have to push the boundaries of the gaming industry and gaming in general.

BallsEye1640d ago

RAW specs alone is not great. Smart architecture can produce better results if used right (thus pc's with gazzilion of ram and gpu power sometimes struggle to handle a game that a weaker console game without a problem)

To remind you xbox360 had higher RAW power than ps3 and we know how it turned out. Recently confirmed by witcher 3 dev that 360 was more powerful than ps3...and ofcourse we got raw specs themselves!

So knowing how XO has way more complicated architecture this time around, I think we should give it a bit of time. For MS to release better drivers and tool and for devs to learn to use move engines, layered chips and esram so it can handle things like tiled resources well.

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DoesUs1640d ago

Clearly you have no idea about how the internals of the XB1 actually work....

Unspoken1639d ago

If you truly want to push the boundaries of gaming, buy a PC; better graphics, bigger worlds, better modding community, more functionality, upgradable, and can also be inexpensive.

solidjun51639d ago

@BallsEye you sure know how to spread FUD.

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